I think that if we’re going to be fair about mainstream media pushing fake news stories, we need to do it fairly. That includes anytime that “conservative” outlets do the same thing. We either want truthful news, or different propaganda. But you can’t have both.

President Trump has yet to officially announce himself as a candidate for the 2024 Republican nomination. However, many believe it is just a matter of time before he does. Likewise, some Republicans are trying to distance themselves from the popular president.

Recently, Elon Musk tweeted that he is “leaning towards” Ron DeSantis in 2024. There are Republican lawmakers who are vocally discouraging President Trump from running again. The list includes Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson and, logically, whine bag Adam Kinzinger.

Nevertheless, there is still a strong list of Republican operatives who accept the reality of the situation. President Donald J. Trump is still wildly popular with the conservative base. It’s for a good reason. He says what he’s going to do for the American people and then does it.

The primary record of the candidates he’s endorsing exemplifies President Trump’s appeal. Candidates earning his endorsement are winning all across the country. His success rate is well over 90 percent. But there are those who are nervous about a potential 2024 run.

Some of these individuals are conservative voices in the media. One place that has usually stood strong behind the former President and his endorsed candidates is FOX News. However, in the Arizona gubernatorial race, FOX News aired a rather bizarre story.

Bret Baier mentioned an unsubstantiated accusation against Trump-supported candidate Kari Lake. The story was a bogus claim that Lake had taken her young daughter to a drag show. She hadn’t, and she never would. It was a made up lie first published by the Arizona Republic.

The liberal rag just automatically took the word of a deranged drag queen without even consulting with Lake. They ran with a story from drag artist Rick Stevens. Stevens is a real piece of work himself. But his story wasn’t even true.

Nevertheless, that didn’t prevent the liberal Washington Post from running a story about the fake accusation. Leave it to the liberal media to propagate lies. They’re practiced in the art. Lake has filed a lawsuit against the creepy Rick Stevens.

Subsequently, Baier brought Lake on, evidently in an attempt to smear her over the allegations. When Bret Baier questioned Lake about the false Post story, it got the candidate’s attention. Bret Baier, for all his journalistic professionalism, was thoroughly embarrassed by Lake.

In a heated 10-minute interview, Lake took Baier to task over the false rumors. The disgruntled candidate for Arizona governor said, “I am really disappointed in Fox. I thought you were better than CNN.” Good for Kari Lake. It’s about time conservatives stood up against these B.S. lies! We’ll bet President Trump was proud of Lake and doubled down on his endorsement.


Daniel is a conservative syndicated opinion writer and amateur theologian. He writes about topics of politics, culture, freedom, and faith.

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  • Bret Baire began losing me with his lousy debate performance. He’s done nothing since to bring me back. Which parallels Fox in kind.

    • Yes, and he lost me in his glee to announce the Arizona results so early on election night 2020. Now, he tries to ding Arizona again? Loser.

  • Is anybody finally figuring out why liars, crooks, wackos, and weirdos aren’t allowed to live in normal societies? It’s just like your garden — nourish the flowers and pull up the weeds and throw them on the fire.

  • Americans (mainly the Conservatives, of course): as for Fox, I focus mainly on Fox Business (4 PM to 7 PM), and Fox News (Tucker, Hannity, Laura Ingraham). That’s it. I do NOT watch “the five”.

    • Personally, I like The Five. Now that Juan Williams is seldom, if ever, on the show anymore, it’s a lot more palatable. It’s a good source of info from knowledgeable people that don’t lie for a living like the lefties do. And how can you not love “America’s Sweetheart”, Dana Perino.

  • Brett Baer is a democrat who prior to Fox’s shift to more liberal agendas was more circumspect with regard to his reporting, Now it seems he feels free to inject his liberal bias into the conversation. Sad!!!

  • Brett had nothing but false and misleading, incorrectly attributed innuendo and hearsay – trying to present such rubbish as legitimate questions and somehow newsworthy. Propaganda and hearsay should not be broadcast through ANY legitimate news, or programming wishing to be considered legitimate news.
    Brett B. should know better than to have prepared only bogus questions, with out of context & highly misleading derogatory commentary which wasn’t even applicable to the topic in it’s original context. Thus causing his segment and himself to be completely incinerated by Rici Lake, his esteemed guest, and the leading candidate for Governor.

    • Baier does know better, but doesn’t care. He talks about being fair and balanced, but that is just talk, not how he is. Baier is in fact an unhinged anti-Trumper.

  • Gee whiz. Just when Bret Baire thought he was on track for a great job at CNN, like Chris Wallace. Oh, wait…..

  • Bret is also the same reporter who went on and on about how impactful Cassidy Hutchinson testimony was and could be a game changer. Immediately caught in lies the Secret Service individuals she was quoting denied it ever happenned and voluntered to testify.

  • Baier does not have professional journalistic integrity. He is an anti-Trumper and shows it too often.

    Good for Kari Lake sticking it to Baier.

  • Hey Bret Baier, Kari Lake and like so many more of us want to know why you as well as the rest of the MSM refuse to get to the bottom of reporting on 2000Mules.
    It took them one election cycle and 2000 mules to install not one but two complete utter jackasses in the Executive Branch!

    • Wellll..the 2000 mules didn’t even work. Problem was after all that early cheating (enough to overturn the election on its own) they had to stop the count and inject thousands of more votes in order to make up for how far the basement dweller was under-performing.



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