The radical left within the Democrat Party has long been toiling to change America’s demographics. Their leftist policies do not work. They know it. To maintain power and keep control of the government, they need to manipulate the voter pool.

It’s the only way they can win elections. Democrats started by lying to minorities. They offered idle promises to Black and Hispanic voters. However, they never follow through on their promises. These voters have started to understand how this scam works.

So, now that they’ve burned the bridges with a huge portion of their voter block, liberals need new blood. Of course, they’re going to lie about the devious strategy they’ve put in place to build an insurmountable advantage in every subsequent U.S. election.

Their plan is to fling open the proverbial front door into the country. Promote policies and set regulations for the U.S. southern border that allow virtually everyone in. It’s called “open borders.” It’s obvious what’s happening. Furthermore, it puts U.S. national security at risk.

The videos of floods of illegal migrants waltzing into the country do not lie. But Democrats do. They parrot the same B.S. answer when asked about the wave of illegal migrants spewing into the country. It’s not really happening. The border is secure. It’s not.

But what could possibly motivate a government to just let people walk into their country? Well, if you give them a bunch of free stuff once they get here, there’s a fair degree of likelihood they’ll vote for you if or when they can.

Nevertheless, that’s the trick that the Democrat Party needs to pull off. They need to hoodwink the nation into thinking these waves of illegal migrants being let into the country are in dire humanitarian need. But Democrats want the votes. That’s all.

That’s why, along with wide open borders, Democrats scream racism when anyone suggests common sense election laws. If a voter must produce proof that they are a U.S. citizen, it makes it challenging to cheat and vote as an illegal migrant. It should be impossible.

Apparently, it’s far from impossible in New York. One non-U.S. citizen has illegally voted for the past 13 years. NYC’s Board of Elections recently exposed the story to the New York Post. A 63-year-old green card holder has been able to manipulate the system and vote.

Abdul Rahman Kargbo marked his voter registration as a “non-citizen,” but the Board of Elections registered him, anyway. This is the same New York City that tried to pass legislation making it legal for non-U.S. citizens to vote in local elections. What do we think will come next?

You can bet it won’t be long before these crying liberals concoct a scheme to push for laws that gives every living, breathing human inside the U.S. borders the right to vote. This will destroy our democracy. Voting in America is a privilege reserved for U.S. citizens.

Anything else is a violation of our democratic foundation. If anyone thinks the NYC case was an accident, think again. This is what Democrats want. Therefore, our southern border is wide open. This is a scheme designed to undermine our elections and secure single-party rule.


Daniel is a conservative syndicated opinion writer and amateur theologian. He writes about topics of politics, culture, freedom, and faith.

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  • The Hispanics will not fall for LW lies as South America Communism/Socialism has made them flee. Blacks and ALL Races need to vote these people out before America erupts and the LW gets wiped out. The Lies go beyond free speech.

    • Not really steelyal, the Communist countries they fled never gave them free anything like the Communist Democrats here in America, I’m sure in their minds they’ll get anything they want for free as long as they vote Democrat, not knowing it’s for communism.

  • Our voting system has been corrupted in many states and people need to realize one important point and that is that the Democrat Party is so dishonest almost every single thing they say is a lie or just blatant administration. Also they rely on the psychological defense method of “projection”, blaming their own character flaws and bad behavior traits on the Republicans and conservatives. How many times have you seen them referring to Republicans as extremists? If you look in a real dictionary, like Websters you will see that the opposite or antonym of “extremist” is “conservative. So the question is if Republicans are conservatives how can they be extremists? We had better stick to our guns and make sure that the voting is not totally corrupted like it was in 2020, where they broke the main election law in 522 U.S. which states election day is one day and ends at midnight. The candidate or “officeholder” must be selected at midnight. All voting ceases at midnight of election day and any ballots presented after midnight for any reason are null and void. In other words, the election is over at midnight, period and there can be no adding votes over the next week to change the election, exactly like the Democrats did, by “finding” 980,000 ballots to overcome President Trumps massive lead in all of the so-called “undecided states” that conspired to give Biden the election. The law also provides a remedy for that. If any state does not select the “officeholder” at midnight or right after, they have violated the statute and thus, that states vote is void! President Trump legally won the 2020 election!

    • So how can we make sure the democrats don’t pull the same sneaky deals that they did in 2020? They will try it again! I watched the videos of the dems cheating and everyone knows why the open boarders are open, Biden will give them the right to vote before long. He wont tell them he is going to have us as a socialist nation (where they came from) until it’s too late. I used to vote democrat but never will again.

    • I know for a fact that the Democrats have been Stealing Elections for decades and since its inception. I was Born and Raised in Cook County Illinois lived in Chicago and Western Suburbs. I actually worked for the City of Chicago when Richard J. Daley was Mayor and the “Boss”! Voter Fraud was the Life Bread of the Democrat Party! It was Common Knowledge that the “Fix Was In” and the democrat was going to “win” the election. Maybe someone should ask Obama the Community Organizer what he knows about Voter Fraud in Chicago.

      If it wasn’t for the Daley Machine JFK would NOT have won the election defeating Nixon at the time. Actually, You can go back to the Tammany Hall days in New York to see just how Corrupt the Party was and IS! I do not believe there is a Good Democrat anymore and they are a Clear and Present Danger to Our Republic!

  • Finally, someone has come forth & told our citizens what we wanted to hear(the truth) but of course, we all knew the Democrats’ reason to open our borders & now it is out in the open….all for VOTES.

  • Daniel,
    We are not a democracy! The founders hated democracies. Do you know why? Because all democracies end in dictatorships! They all end up with mob rule, then collapse, and a dictator. Classic example, the Athenian city states.

    We are a Republic, which protects the rights of the minority, that is, the individuals. Change the language, changes the rhetoric. We need to get back on track; and, change the mindset of people. Otherwise, we are doomed as a country & our children grow up in slavery.

    Your Choice…

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  • WALLS are what protect and keep foreigners out and nations safe! OPEN BORDERS that are seen in the book of NAHUM chapter 3 vs 13 KJV The exact words are …the gates of thy land shall be set “WIDE OPEN” unto thine enemies: There is NOT a nation that will not protect its borders, can or will survive, how mucg this one with the influx of ILLEGALS, against the law!



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