I think most of the nation had their eyes fixated on the Kyle Rittenhouse trial. The media was all over it and nearly all of the mainstream media news outlets were as well.

Anytime this happens, remember one thing…they are doing this deliberately to distract you from seeing something else.

We’ve seen this happen time after time after time, and this time is no different.

Three other big trials are going on at the same time, but you’ve likely only heard about one of them.

The one that you likely know about is the trial of the men who are being charged with the death of Ahmaud Arbery. I think most people are familiar with what took place in this incident in which three men approached who they thought to be someone trying to steal things from a house undergoing renovation.

The defendants are charged with aggravated assault, false imprisonment, and two kinds of murder: malice murder, which involves intent to kill, and felony murder, which involves a felony that causes someone’s death.

The verdict in Arbery’s case may carry even more weight after the acquittal last week of Kyle Rittenhouse, celebrated by some, but for others stoking fears about vigilantism and raising questions about who gets to claim self-defense.

But there were two other big cases that took place, but I want to only talk about one of them right now. Check back later to read about the other.

The first is the trial of Andrew Coffee IV who was found not guilty after shooting at police officers which also led to the death of his girlfriend who was shot in the crossfire.

The police had busted in Coffee’s residence in a no-knock raid and you know how that normally turns out. If you bust into someone’s house unexpected, don’t be surprised if bullets come flying your way. They really need to get rid of no-knock raids.

According to WPTV,

An Indian River County man on trial in connection with a deadly 2017 SWAT raid in Gifford was found not guilty of five of the six charges Friday.

Andrew Coffee IV was charged with second-degree murder of his 21-year-old girlfriend and three counts of attempted murder of law enforcement after the raid led to an exchange of gunfire.

He was also acquitted of shooting or throwing a deadly missile.

The sheriff’s office claimed Coffee IV fired shots first at deputies during an early-morning search warrant for narcotics at his Gifford home four years ago.

According to an arrest affidavit, SWAT team members returned fire into the bedroom. However, Coffee IV claimed deputies fired first.

Fearing for his life, Coffee IV told investigators that he fired two or three rounds. The sheriff’s office maintained it announced its presence.

So liberals want to claim how systemically racist our judicial system is, but here is a clear case that it’s not. He deserved a not guilty verdict, and that’s what he got. Truth and justice prevailed in both Coffee’s trial and Rittenhouse’s trial.



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