It appears, even when the Joe Biden administration kowtows to the radical progressive agenda of his party, it generates a backlash. An organization that promotes the abolishment of ICE protested at the home and harassed the wife of Biden’s chosen head of Homeland Security.

Talk about a twist in a story. DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas’ wife was on the receiving end of harassing comments and condescending slurs. Never Again Action, the radical protest group pushing for wide-open borders, flung a huge blanket across the front of the Mayorkas’ home.

The banner, made from emergency blankets, blasted in big bold red letters, “Biden Presidency, Trump Policy #KeepYourPromises”. Yes, this protest was at the home of the DHS head who hasn’t a clue, or won’t divulge how many migrants have been shipped throughout the country.

This banner attacks the policies of the sitting president, who vanquished nearly every President Trump policy that led to a more secure U.S. southern border. The craziness of these protestors is astonishing.

Since Joe Biden took office, millions of illegal immigrants have meandered across the Texas and Arizona borders. No one can, or more likely they don’t want to; give an accurate accounting of how many non-citizen migrants have been strewn across U.S. soil.

We don’t know who they are, or why they’re even here, in most cases. Many are Haitians, pleading for asylum from Haiti, who haven’t even lived in Haiti for years. Even more troubling, Biden officials have no clue to the COVID status of these illegal invaders.

This is happening while the Biden administration tries to launch unconstitutional vaccine mandates on thousands of hard-working Americans. Members of Never Action Again insist that Biden is using Trump policy to deal with immigration.

Are these people watching the actual video footage of what is going on at our southern border? Are they even aware of the massive number of illegal immigrants passing freely into America? Obviously they are not privy to the fact that Joe Biden does not have an immigration policy.

He and his radically progressive party do not want one. They envision millions of loyal liberal voters are being scattered across hill-and-dale. Democrat border policy is designed to change the demographic in the United States forever.

These loyalists will be summoned at election time to help to cement the Democrat Party’s control of government for generations. This is not an immigration policy. This is an internal, purposeful relinquishing of border control for political gain.

Open borders and open elections will equal open season on all Republican candidates. The protest at DHS Secretary Mayorka’s home does indicate one thing. Those radicals, crazies screaming for immigration reform, have no clue what they are talking about.

We’re watching immigration reform the Joe Biden way. Joe Biden is the president of free and easy access for anyone and everyone. Never Action Again would do well to find out the facts, lest they make themselves look even more foolish supporting their foolish cause.


Daniel is a conservative syndicated opinion writer and amateur theologian. He writes about topics of politics, culture, freedom, and faith.

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