Earlier this week, the female CNN correspondent who decided to stay in Afghanistan while several other journalists fled was interviewed by hosts on New Day.

The blood-thirsty Islamic terrorists have taken over Kabul as Jim Crow Joe vacationed at Camp David.

In response, she commended these brave reporters for their decision and stated that they all do a lot of work to report accurate information about what’s going on in different parts of the world.

She added that it is essential not just for those living there but also for people here back home since we are connected with countries now more than ever before due to globalization.

CNN’s Clarissa Ward has given a voice to the terrorists she calls happy men. In video clips released by CNN, these smiling males are seen driving through Kabul armed with assault weapons and ensuring that their violent mission in Afghanistan is complete– whether it be murder or rape of those who stand in their way.

During the segment, she said, “They’re just chanting ‘Death to America,’ but they seem friendly at the same time.”

Either Ms. Ward wholeheartedly supports this picture, which would make her an accomplice to terrorism – though not very intelligent (as evidenced from staying there) -or she just isn’t smart at all! This morning, videos of individuals clinging to the outside of a USAF carrier in Afghanistan were showed.

These people risked their lives because they were so afraid that these thugs would kill them if they found out any information about them or when offered money from terrorist organizations like ISIS and Al-Qaeda.

William Dalrymple’s tweet about the Kabul airport is genuinely heartbreaking. In an attempt to escape Afghanistan, these people clung onto a taxiing plane in hope of being able to make it out alive…but they eventually fell one by one as if their lives were nothing more than some cruel game with no winner.


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    • Stupidity cannot be fought. She merely represents the low caliber of individuals employed by CNN. Best she remain in Afghanistan where, going forward, she can hide beneath a burqa.

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  • Quote: “During the segment, she said, “They’re just chanting ‘Death to America,’ but they seem friendly at the same time.” In other words they were ‘mostly peaceful.’

  • Typical main stream media response, side with the enemy make them look innocent, what complete fools the media are, embarrassing.

  • She needs to take off her rose colored glasses. the men were smiling and seemed happy because they once again have turned women into chattel so men can dp as they please with them with no repercussions.

  • That woman is completely brain dead. If those blood thirsty scumbags “seem friendly enough”, maybe she should stay there & find out.

  • Note to Ms. Ward….
    After you’re sexually abused, beaten, or beheaded…. I’m sure they’ll apologize deeply and sincerely….

  • CNN’s Clarissa Ward a hard core Communist supports Joe Biden’s deportation orders to leave Americans behind for slaughter by the Taliban. She is a spokeswoman for the Taliban’s news propaganda. Beyond the August 31 2021 date, It could be conceivable that CNN will now make themselves representative of the Taliban Caliphate news voice for Afghanistan to represent their ideology to brainwash the rest of America to join this terrorist organization.

  • Clarissa Ward should think about getting a vacation home in Kabul. Ward works for one of the disinformation and propaganda arms for the liberal commie Democrats. Her statements are just as bad as the CNN reporter stating the riots are mostly peaceful, while the buildings in the background are being burnt to the ground. The public is not as stupid as CNN looks, and judging by the asinine statements of CNN Reporters, they should have a special award for stupidity. The only people that watch CNN and believe this c–p are liberal commie Democrats.

  • CNN is such a Fraud Media, Really !? You’d allow her to say dumb ass things like that ?? She should be fired and your so called Media shut down !!



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