Texas is doing some big things right now in dealing with the Democrats who went AWOL last month after throwing a hissy fit because they didn’t get their way.

Now, the Texas House Speaker just signed a whopping 52 warrants for the arrests of each and every scumbag Democrats that left the state so they could have a fun little party where they spread COVID to one another.

The warrants were delivered to the House Sergeant-at-Arms yesterday so that they could conduct the arrests as they came back to Texas.

I imagine that they’re all going to try and make a show of it by all of them showing up at once to the Texas House of Representatives to make it appear as though they’re martyrs for the cause.

They want to be seen as modern-day civil rights leaders, but they’re doing the exact opposite. I wish Democrats weren’t so stupid that they can’t see through this charade and can’t understand what it is that they are trying to prevent from happening in Texas.

They want elections to be insecure so that they can control them how they wish. Right now, that may benefit them, but what happens when the time comes that it no longer benefits them? They won’t be too happy about the outcome then, but what are you really going to do then? It’ll be too late.

On top of all of that, the Texas Supreme Court ruled in favor of Governor Abbott’s decision to withhold their pay and determined that he doesn’t have to pay them back pay for their abandonment.

If you’ll remember Gov. Abbott also froze the Democrats’ pay because they weren’t doing their job. This is the only makes sense, right? I mean they basically quit their job.

Think about it this way, if you decided to stop showing up for your job, what would happen? You would get fired and you would not continue to get paid. You wouldn’t even be able to file for unemployment in most states (if not all) because you willingly gave up your job and therefore your paycheck.


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  • I still say a MASSIVE fine would work better. Take away their money because that is the only way to truly punish them. See Money is all Democraps care about.

  • I stand with the governor. They should be put in prison and charged with treason. No paycheck, no special treatment, no freedom as they are trying to take ours!

  • They should ALL BE FIRED IMMEDIATELY AND STRIPPED OF THERE SALARIES AND ALSO BE MADE TO REIMBURSE THE STATE OF TEXAS FOR ABANDONING THEIR JOBS TO MAKE A POLITICAL STATEMENT…. THAT THEY DONT KNOW HOW TO EVEN DO THERE JOBS!!!!! Furthermore Nancy Pelosi is not God and all the people that they are holding in prison for the bullshit on January 6 should be released and the black man that shot Ashley Babbitt should be held in jail on trial for murder. If it was a white man that shot a black woman you know damn well he would be in jail awaiting trial!!!!!!! Our government has become one major joke in the whole world is laughing what an embarrassment to be an American right now.