Even though the FBI had determined that President Trump had nothing to do with what happened on January 6th and that the whole thing was not organized by any Trump supporters, Nancy Pelosi thinks she knows better than they do and can do their job better.

If anything, the only thing organized about that day was the police effort to allow them inside, Antifa’s effort to start the chaos, and the Democrats’ effort in pushing the propaganda that they did.

Now that this committee has been formed and even had some time to listen to testimonies of carefully selected people from that day, one person on that committee was just appointed a leadership role.

First, before I tell you who this individual was, I need you to realize who is on this committee.

Adam Schiff…a Democrat

Zoe Lofgren…a Democrat

Jamie Raskin…a Democrat

Pete Aguilar…a Democrat

Stephanie Murphy…a Democrat

Elaine Luria…a Democrat

Bennie Thompson…a Democrat

Then there are the two “Republicans” Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger.

So there aren’t a lot of members on the committee, but guess who Pelosi decided to tap to lead the committee? Liz Cheney.

National Review reported,

“Representative Cheney has demonstrated again and again her commitment to getting answers about January 6th, ensuring accountability, and doing whatever it takes to protect democracy for the American people,” Thompson said in a statement. “Her leadership and insights have shaped the early work of the Select Committee, and this appointment underscores the bipartisan nature of this effort.”

After House Speaker Nancy Pelosi rejected two GOP picks for the commission, House minority leader Kevin McCarthy pulled the rest of the Republicans, criticizing it as a partisan project and vowing to lead a separate probe independent from the Democrats. Pelosi subsequently asked Cheney and anti-Trump Republican congressman Adam Kinzinger to serve on the panel.

You’ve got to think about this from a logical perspective…what is Pelosi’s game here? Well, it’s pretty obvious to me. She’s wanting there to be some “conclusive” evidence that President Trump caused the riot and all that mess and be able to say, “Oh, and look who was heading this committee…a Republican. A member of your own party.”

The thing is, Cheney is nothing but a RINO and everyone knows it. You know it, I know it, the rest of the GOP knows it, and most importantly, Nancy Pelosi knows it. Of all the people she could have appointed, she strategically appointed the Republican over the obvious choice of Adam Schiff here.

And don’t get confused here. You may read and hear that Bennie Thompson is the one who chose Cheney, but if you think Pelosi wasn’t behind this call, you’re only fooling yourself.


Daniel is a conservative syndicated opinion writer and amateur theologian. He writes about topics of politics, culture, freedom, and faith.

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  • Another Russian witch hunt and they are allowing Pelosi to waste Americans time and money. She is a disgrace to America, for her this is personal and the FBI says Trump was not guilty of anything to do with the Jan. 6th riot.

  • Cheney is a woketard and an anti-Trump activist. This committee is just another ignorant attempt to further damage the reputations of all conservatives and pump up support for all of the unconstitutional crap being attempted by the libtards in Washington who all bow to the CCP. I will not submit nor will I abstain from calling these traitors out for their obvious attempts to render our God given Rights null and void. Release those held without charges and charge those who allowed them into the Capitol and set them up for this insidious overreach of Federal powers!

    • Hip, Hip ! ! The number of LIARS among OUR representatives is amazing ! It is TRUE that the devil has definitely stolen the souls of these CLOWNS and will use them to draw more into his command !

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  • It is for this reason that the approval rating for Congress is 16%, around the same as used car salesmen and human traffickers.

    Pelosi in responsible for 1/6
    She should be in prison!!
    These DEMONrats never being held accountable for their crimes has to stop!!!!

  • Demonrats are at it again!! Everything for their benefit!!! Midterm comes , They will be lucky to hold any seat!! If the 6th was so bad , wait till next time. Patriots will overcome.

  • The two Republicans should refuse to participate in that farce. Schiff again? We all know where this will go, regardless of any facts.

  • Remember when the corrupt Republicans thought they could hide by just voting down the bipartisan commission?

    I do.

    • You sir are an idiot. Many Republicans may be corrupt but 99% of ALL dems in DC are evil, subhuman scum. Just look at what they support. Wake up or shut up. Nah, just shut up and get out if you dislike truth, freedom and liberty.

  • This Jan 6th Committee, is no more than a dog and pony show. It is a kangaroo court. This committee is mad up of all Trump haters. it’s biased and partisan from the start. My how Pelosi just loves wasting the taxpayers time and dime. There is already a predetermined outcome for this committee and that is to blame Trump for the Capitol fiasco.

  • Liz “the traitor” Cheney and Adam “crying” Kinzinger are the two Republicans on a Democratic committee? I don’t see any Republicans on this committee! I’m from WY, and trust me, Cheney’s Congressional career is going to be short lived! What a piece of work she turned out to be!

  • The Losers on the Jan 6th Kangaroo Court Committee are Piglosi’s Stooges !
    The FBI has already cleared President Trump and that the whole thing was not organized by any Trump supporters ! But the Wicked Witch of the West insists to have her Puppets put on a show even if there is NOTHING to be found !
    It is just another Piglosi Witch Hunt !

  • Pelosi and crew have been allowed to get away with so much for so long that now they don’t even try to hide their corruption and disregard for proper actions . Why are they wasting time and money when enough information is already available to write their biased report now – we know what it will say .

  • So they are still pushing this fraud of an investigation . That hand pick their witnesses and makes sure they know what questions will be asked and what their answers will be . While ignoring the plants they put in to try and stir thing up so they could try and get something to hang their hat on as if it were something it wasn’t

  • Democrat, Republican, Independent, Communist, Muslim … there’s no difference any more. They’re all working together to destroy the country from the inside.

    I don’t want to hear how the GOP is in opposition to the Dhimmicrats either. They find a way to cave to them when the BIG chips are in the pot. ObamaCare anyone? Election Fraud anyone? Dep’t of Education anyone? Washington Swamp anyone? We gave them the power and 4 years to act on them and they FAILED for 4 years!

  • This has got to stop!We the people are the only ones who can get this done. I have been talking about this since Sleepy Joe first started running and I think it is time for action. We need to get together and go to DC and protect against the way things are going. I am a registered Democrat but I am an American patriot and we must stop the Pelosi Gang!

  • Whatever they think they will have we know it will be purely political since the FBI has already said they found no conspiracy.

  • We have far worse problems than that. Starting with a so called president who cannot think is a far bigger problem than; who did what about letting people into the Capitol. Biden has made a bigger mess of our country in a little over six months than if Trump had thrown much of America under the bus, which he didn’t.

    We need to get this mentally challenged man out of the White House as soon as possible. Each day that passes he is managing to put us into even more peril than we already had.

  • Complete waste of taxpayer money. The committee consists of nothing more than traitors to all true Americans. This team of rejects is unable to objectively do what is in the best interests for our country, quite to the contrary. Surprised AOC or Omar were not selected to lead the committee which would be consistent with their totally destructive views/ideology

  • Bennie Thompson is my Congressional Progressive Socialist and in 28 years has done nothing of note except have a cushy job with a salary that has made him a millionaire.
    This is just another show with Nancy Praying and playing all her political powers of committee assignments. She wants to hold on to THOR’s Hammer as long as possible!