This phase of the election cycle is my favorite. There is a lot of speculation, but we don’t quite know who will be running for president in 2024.

We can essentially bet money on some people, such as Mike Pence and President Trump, even though they are not working jointly. Then there are the comments made by individuals like Howard Stern, who stated that he feels forced to run for president.

Then, there are still rumors that Ron DeSantis will run. Who knows what will happen on the left, but if Joe Biden runs again, it’ll be a bloodbath. To defeat Joe Biden, the Republicans essentially only need to place an electable candidate on the ticket. However, we are still unsure of whether he will run again. We’ll see, however White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre said he will be running again.

However, it appears that another candidate is entering the race, one who feels that they must do so in order to save the nation from President Trump. Liz Cheney is this person.

This J6 circus clown isn’t even doing well in her own state, which is a strongly Republican state, yet somehow she thinks that she’s going to win over the Republicans? Not a chance. The only people who like Cheney at this point are the Democrats.

We need protection from Liz Cheney, not for her to protect us from the man that most of this country wants in charge right now.

When asked in a recent interview whether or not she is going to run for president in 2024, she said that she hasn’t made a decision yet. “I’m very focused on my obligations to do the job that I have now. And I’ll make a decision about ’24 down the road.”

She’ll be making that decision from home, because she’s going to be voted out in the midterms.


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  • Liz Cheney has definitely lost sight of reality. Sad, because I thought she used to be a reliable voice as a Foxnews commentator. Something happened to her when she made to move to Congress.

    • Liz Cheney, along with the other RINO stooges who are sucking up to the dems, has forgotten the intense hatred that the dems were heaping upon them not so long ago. The stooges want to be liked, so they are kissing the dems’ rear ends and are willingly allowing themselves to be played as dupes. Ultimately, when the dems are finished using them, they will be destroyed politically by the same ones that they are now in bed with. The sad thing is that the stooges will all ask, “But, WHY?” They will be too stupid to realize that when you sell out your friends in order to get the love of your enemies, you end up with no friends and your enemies will still destroy you.

      • if she thinks that by kissing the democrats ass that there going to help her win reelection in wyoming i got news for dizzy lizzy that when the midterms are said and done and this clown circus show is dibanded the democrats are just going to simply kick her ass to the curb since shell be of no use to them when she is voted out of office..

  • Why Vote ?? The dims will cheat more and it is better designed for them to ween the country of Freedoms , anti-socialism and Money . We are going to be forced receive sex without a kiss and raped of everything that makes America .

      • You don’t really want to say such things on a public forum. Never doubt that federal agents monitor these websites. You’ve just waved a red flag at the enemies of liberty.

  • Howard stern is a joke like Biden and Harris. Liz Cheney is washed up like her father former vp.

    • Stern is the self-proclaimed “King of all Media.” Or King of Armenia, I forget which. But he thinks his popularity can translate to a presidential win. The question is: will the Democrats cheat on his behalf as they did with Biden? If his opponent is Donald J. Trump, you bet they will!

      • stern isnt that popular anymore he doesnt have quite the following he did years ago and hell never run for president as he quit running for governor of new york years ago when they wanted to know how much money he makes so he dropped out on that reason.


  • Don’t candidates have to submit drug tests before they are allowed to run? I used to think so before el Presidente Poopypants, but anyway… LIZ CHENEY? Are you kidding me? What, as a dimocrat? She can’t win her state’s primary without begging dimocraps to flip for the primaries to save her sorry statist traitor butt, what makes her think the post-Trump Republican voter would vote for HER? Meth? Crack? Large doses of lithium? Jesus, someone put a straight jacket on “Hillary-lite” and administer a MSE (mental state exam) before she hurts herself!

  • At this point Biden and the rest of his circus monkeys have driven this country down so far that it might only be Trump that can resurrect us from a long bottomless slide.

  • LMAO! PLEASE RUN! The entire country needs a good laugh! She could run as Hillary’s running mate! The lying loser twins! Of course then what her Daddy did killing the people on flight 93! would all come out! And the missing two trillion they never found! She could explain where that went!

  • The only candidates for the POTUS in the past three elections have been McCain, Romney and Trump versus Obama, Clinton, and Biden. None have the character, integrity, and leadership abilities of those such as Washington, Adams, Lincoln, Theodore Roosevelt, Coolidge, Truman, Eisenhower, and Reagan.

    Let that soak in, because that is our fault, and will be our fate.


    I voted for former President Trump against Clinton and Biden. And I will vote for whoever runs against the future Democrat/Socialist/Communist candidate. They believe not only that all is fair in love and war, but whatever leftist Democrats say and do. They lie, cheat, and steal continually. Their core value is that the end justifies the means. They are EVIL; LET ME REPEAT, EVIL.

    However, former President Trump should NOT be our candidate for the next POTUS. He had many good programs and policies, but his time wasted on McCain put Biden in office and the Democrats in power in the House and Senate.

    His criticism of McCain for being a POW in North Vietnam cost us the open Senate seat in Arizona and therefore the Democrats now control the Senate. Ten of my 1964 USAF Academy classmates (pilots) endured that North Vietnam POW torture and hell. Several others died in combat. Former President Trump never once put his life on the line in war.

    And his recent negative comments about Colin Powell are another example of how to lose votes from those who served with and respect his service to our country.

    Trump needs to read about the success of Reagan and Coolidge who focused on programs and never wasted time belittling their political opponents.

    And why does former President Trump criticize his most loyal friends and staff who may disagree with him? He is not a god and all knowing, and his biggest faults are his lack of humility (PRIDE), big ego, failure to listen to others, attacks on people because they aren’t physically beautiful, and his wasted efforts to belittle his political opponents.

    We will need former President Trump’s financial help and the support of those who voted for him in the past, and only by selecting persons like DeSantis, Haley, Tim Scott, Pence, John Kennedy, Rick Scott, and Mike Pompeo will our next POTUS and Vice POTUS be experienced and wise conservatives that can save our nation.

    Regarding former President Trump, I admire many of his attributes, but he has too many negative political deficiencies.

    Thanks from John C. Sowers
    Retired Military
    Hot Spring Village, AR


    Mr. Trump,

    I am retired military, with over 30 years’ service. At minimum, two things you have said more than anger me.

    First, I graduated from the Air Force Academy in 1964 and many of my classmates died in combat or were captured as POWs. You said that those captured were losers when you so criticized McCain. I know you have never served in the military and in a combat zone. So, as CS Lewis stated in his book Mere Christianity, you should keep your mouth shut about war, as you know nothing about it.

    Second, you claim to be a Christian and have never had to ask for forgiveness. You are not Jesus, so you have sinned in mind and deed (rebelled against God and his teachings and commandments) so please stop your spiritual charade. You would do well to talk to Mr. Pence who seems to have his life priorities straight.

    I could go on about your many past negative statements, but your advisors and family should have enough courage to tell you to stop your arrogant, vain, and pompous comments and behavior. We need leadership and that includes controlling your mouth.

    I live in a political Red state, and many conservative Christians voted for Biden because of your continuous caustic comments and uncontrolled anger and behavior.

    John Sowers
    Hot Springs Village, AR

  • I did’nt know America needs protecting from Donald Trump? The Democracy of the RINO’s and liberal commie Democrats are at stake. They could care less about the average person’s Democracy. America needs to be saved from the liberal commie Democrats. Abortion isn’t on the ballot for the midterms. What is on the ballot? The indoctrination of one’s kids into Transgenderism, CRT, massive inflation, defunding the police, and the Southern Border. This is what the liberal commie Democrats voted for. Now it’s time to turn it around. Lying Corrupt QUID Pro KING Joe needss to be sent to an assisted living facility.

    • He has committed treason; the left is full of evil villain’s and the way they treated traitors was a firing squad!

    • Isn’t that incredible, she will not win reelection and she thins hse has a chance to be president!

  • Liz Cheney’s father is a member of the NWO so is she, she is helping them, not real Americans!

  • Liz is crazy and should be locked up in a mental institution. However, the military went into DC on July fourth and did tons of arrests. I suspect Liz was one of the people placed under arrest. Finally, what we have been waiting for. Mass arrests in DC.

  • Another Buffoon that wants to run and ruin America. I suppose her VP will be Bolshevik crybaby Kinzinger. Get rdeady for another clown show.

  • you are a delusional maggot lez, you would be a total embarrassment if you tried to run, YOU WILL NOT WIN, no way, no how



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