San Francisco has turned into a chaotic disaster. Homelessness in the “City by the Bay” is out of control. Residents from virtually every district in San Francisco do not feel safe. Crime is out of control. San Francisco is the poster child for failing liberal policies.

One particular type of crime has skyrocketed. Thieves and robbers have been emboldened by the liberal city’s lax criminal justice system. Crooks are breaking into businesses and homes in broad daylight. They are not deterred by potential consequences because there rarely are any.

One such “smash and grab” heist almost cost a San Francisco man his life. An apparent robbery victim was almost run over when he tried to stop the thieves. A motorist driving behind the would-be thieves caught the incident on a dashcam video.

The crime occurred in broad daylight on Lombard Street. Thieves pulled up to a car parked on the street. They stopped their black Hyundai, activating their hazards. One passenger jumped out wearing a hood and a mask. The crook ran over and smashed out the window of an SUV.

The criminal began unloading valuables from inside the vehicle. What the crook didn’t know was that the owner of the vehicle was standing across the street, watching everything. The SUV owner raced over and tried to stop the thieves by jumping on the hood of their car.

But as the crooks sped away from the scene, the victim was hurled off the hood of the Hyundai. He bounced off the street, smacking his head on the pavement. A police cruiser just happened to witness the event as well, but the crooks managed to evade law enforcement.

This is a typical scene in San Francisco. Every day, stores and private homes are being robbed, often in broad daylight. A liberal legal system that is lenient on criminals is to blame. However, this insane spike in crime almost cost one man more than just his personal property.

This unfortunate victim could have been killed for simply attempting to intervene. The man was transported to the local hospital with non-life-threatening injuries. The thieves, who had robbed another vehicle earlier, are still at large.


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