Public schools are not the place to send our children if we really want them to grow up understanding the way the world really works.

Public schools are not where we should send our children if we don’t want them indoctrinated with liberal propaganda that embraces pseudo-science and celebrates mental disorders in which people claim to be something that they’re not.

But time and time again, we see that these type of people who believe these things are a large portion of the teachers that make up the public school system across the country.

Yes, there are still good teachers out there. Some of you may even be among those good ones, and I appreciate your service. But if you are one of those, then you’re even more aware that not everyone there holds to the same values and really cares about students and respects the family unit and responsibilities of parents.

In a recent video, a teacher at a California high school recently bragged on TikTok about having her kids say the pledge of allegiance. But it wasn’t to an American flag, it was to a pride flag instead.

This teacher said that she gives her students the option to say the pledge or not to say to pledge, to stand or not to stand, to say the words or not say the words. That’s commendable. She’s not trying to force them to do anything either way. Right or wrong, the students aren’t being forced and that’s a good thing.

However, what she goes on to say is that she took down her American flag during COVID because it made her uncomfortable. I don’t know if she thought the flag was going to come to life or something and attack her, but you never know with liberals. It’s usually because they’re just idiots.

Anyway, she said she put the flag away and lost it and she said that she told her students that they could pledge their allegiance to another flag, then she shows that she has a LGBTQRSTUV flag hanging up on the wall of her classroom.

Another thing I hate about liberals and garbage like this is how overly dramatic they’re trying to be. It just comes across as pathetic and craving of attention.

This is at least the second time something like this has happened, the first one was a little bit more extreme because it involved not high school students, but preschool children.

The preschool teacher brags about how she’s been teaching the 2-year-olds about gender, skin color, and consent and who knows what else. So they’re talking to 2-year-olds about consent and genitals and brainwashing them into buying into the agenda that there are more than two genders.

If you are sending your children out to any form of public school or even preschool, you are potentially sending them into danger.



Daniel is a conservative syndicated opinion writer and amateur theologian. He writes about topics of politics, culture, freedom, and faith.

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  • Parents need to band together and form home schooling for their children. Several work to pay the teacher to teach America!

      • WHO would support this DITZY COMMIE MORON taking care of SWINE.let alone CHILDREN!!
        Does she have fellow DEMORAT SWINE on the school board!???

    • My thoughts exactly. She and all others like her should be fired, and never be able to teach again. No teacher should ever be allowed to teach students about anything outside of the normal classroom studies.
      I have been reading about what is being taught inside schools lately, and if I had kids in school, they would be taken out immediately. Every school that looses a child, looses money from the state, and when that happens they also loose their paychecks.
      Time for a change, having these teachers being held accountable for their actions, and if they do not wa nt to teach right, then they are finished for good.

  • Why would the school system allow her to hang a LGBTQ flag in her classroom? What in the world is wrong with these nut cases?

    • This is the way it’s going to be and even get worse, as we near the return of our Lord Jesus Christ. However in the meantime stand up to the School board and any teacher who promotes this kind of nonsense.

  • Pay attention good teachers…..It’s time to stand up or your going to end up being labeled just like the cops have…..a few bad ones and their all bad. Wouldn’t want “ bad teacher “ stamped across my forehead. Take this getting out of control situation and get it under control before the rolling down hill snow ball gets any bigger. It’s your reputation.

    • Totally agree!! Okaying gay marriage was the can of worms the DEMONrats opened, and now you have all this sick gender nonsense!
      It’s all called sodomy, they are sodomites!
      There is hope for them off they repent and get right with God! Other than that they will spend eternity in the lake of Fire!
      They need to be reminded, eternity is only a breath away!
      God destroyed sodom and Gomorrah for the same sin, and I’m convinced today it’s far worse.
      Just because God isn’t judging them now they are deceived into believing they are okay nothing is going to happen, but pay day is coming and they will reap the wickedness they are sowing!

  • She should be fired immediately. She obviously is NOT an AMERICAN citizen. And holds no allegiance to this country. This is completely unacceptable. Has no BUSINESS AT ALL to be allowed to teach in any such capacity.
    GET HER OUT of this country NOW.

  • Those teachers need to be fired and fast.
    They are sick perverts!
    If I were the parents I’d be in that schools principals face.
    The liberal demons are destroying the minds of our kids!
    It’s pathetic and ridiculous!!
    The schools need to be gutted from K-University! Political hacks need to be removed.
    I plead the BLOOD of JESUS against them all!! They aren’t going to get away with it, NONE OF THEM!!

  • The teacher should be fired. I served 38 years in uniform including 3 in Germany, 1 in Korea and 2 in Vietnam. After retirement, I taught school for 21 years and am a state certified teacher and administrator. Her flag is not a national flag and to teach kids to pledge allegiance to it teaches that the pledge means nothing. That shows contempt for the sacrifices so many have made allowing her the freedom to teach. She needs to wake up and learn about the rest of the world and how fortunate she is to live here.

  • Young children forced to give honor to deviance. Not only a sin to do so but a sin committed by one who has not a moral bone in her body. I will not damn her but suspect God will.

  • Too bad we don’t have the name of the teacher and where she teaches. What she says is b–l sh–t. Based on what I saw my children would be taken out of that class room immediately.

    Watching how she behaved in this video I would NEVER let her be the teacher of my children, and it makes me wonder what kind of teacher she is. .

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    • Time is coming to eradicate these genetic deformities on two legs. They’re not acceptable in a healthy species plan. Ask Darwin how his prize works.

  • That teacher who pretends to look so cutsie with a high personality is a devil in disguise ! If she thinks she can get away with that, what else would she do ? It is unprofessional and immoral for her to draw attention to what is obviously her way of life so that children can become more “acceptable” to that life style ! She should be fired on the spot for what she did! The American Flag, above all else is to be revered , respected and pledged to….no other flag should replace it, least of all this this irresponsible rainbow of a flag ! They desecrated the real meaning of the rainbow which is God`s promise never to flood the entire Earth again, but not to flood it with lesbians & gays who want to let everyone know about their way of thinking ….They can not procreate and that is God`s wish for us !

  • You are losing credibility w/me due to your twisting your headline into something not accurate with the article! Please don’t lower yourself to the level of other so-called journalists! It’s happening so often that I’m less likely to even read the article. Thanks

  • Strikes me that the parents aught to be raising unmitigated hell with school officialdom/officialdumb, I call it the latter, you make your own choice.

  • That teacher is pond scum with a drug fried brain living in her own lala land. Get rid of her immediately. No doubt she is also a proud deviate in love with latex objects, not school books.

  • 1. The First Amendment guarantees freedom of religion
    2. Our nation was founded on Christian principles
    3. The Bible indicates that homosexuality is a sin
    4. Teaching children to sin is WRONG!

  • This type of brainwashing of our children MUST STOP! Parents, please wake up (don’t become one of the WOKE idiots) and standup for what’s right. Teachers are being paid to teach academics (math, english, science, history, etc.), not their personal agenda or life style. Teachers have NO right to force their opinions, political or personal views on our impressionable children. I am thankful I do not have young children today because I would be in the faces of the school board, teachers, principal, superintendent, and anyone else misguiding my kids. But I do have grandchildren.

  • This “teacher” needs to be prevented from working in any jobs around children!
    She has been mentally molesting her charges!

  • wtf! are you people crazy! forcing kids to do such a stupid thing is child abuse, and whoever is doing this should be brought up on charges! LGBTQ is a group of people, not a govt entity to be pledging allegiance to. this has gone too far!!!



  • When parents refuse to take an ACTIVE role in the schools and the school system, this is what you get. Does anyone remember a thing called the PTA? The purpose was to prevent junk like this from happening.

  • That is insanity that school board should be fired the teacher should be fired what the hell is going on in this world???

  • Why cannot you a stick with the news and stop the spammers from spamming in the discussion part why cannot this be done???

  • We need to put some teeth into the Educational Standards expected of teachers. This teacher should be punished financially and lose her license to teach. Too many times these “fired” teachers just move and get a job in another community. The Unions protect these teachers without morals or dignity and allow them to teach someone elses children. Just getting fired is not punishment enough.

  • We have one country here and all should acknowledge that, especially in elementary schools. One American flag that we all live under, like it or not. A lame teacher cant have the authority to remove our country’s flag and put up her own. She should be disciplined at the least, if not fired. Singing God Bless America should be required each day to further reaffirm that these kids (and their teachers) are residing in the greatest country on earth.

  • Parents! Take your children out of public schools,! PLEASE! The only allegiance should and MUst be made to the USA flag and country.! They are killing your children’s minds.!

  • Fire these teachers that teach this crap and stick to real learning such as reading, writing and math. There is no place in our school system for this kind of trash and trashy teachers!

  • The left are demons. Making young children pledge to a gay flag is despicable. What is wrong with our country? The left is what is wrong. They have no patriotism at all.

  • Libtards are beyond dangerous, ignorant, and downright stupid…. It wouldn’t bother me except they shove their own stupidity and ignorance on OUR CHILDREN, and that is NOT what schools are for. Parents, get off your sorry asses, and learn what your children are learning……



  • I don’t know why we put up with this b.s.!!! Keep your sexual preference in your own closet. Nonetheless, whether it’s LGBGT, BLM, ILLEGAL EXPERIMENTS so called vaccinations, POLITICAL PARTY PREFERENCE, ISLAM, GENDER-BENDER, ETC. these teachers MUST BE ARRESTED FOR CORRUPTING THE MORALES OF A MINOR! If you buy beer for a kid under age, you go to jail … Let the cards fall where the lie!!!

  • We deserve everything that’s coming to us. Why? Because we lack “responsibility”. Why continue sending your kids to these schools that program your kids into little marxists? Oh, you work all day? Well, speak to neighbors who have children and form a small home schooling circle, one day each parent takes a turn supervising the kids as they learn from super-patient computers. You want stupid kids who have no understanding of the options real education has: keep sending them to these commie indoctrination camps. You deserve it, keep crying about it.



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