Liberal mainstream media pundits, including a handful of more conservative military minds, have commended the United States’ response to the war in Ukraine. Over 50 days into Russia’s unwarranted invasion of the sovereign nation tells a far different story.

The response has been woefully inept. The Biden administration has been slow to act, at some points not answering many of Ukraine’s pleas for help. This spineless U.S. response to Vladimir Putin’s deadly aggression has left both Ukraine and our allies confused and unorganized.

The mainstream media tells us different, but they’re lying. Three months ago, Joe Biden made a terribly misleading statement about any U.S. response to a Russian invasion. Biden’s muddled answer to what might trigger a U.S. response was cowardly and indecisive.

Before Putin’s Russian forces launched their invasion, Biden bumbled through a speech, making ridiculous reference to a “minor incursion”. It set the tone for the United States’ response. Obviously, Russia never intended to launch a “minor incursion”.

All signs pointed to a full scale military assault. In the month and a half since the first Russian troops crossed the Ukraine border, thousands of Ukrainians have died. Military experts predict this war is a long way from being over. Most believe things are about to get much worse.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy now projects that the situation is about to take a dangerous turn. During an interview with fake news CNN, Zelenskyy answered a question about the possibility of both chemical and nuclear attacks on his country.

The Ukrainian leader responded, “Not only me, all of the world, all of the countries have to be worried because it can be not real information, but it can be truth.” President Zelenskyy emphatically warned that the world should “prepare” for Vladimir Putin to use nuclear weapons.

If Russia launches any type of nuclear attack, it will be the biggest global military catastrophe in 70 years. While Putin will be responsible for pushing the button, the Biden administration’s total policy ineptitude will be equally responsible.

Joe Biden has sent a weak and feeble message. His wishy-washy answer to Putin’s military aggression opened the door for this invasion. The United States has been late in responding at every point since the attacks began.

Vladimir Putin is not worried about any U.S. or allied retaliation at this juncture. It’s almost as if he’s daring the western alliance to do anything beyond shipments of military weapons Ukraine. The lame response by the United States and its allies has been ineffective.

It has emboldened Russia. They are not going to stop. The world now faces the possibility of a nuclear conflict in Eastern Europe and beyond. It never needed to reach this point. Rogue rulers smell weakness, but they respect strength. Joe Biden radiates weakness. He is a coward.

If Vladimir Putin was afraid of retaliation, his army would never have stepped foot into another country. The timetable for the Ukraine invasion, so soon after President Trump departed the White House, is confirmation.

If the United States had stepped forward with an assertive and confident response, this war would never have even started. Now it’s reached a seemingly inevitable point. Joe Biden is going to be remembered as the president with the worst policy record in U.S. history.

Nothing he has done has worked. Joe Biden has failed our country. However, he’s also failed the world. His economic, immigration, and crime policies have created hardship for Americans. But now he’s opened the door to possibly the most cataclysmic debacle in global history; a nuclear war. Way to go, Joe.


Daniel is a conservative syndicated opinion writer and amateur theologian. He writes about topics of politics, culture, freedom, and faith.

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  • Club-K Missile Systems armed with EMP nukes have very likely been smuggled into and scattered around the USA ever since Obama approved GULFTAINER. That sorta take the edge off an aggressive Biden/DOD stance against Putin.

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    Russian shipping container nukes are “inside the wire” at several US ports next to US Nuclear Sub bases.

    bitchute. com/video/IpBKzWW1hFE/

    Something else to worry about…Iran’s container ship “Beach Ball” nuke attack is likely already “inside the wire” in Florida and Delaware!

    theamericanreport. org/category/home/gulftainer-papers/
    theamericanreport. org/category/home/gulftainer/
    theamericanreport. org/2017/10/28/the-perfect-storm-port-canaveral-gulftainer-club-k-russia-endgame/
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  • How soon we forget…

    Trump never made Putin withdraw Russian forces from East Ukraine or Crimea during his 4 year term of office.



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