The virus from China has caused unspeakable hardship around the world. Individual lives have been turned upside down, and hundreds of thriving small businesses scuttled.

Most of these burdens have been carried on the shoulders of adults. However, the heaviness of COVID mandates are now being stacked upon our children. Kids, as young as five-years-old, are being manipulated into taking a vaccination.

After months of remote learning, children are finally back in the classroom. However, radical liberal COVID policies are traumatizing kids inside their schools. Despite little scientific support to level rigid COVID protocols on children, school officials are doing it.

One heavily debated school mandate is the wearing of a mask all day. There aren’t many adults who can adhere to that unthinkable task. The so-called scientists refuse to discuss the list of the obvious health risks from constantly restricting normal breathing through a mask.

However, kids, despite no data to show it would benefit them in any way, are having masks literally tied to their heads. One little Tampa Bay, Florida girl, is pushing back. She’s acting like an adult, while thousands of liberal adults are acting like spoiled little children.

Fiona Lashells is a second grader who is fiercely insightful for her age. She has resisted her school’s insane mask mandate. Fiona hasn’t sidestepped the rule a handful of times. Lashells has been suspended from school 38 times for refusing to wear a mask all day.

We say, good for her. Twice, the eight-year-old has spoken about the reasoning behind her resistance in front of local school board officials. They were shocked at her candor. Fiona firmly feels that those who promote this senseless, unnecessary rule should be in jail.

Those are some pretty prophetic words from an eight-year-old. Fiona’s mother insists that she is “on a mission to take back, not only her rights but every American child’s constitutional rights, from the tyrant school board.”

This courageous student has also been threatened with failing her grade because of her outspokenness. Reports indicate that this is a blatant threat made by her teacher. This is clearly a manipulative lie trying to force her to conform since Fiona is up to date with her assignments.

These idle threats aren’t about a savvy second grader’s classroom performance, but a mandate against her and her classmates to be silent and conform. Fiona will do no such thing. In fact, she has vowed to continue fighting for school children all across the country.

“I’m doing it for other kids, not just myself”, Fiona told Fox 8 News in Tampa Bay. A perceptive second grader appreciates the brevity of what it means for Americans to be forced to conform. She thinks those who trample these American freedoms should receive harsh punishment.

Maybe the thought of a little jail time would change the radical maneuvers these liberals are using to overtake our society. We can only hope. In the meantime, we say hurrah for a courageous little second-grader from Tampa.


Daniel is a conservative syndicated opinion writer and amateur theologian. He writes about topics of politics, culture, freedom, and faith.

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    • picked up a powerful ally in her battle against the Tampa school board. That ally is Gov Ron DeSantis.

      Florida Governor Ron DeSantis signed a law in July that banned mask mandates, a ban that judge recently upheld.

      Several schools in liberal counties defied the ban.

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    • She is more grounded than all the mask school boards around this country.
      She is way more thoughtful than all people who buy into this BS.
      Wake up America!
      Follow the science, ya right.

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    No guns . . . yet.
    No concentration . . oh, I mean FEMA camps . . . yet.
    For now just a pandemic, a stolen election, and MANDATES!
    There is no room for Constitutional Freedoms in the agenda being forced by the
    New Democrat Nazi Party.

    • You are right we are very close to the next GOVERNMENT created war on the people. They do not care because they just use the military so they never have to even leave their house. This government Dictator we now have is never going to give this up. TWO damn YEARS almost, and I have not seen any SUPER SPREADER or dead people piling up anywhere. This whole covid thing is completely made up. If it was really killing like they want you to believe we would see more DEAD People. If the media reported on all the car wrecks 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, for two Straight years, Covid cases and deaths would be at the bottom of the list of how many people die every day of everything else.

  • If so, a 9 year old girl will be put in jail as a murderous felon by the criminal school board of extortionists and blackmailing kidnappers. Then the rest of the children of elementary school children will then stage a rebellion against the schools to either not wear masks or boycott the classes until the National Extortion Association of the American Federation of the Teachers Union will regard the Human Rights of Children and their parents.

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  • they threaten to put a little girl in jail for speaking her mind but they allow criminals to come across the border illegally . what a country the democrits have made. for the first time in my life i wish i lived in another country

  • Interestingly,, no one (a woke or Demon rat) has mentioned that this little courageous girl is Black! 38 times! Wow, she is persistent! And of course, correct.

  • It’s obvious she has more brains and courage then the majority of adults. How she gets into a leadership position to help others see the truth.

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  • None of these moronic policies from lock downs, masks, and gene cell therapy, by the way are not vaccines, do not not work and there is no data available to support any of this nonsense. I would suggest that anyone that is pressured for any of these phony requirements should ask for documentation to support it’s efficacy and safety. It’s time to throw the ball back in their court and have them provide documentation to support the lies they have been feeding the public.

    People it’s time to wake up, stop being pressured by stupid people, strike, walk off the job, take your kids out of school and teach these clowns a lesson by shutting the country down. These woke morons and dopey politicians will get a rude awakening when there is no money changing hands.

  • You GO Fiona. All these adults and they will not even stand up for you and your RIGHT to not get a POISON Shot that could very well kill you. And the Masks are doing way more harm than good. BUT this government is never going to let this virus control stop. Because this is all about controlling the PEOPLE, population control and de-Population. This is your life from now on unless we all fight, this DICTATOR government we now have.

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