When I think of California Governor Gavin Newsom, there is one thing that always pops in my mind. It’s not the fact that he’s being recalled, it’s not the fact that he absolutely sucks as a governor, it’s not the fact that he’s a tyrant.

The thing that I always think of is the Antichrist.

Now, I don’t think that he is the Antichrist, but I can’t help but think he looks remarkably similar to Nicolae Carpathia from the Left Behind movies.

Just look at him though, doesn’t he look similar?

He sure has acted like the Antichrist though, I can tell you that.

There is even a verse of Scripture that I think about when I think about Newsom as well,

That verse is from Revelation 12:12, “…But woe to you, O earth and sea, for the devil has come down to you in great wrath, because he knows that his time is short!”

It just seems rather fitting since he’s being recalled.

This week, Gov. Newsom had a meltdown during an interview with the Sacramento Bee editorial board.

The low-life couldn’t maintain composure for even a second while being confronted by the reporters about how bad things are in California. He tried to defend his

He even said that “everyone outside this state is b**ching about this state because of our success.” 

Does he really believe that? Does he really believe that everyone is jealous of California? NOT A CHANCE!

You wouldn’t catch me dead in California, and I was even born there!

Has he forgotten that he has not followed his own rules that he’s laid down for the rest of the states? Has he forgotten that he told a restaurant that they can’t serve people outside anymore only to host an outside meal even adjacent to that business the following weekend? Has he forgotten that he stole a parking lot from a church and told them not to meet, even outside in their cars? Yet, we caught him at a fancy restaurant where he wasn’t wearing a mask, along with several others. Then he just tried to laugh it off like it didn’t matter. He shut down businesses, but allowed his own wineries to stay open. I mean, the list goes on and on.


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  • Only the lawless communist parties in this country can and are now walking about free to further break the United States of America.
    Biden makes it possible.

  • It would be damn nice if he forced the legislature to spend budget excess on paying down the debt and stop spending practices that only benefit illegals. Paying down debt releases budgeted monies to be used to pay down more of the debt due to less interest payments, Spending is out of control and it would be damned nice if he would address that also. Into the trash can you go Newsin.

  • Little Gavin needs to go see his Aunt Nancy and have some over priced ice cream, that should make him feel better.

  • Well, there is a strong physical resemblance & a resemblance to the character as well, & no doubt whatever he isa child of Satan, like Aunt Nancy. But Gavin doesn’t fit the Biblical profile for that role. There IS 1, who actually comes closer, but also doesn’t yet fit it, unless certain changes occur between now & his introduction as such. In the meanwjile, it might help to learnallthatGod has to say about who that person is, & maybe stop looking for him in all the wrong places?