During the most recent midterm elections, the Republican Party was expecting massive gains in both houses of Congress. Political experts across the country were projecting anything from a red wave to a red tsunami. As the dust settled, there was neither.

The Republican red wave turned into barely a red drip. Only prominent conservative governor Ron DeSantis and fellow Floridian Marco Rubio won with the kinds of numbers predicted. Likewise, Georgia Governor Brian Kemp overwhelmed the beleaguered Stacey Abrams.

Other distinctly Republican strongholds were held. However, the red wave waned miserably. As disappointing results started being posted, many conservative strategists were looking for reasons why a party couldn’t overcome the historic disapproval ratings of a terrible president.

Maybe it’s because of the lackluster approval ratings of a former president? Ever since the 2020 presidential election ended, the stock of President Trump has gradually started to fall. Much of his decline is of his own making.

While there is massive evidence of election improprieties during the most recent presidential election, most Americans have moved on. The American voter wants to know what their elected officials are going to do for them today. Voters are living in the now, not the past.

This single issue seems to elude the successful former president. No one is denying that President Trump’s policies are popular with a vast number of Americans. However, there are other aspects of his personality that they are not enamored with.

One is President Trump’s apparent reluctance to become a team player. This is no longer about an individual person being the face of a political ideology. This is about battling a radically progressive push for big-government socialism.

If the conservative core of America doesn’t bond together, U.S. democracy is going to fall. This is not a half-baked conspiracy theory. It’s happening right before our eyes. Still holding a firm grip on the core base of the Republican Party, President Trump could prove invaluable.

But to date, he has not. In fact, many of his endorsed candidates for critical congressional offices failed miserably. There is a strong sense that President Trump’s presence once again cost Republicans control of the U.S. Senate.

Through sheer good fortune, it appears that there will be a slim Republican majority in the U.S. House of Representatives. The margin is going to be slim, again, because many Trump-endorsed candidates were beaten.

In almost every location where a President Trump–endorsed candidate lost, there was a more moderate option who should have been the party’s nominee. These more appealing candidates would have seized on Joe Biden’s terrible approval ratings and abysmal policies.

They did not. Consequently, Republicans failed to take advantage of huge advantages. Another key reason for many losses is being blamed on where campaign funding went or who decided to spend it. President Trump appears to have failed miserably here as well.

Many insist that President Trump’s misguided endorsements and spotty financial assistance cost the Republican Party heavily in the 2022 midterms. Some believe he sabotaged Republican midterm momentum.

In Georgia, where one President Trump-endorsed candidate is still alive, outside groups outspent the former president in supporting Herschel Walker by 95 percent. Super PACs can spend a limitless amount on independently supported candidates.

President Trump’s “Make America Great Again, Inc.” is such a super PAC. Walker could have benefited from better financial support. There might not be a runoff. Republican Brian Kemp obliterated Stacey Abrams for governor, but Walker actually lost to Raphael Warnock.

The Daily Wire reported,

Trump’s Super PAC spent $3.4 million backing Herschel Walker in the general election that culminated Tuesday in neither Walker nor incumbent Democrat Sen. Raphael Warnock topping 50% of the vote, necessitating a December 6 runoff. While Trump’s endorsement helped the former NFL great secure the Republican nomination, the spending amounted to less than 5% of the $72 million that outside groups spent helping Walker in the general election, according to a Daily Wire analysis of Federal Election Commission records.

Now compare that to what he spent OPPOSING Brian Kemp:

Trump showed a willingness to spend more freely in Georgia when it came to opposing certain Republicans. Save America’s largest candidate-related expenditures were in the Peach State, including $4.4 million spent on groups that opposed Republican Gov. Brian Kemp in the primary. That money was ultimately wasted as Kemp prevailed and went on to easily win re-election with 53.4% of the vote – 5% more than Walker, his fellow Republican on the same ticket.

Now, there is a second runoff in the last two election cycles in Georgia. It shouldn’t be happening. Likewise, close losses in Arizona and Nevada shouldn’t have happened. More financial support from President Trump could have pushed Walker across the goal line.

But it didn’t happen. With control of the U.S. Senate now lost after another Trump-endorsed senate candidate was defeated in Arizona, how much attention will Walker receive? The pending events of the 2024 election should not be ignored.

Walker’s victory could set the stage for critical U.S. Senate races in 2024. If a Republican nominee can retake the White House, holding control of both houses of Congress will prove critical. It is the single most direct route to restoring the country back to health.

But what happens in Georgia will tell another story. It will reveal whether President Trump is a “team player.” The former president claims to love his country. There’s no reason to believe he isn’t being honest. But that proclamation is going to be tested.

The next two weeks need to be about one runoff battle for the U.S. Senate. It’s more critical than people may realize. It’s time to put party values above personal ambitions. Where will President Trump’s allegiance be? It will prove more telling than any campaign speech.


Daniel is a conservative syndicated opinion writer and amateur theologian. He writes about topics of politics, culture, freedom, and faith.

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  • Mitch The Bitch played a bigger role in ensuring the Senate was lost by his pulling money from Blake Masters & giving it to the RINO Lisa Murkowsky.

  • So now it’s President Trump fault? I don’t think so ! First Mitch McConnell pulled funding for Republicans who said they wouldn’t vote for him in the Senate. Second, there was rigging of alot of elections. Michigan, Pennsylvania and Arizona. Not one person in our justice system will look into it. Judges bought off by the democrats will throw it out of court. It’s called fraud. But since Biden is destroying America and voters are lazy and stupid the American people will suffer. Stop listening to the woke idiots who know nothing. Brain dead young people are truly unamerican and stupid.

    • Especially all those judges Trump appointed. They already proved on several occasions that even the Republican constitution doesn’t support lies and fake facts from Donny’s lawyers.

      • Wrong takeaway! Typical of the left who know nothing about our Constitution or that there’s no difference between “fake facts” and the fakestream media. If fake is your reality, you’re duped.

  • I am so tired of everyone blaming President Trump for everything. I don’t like the candidates the RNC has been picking for years now, they are either wimpy or they are Rhinos, neither of which we need more of. So how many of the Trump endorsed candidates did get elected? and how many didn’t? Maybe show the statistics, to prove your point about Trump, otherwise we are tired and fed up with your Pie in Sky analysis of who is to blame!!!!! Maybe just be quiet for a long while.



  • Maybe, and just more likely, it was more of the same VOTER FRAUD from the communist fascist racist lying cheating democrats, as usual. We had tons, humoungus evidence, VIDEO evidence, of voter fraud in 2020 and nothing was done about it (which the dems were counting on), so it was business as usual, in the same states as before!!!

  • and the STUPID PARTY with all the money available to help new candidate, WASTED IT ON BACKING LOSERS and useless RINOS from the old guard that should have been pastured and forgotten.

    McConnell, Ronna and McCarthy SCREWED THE POOCH so much they had no energy OR DESIRE to PUSH THE PROMISED RED WAVE across the beach and and into congress.

    PRESIDENT TRUMP IS NOT the person(s) most responsible for this crap!

  • That’s great!
    Now even Republicans are going to blame everything that goes wrong on President Trump. That’s just bs.
    What about the cheating corrupt Democrats for a change. We all know how they win elections. Here’s one idea, fix the voting system and stop looking for excuses! Give him a break already!

  • Why no demand for hand checking
    Why don’t reporters actually report TRUTH instead of twisting a story into total BS? Trump did not spend more he had only his money to spend, and he spent NOTHING. It was CHINA McConnell who spent the money against all republicans who refused to back him as leader. China Mitch is corrupt and is a RINO but much worse. He double crossed Trump many times, demanded Pence be Trumps VP when Trump wanted Flynn and they both stabbed him in the BACK! So, get your facts right before you suggest TRUMP is stupid!

  • WRONG Daniel, Trump endorsed REPUBLICAN candidates that differ from the ones you may have liked. Guess what, the PEOPLE selected the candidates by voting for them, not Donald Trump. If anyone is to blame it’s the Republican leadership who refused to send money from the RNC and the NRSC AND the Democrat Party that had THEIR voters vote in Republican general elections.

  • The more I read this article, the more I think “Daniel” is a jerk and a fraud and not a conservative and not a theologian.

    What say YOU, Daniel?

  • I normally like Daniel’s observations here, but he is terribly at fault for brushing off the real issue: the stolen 2020 election. We cannot build on that faulty foundation, or this nation’s governance is going to collapse. The far Left Dems must NOT be allowed that steal, and as it then played over into the 2022 midterms. We MUST clean up our electoral act. Or there won’t BE any 2024 elections. The Bolsheviks will have taken over the nation. First things first: Setting the terribly fraudulent 2020 election to rights. All else will follow naturally.
    I trust that the U.S. Mil Intel (Space Force) has monitored all of the electoral shenanigans which have been going on in this country. Time to release the (oath-honoring) patriots in the U.S. military to step forward, and do their job. They appear to be waiting on The People to make the first move. Well, I for one such Citizen declare that move made NOW.

  • Trump has only one allegiance and that is to Trump. And he expects all others to patronize him and only him. Trump supporting other candidates is like trying to turn a snake into a bunny rabbit! Ain’t happening!

  • He was a team player the first round and look what it got him…lied to and fought against be he STILL got things done for the country.

  • Your commentary appears to be heavy-handed on internecine Trump-bashing. ALEERT: The Democrats and Woke-Folk are already doing a great job of trying to destroy the best president in modern history.

    I see no mention whatsoever of the drastic funding support mistakes by Mitch McConnell and the GOP establishment. The Turtle withdrew a huge war chest allocation from Blake Masters (AZ) and Don Bolduc (NH), redirecting funds that could have won a Republican Senate majority to help defeat a REPUBLICAN Senate candidate in the wacky Alaska race.

    If you’re going to lay blame, ay least have the decency to spread it around.

  • Wait a minute here…… Trump went 232-22 in his endorsements in the Mid Terms…..

    Trump RAISE $350 Million for the RNC….. what did THEY do with the money??

    It was McConnell that REFUSED to Fund several of those that were endorsed by Trump….. in very close races…..



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