In reaction to the increasing number of migrant contacts at the Texas-Mexico border, Governor Greg Abbott has invoked the “invasion clause” of both the United States Constitution and the Texas Constitution and was announced in a series of tweets.

According to a planning document that was obtained by Army Times and The Texas Tribune, his mission along the border will include armored personnel carriers that are designed to carry troops into battle alongside tanks.

According to the order that was given on last week by officials from the Texas Military Department to the headquarters that are in charge of monitoring Operation Lone Star, the Texas National Guard will soon send ten M113 armored personnel carrier vehicles to the border. In accordance with the directive, some fifty soldiers will receive training on how to operate the vehicles, and state officials will determine ten locations along the border where they can be stationed.

The M113s are older vehicles that have been used by the Army since Vietnam. They weigh about 14 tons and can reach speeds of up to 45 mph on highways.

It’s exciting to see Gov. Abbott take such a proactive stance on border security, especially since the Biden regime refuses to do anything. The deployment of these armored personnel carrier vehicles is sure to make a difference in deterring illegal immigration and protecting our borders.

As we know, the issue of illegal immigration is a complex one that requires collaboration and innovative strategies from both the Federal government and individual states, but by taking this strong stance on border security, Texas has taken an important step towards keeping our borders safe.

It is now up to other state governments to ensure that their own borders are protected—using the same innovative solutions that Texas has implemented—so that we can create a more secure and prosperous America.


Daniel is a conservative syndicated opinion writer and amateur theologian. He writes about topics of politics, culture, freedom, and faith.

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  • I’m sure if our “home” was being invaded by the folks from a few blocks away, we would defend our property with all our might. It looks like that is what Texas is doing. Hope the personnel carriers carry the saying “Don’t mess with Texas” on the side of them!

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    • I thought the same thing immediately upon reading this! I said why didn’t they do it as soon as that goon took office and sent giggles as the appointed ‘Border Czar’ in March 2021 to take care of the problem which she did by not even going there and then soon after was in Central America saying that she is studying the issue! Yea like how many prisons should they open up and how soon in order to flood America with the inmates! I’m sure she got some big backdoor bucks for working on the issue that way from the leaders down there for helping them to get rid of a lot of dirt!

      And so all this time has passed since then and the Border States get this plan operational? I would have done it as soon as they appointed that dimwit to take care of the border knowing she is a total incompetent Marxist America hater and wouldn’t do anything substantive to seal-up the border!

      If this plan had been implemented back then in all the Border States millions of illegal invaders wouldn’t be running loose right now in our Republic!
      Kind of a bit late and now they need to come up with a plan if the Republican House can get the gumption to get ICE or State authorities to round these people up and get them out of the country because they are felon trespassers and didn’t apply properly to enter! The Feds won’t allow this but maybe there is a way if the Republicans get the backbone and nerve to push hard!

    • Red, I was wondering the same thing. As they say, I guess better late than never. We shall see what happens……..


      A trust that the Federal Government will faithfully discharge its Constitutional duty to secure and defend the national borders.
      This has proven to be naive regarding the Biden Administration.

  • Good for him! Now where ate the other governors? Get at it, boys and girls! This should have been done months/years ago. To heck with Biden and his minions. Do this and send the bill to him personally.

  • Wide open borders are a clear danger to all of the USA, we now have untold numbers of criminals and terrorist roaming our country!!!

  • It’s going to take the full weight of the Tx NG to seal this border and start turning back immigrants at gunpoint! Coyotes and drug cartel to be dealt with extreme bias in apprehension. No illegal shall cross under any circumstance.

  • I just hope those tanks and carriers are locked and loaded. If not, what’s the point? I would opt for an armed guard every 15 feet who shoots at sight. Scatter them back to their homelands.

      • Our Moron-In-Chief is waiting for just such an excuse as active resistance. He has boasted on national TV that he will not permit people “f***ing with Joe.” Tragically the first huge mistake was made by the mental dwarfs that elected him in the first place!

    • Mary Blood, do you think they will actually use the tanks to shoot at people. Yes, I want the border closed too. I wonder why we do not use the fencing that we purchased under President Trump and build the wall, put it deep in the ground and barb-wire on the top.


  • Texas Citizens choosing to take a stand and protect their property and homes should be recognized for their diligence and not prosecuted by federal agencies! I’m not advocating for open season on ILLEGALS but if I have to, I will use deadly force to protect loved ones and property!

    • Your so right John, I’m a Texas, born citizen and I will defend my home and family and friends.
      There are 52 homes at the location of my home of course there’s many more within my area, and all 52 home owners are fully armed .
      Many of which are ex Marines, Army and myself a retired Texas Peace Officer.

  • AS INVADERS they have no ‘rights’!

    Since they are NOT ‘soldiers’ of a foreign nation, they are not ‘prisoners of war’.

    The UN, to my knowledge, has ever created ‘rules and regulations’ for the treatment of USELESS TRASH such as what we have crawling through the bushes to sneak into OUR COUNTRY.

    Lock them up in RAZOR WIRE enclosures and feed them minimal amounts of foods until they are too weak to put up a fight, them ship them back where they came from with a huge tattoo on their foreheads declaring them to UNWANTED TRASH!

    Their home country can deal with them in any manner they choose, but….

    IF they ever return, any funds to that nation will be cut by 10%.

    10 return means 100% loss of US FUNDING!

    • Chuckles, Thats what they did a long time ago to the Italians . They used a rubber stamp that said To N.Y. (to New York) on their foreheads. Thats why just about every Italian has the name “Tony”

    • Who gives a hoot about the UN they are not of our Nation they are actually enemies of our Nation and they want us destroyed.

  • AS INVADERS they have no ‘rights’!

    Since they are NOT ‘soldiers’ of a foreign nation, they are not ‘prisoners of war’.

    The UN, to my knowledge, has never created ‘rules and regulations’ for the treatment of USELESS TRASH such as what we have crawling through the bushes to sneak into OUR COUNTRY.

    Lock them up in RAZOR WIRE enclosures and feed them minimal amounts of foods until they are too weak to put up a fight, them ship them back where they came from with a huge tattoo on their foreheads declaring them to UNWANTED TRASH!

    Their home country can deal with them in any manner they choose, but….

    IF they ever return, any funds to that nation will be cut by 10%.

    10 return means 100% loss of US FUNDING!

  • This is at best a joke! Have the state militia catch them! Try them for illegal entry and give the a five year suspended sentence! If they are caught again they will serve that sentence! At hard labor! This just cost more and they do nothing but let them back in! Give a bounty to the militia! They will stop coming tomorrow! Fentanyl packers shot on sight! That will be deemed as self defense! Then the corrupt courts will have nothing to say! Cause you are trying them for the illegal entry! Anything else is pure BS!

  • I have an idea. There are roughly 3 million Veterans. Of those 3 million many like me served on Tanks. We would be Honored to have the Privilege of Securing our Southern Border and we would have absolutely no problem opening up on Illegals attempting to enter this country. Just think instead of a M113 we had M60A1’s, M60A3’s and M1A1’s riding along the Texas Mexico border daring anyone to attempt to cross. Ever see a Antipersonal 105 or 120 round go off. Well it shoots out approximately 500,000 flachet’s which turn the gunners sight black there are so many in the air. It will literally lift a person off the ground and nail them to a tree. I will bet 1 or 2 of those rounds get set off and the border will never again see a Illegal attempt to cross

    • Daniel Quigley, I love your post & I think you have a wonderful plan. Thank you so much for serving our country & for continuing to want to do so for our “FREEDOM” & love of our land. God Bless!

    • Yes sir, however even if they are on the fire side of the gun the concussion of the
      blast of the 105 – 120 will knock them silly. Just firing artillery with blasts along the border would turn back most if not all of them.
      As long as this is now classified as an “invasion” then any and all force necessary to repel them is on the table. I’m not however, desirous of real families who are attempting to escape from those countries to save their families. The Trump plan, hold them south of the border while they use the legal approach to obtain legal entry is a must. The only thing that makes the difficult is children being used to gain access illegally (gaining the system) as well as families escaping the tyrants and tyrannical governments they so desperately want to leave.

      • “as well as families escaping the tyrants and tyrannical governments they so desperately want to leave.”

        Do they not know that they are coming out of the frying pan & directly right into the fire!? At the rate we are going as a country, our country is going to be far worse than what they ran from, perhaps it already is!

  • Excuse me, do you know how much border Texas has with Mexico? Will 10 tanks and 50 people be nearly enough to seal our border? We can only pray that they start shooting the coyotes and cartels too stop this invasion. Enough innocent people have already died.

  • Thank you, Gov. Abbott, for stepping up to protect our borders since the federal government won’t lift a finger. Lamebrains in Washington (Biden, Kamala, Mayorkas) all claim the border is Secure, while millions of illegals from all over the world have walked right in!!! This is a catastrophe!!

  • Our federal Constitution Preamble charges the federal government to ‘provide for the common defense’, which supercedes state Constitutions and laws. I’m sure that Gov. Abbott’s grandstanding with quasi-military on the border looks good to anarchists, insurrectionists and militant hate groups, but it has no place in America. Let’s see how soon Justice Department via its border security agencies repels this vigilante move by a right wing extremist governor.

    • It may be the primary responsibility of the Feds but when they do not do their job, putting US citizens lives at at risk, then the responsibility falls upon the state’s to do that job!
      Article IV, Section 4 says the Feds will protect the state’s from invasion. Failing to do so then requires states to take over.
      Get over your federal supremacy position.
      The ultimate power rests with the states and with the people. The states created the federal government and with an Article V Convention and by 3/5 vote of states can dismantle an irresponsible fed.

    • Educate yourself, “Dr”? Bill Lemoine!!! Read up on “INVASION”.

      The ongoing illegal immigration crisis has exploded into a full-blown national security and humanitarian disaster, with current activity representing unprecedented levels of illegal migration, human trafficking, and drug smuggling. The Biden administration’s recent reprimand against Customs and Border Protection (CBP) horse agents, falsely smearing them to appease the open-borders wing of their political base, has only escalated the crisis.

      It is clear that the Biden administration has no interest in pursuing the federal policies necessary to secure the southern border. Therefore, given the federal government’s dereliction of duty, it is now incumbent on governors and states to fill the void and do what federal officials and lawmakers refuse to do: end the invasion at the U.S. southern border and restore both order and sovereignty.

      The Constitutional Basis for State Action to Counter Washington’s Dereliction of Duty

      The Constitution provides a firm foundation for states to act decisively in the absence of the federal government. First, the Biden Administration has neglected its duties under Article IV, Section 4 of the U.S. Constitution to protect the United States, her citizens and communities being ravaged by this invasion of crime, drugs and humanitarian crisis. Indeed, one can argue that the actions of the administration are effectively facilitating the abrogation of its own obligations.

      Known as the guarantee clause, Article IV, Section 4 of the Constitution states, “The United States shall guarantee to every State in this Union a Republican Form of Government, and shall protect each of them from Invasion; and on Application of the Legislature, or of the Executive (when the Legislature cannot be convened) against domestic violence.”

      Therefore, governors, attorneys general, and state legislatures must take emergency measures–beyond the scope of what has been attempted to this point–to follow through on the primary function of government: protecting its citizens.

      The Constitution provides states an appropriate “self-help” remedy under Article I, Section 10, Clause 3, which stipulates that, “No State shall, without the Consent of Congress, lay any Duty of Tonnage, keep Troops, or Ships of War in time of Peace, enter into any Agreement or Compact with another State, or with a foreign Power, or engage in War, unless actually invaded, or in such imminent Danger as will not admit delay.”

      There can be no disputing that the influx of well over 1.3 million illegal immigrants this calendar year alone and thousands of pounds of fentanyl and other deadly narcotics, facilitated by the widespread human trafficking efforts of violent international drug cartels, constitutes an invasion of the southern border of the United States.

      These cartels effectively have operational control over vast swaths of the southern border.

      Data provided by CBP in March 2021 estimated that cartels and human trafficking organizations are earning nearly $14 million a day moving people illegally across the southern border. These violent international cartels are raking in billions of dollars every year off the pain, suffering, and abuse of migrants.

      Furthermore, most illegal drugs and narcotics enter the United States through the southern border, a finding outlined in a threat assessment dossier released by the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) in March of this year. The DEA report also outlines that fentanyl, a deadly narcotic that is smuggled into the U.S. by violent international drug cartels, is primarily responsible for fueling the ongoing opioid epidemic that killed nearly 37,000 Americans in 2019 and a horrific 57,550 people in 2020.

    • Hmm. The “Justice Department via its border security agencies.”
      Biden and his top officials refuse to enforce the nation’s laws. Letting millions of border crossers flood in, is not “providing for the common defense.” DOJ and its agencies facilitate the flood of illegals, while claiming the border is “secure.”
      Everything Biden and Harris are doing, including doing nothing, is to ensure 2 million “immigrants and refugees“ get in each year.
      1) AP: Immigration conference in Des Moines, IA, Aug 2019. Biden said the US can “afford 2 million immigrants and refugees a year.”
      2) After the election, Biden was asked about immigrants. He said, “Tell them help is on the way.”
      3) Throughout 2020, VP Harris stated about a dozen times that our southern border should look just like driving across a state line in the US.
      4) Biden promised he would stop the border wall – and did.
      5) Wa Po, Dec 22, 2020. Biden reaffirmed his intention to bring in 2 million a year. Biden said he’ll reverse Trump immigration policies. Biden said on day one as President he will “carve a path on immigration policy for asylum in the United States to desperate asylum seekers. We could afford to take in a heartbeat another two million.”
      DHS numbers show 5.1 million have come in since Joe took office. Thousands cross each week. So don’t blather about DOJ or any other agencies enforcing the laws. They are not and will not until Biden directs them to.

  • Fun to think the NG can stop them, but how? Push them back into the river, push them off the fences? Granted that would stop them eventually but the press and Liberals would go nuts for the “miss treatment”, event though not one of the liberals would take into their home and take care of illegals.
    Could round them up and convict them for illegally entering the US with a work sentence to fixing the fences so others could not come in.

    • Unfortunately, illegal crossing, not including any other offenses, is only a misdemeanor.
      It needs to be changed to a federal felony with each state also having it a state felony. If the Feds fail to prosecute, the state may do so.

      • You recite The Color of Law under the UCCs and state you’re a Constitutional Student. Wouldn’t know it by me. You need to study the Consitution son.

  • Hurray for Governor Abbott….

    A man with much to be desired of other governors, but…..well…let me say, two or the Mexico border governors are a lost cause, and the other two, Texas and AZ are the only two that gives a damn on what happens to our country. Migrants then will begin to target that small length of New Mexico’s border, and that of California. Leaving out country still vulnerable to the likes of criminals, and terror infiltrators to still come in by the thousands. Perhaps a suggestion might be for Texas to invade New Mexico from the South and the East….and Arizona invade from the West….Pinch the living hell out of New Mexico and their blatant resolve to stay the stinking liberals they are, and force them into something close to getting common sense.

    Yet with the lingering status of New Mexico and California’s being a sanctuary state…how does one deal with the continued migrant flow into the USA. I did marry a girl from New Mexico back when….but it was totally out of ignorance really, and was happily to resolve that situation 16 years later. Whewww…what an ordeal my being an ultra-conservative getting hooked up with a liberal. Who knew… that politics should be considered when dating and or marring someone. Paullleeeeezzzz….never again.

    Anyway sooo….if all you smart people out there (those with common sense and thinking abilities) can come up with solutions to the CA / NM problem….please…please….let us lesser life forms know about it.

  • Nothing more than political posturing! There’s not a single FR*ckin gun on those things. They look pretty but that’s it. Get some real guns out there and point them at the invading enemy combatants (illegals) and start shooting in their directions and see what kind of results you get! The border would be under control in minutes. Politicians are bunch of useless suits posturing for votes. Can’t believe you fall this horse pucky!

  • I believe by law or executive order they have to be rounded up and then let loose in the us with a promise to appear in court at a later date. Why will these tanks make a difference. They will learn quickly that they will not be fired upon. And then it will be business as usual. Also ten tanks for a thousand miles of border. And also 2 years late by abbot after some 10 million have already crossed. Not a solution. Lock down the border, do not let them pass, do not feed or water them, and unfortunately after some deaths it will end.

  • I could agree with most comments left on here all day long. But the truth is: regardless what political party the elected officials are. They have no intentions or desire to stop the illegal’s crossings at the border. Our politicians have been trying for years to give the nation back to a monarchy controlled government. They have done a grand job in getting it there. Do you recall the Copenhagen agreement that the UN tried to get the United States to sign on to back in the Bill Clinton Era?

  • Claymore mines. Start with minefield warning signs and have new rubber ball claymore mines. An M113 only carries a .50 caliber MG. They will give protection from rifle fire.

  • Stock the Rio Grande with ‘gators from Florida, set up M-60s on the southern
    border, burn O’Biden’s “Welcome Mat” and remove Myorkas from a job he can’t
    handle !! But, armored personnel carriers are a good start. This is an invasion,
    they march in flying their countries flags, they want to replace us. Tell Schmuckey Chucky, if we didn’t kill 70 million babies in the last 50 years, we
    wouldn’t need that 11 million illegals for “pickers” (same amount dems told us in the 70’s), even after Reagan gave amnesty in exchange for a border wall (which
    they NEVER FUNDED ). Dems are still LYING to us !! Will we ever LEARN ??

  • That’s my Governor who I voted for, he’s not putting up with the Communist Democrats approved flooding of illegals into our country, and what The Communist Chuck Schumer said, their flooding America with future Communist Democrat voters. It’s time Americans to take up arms and carry everywhere you go because the criminals who entered our country don’t care what Time of day it is they’ll just kill or butcher you with a stolen firearm or machete.
    MS13 has poured in and many more anti-American Muslims are here as well.
    Schumer got reelected because the people in New York are way to stupid to even exist on this planet.

  • This should have been done by day two of Biden’s swearing in ceremony. Thousands of lives could have been saved, millions of dollars also. But hindsight is 20 -20. Now there will be a big fight over the legality of this event

  • Yes, we must Arm Up to stop the Invasion. Arrest all trespassers and immediately take their picture, fingerprint them and take DNA, the forever ban them or their families from coming to the USA for any reason! Drop them off in Mexico City regardless of where they came from, let the Mexican government handle this. If they try to run or resist arrest bring out those big guns and put an end to the crap.

    This in a true Military style invasion that requires a military reply. America does not need ANY ILLEGAL ALIENS or their families EVER!

  • This all sounds real nice and good, BUT there is a catch! UNLESS he gives the troops LIVE AMMO and the instructions to SHOOT at WILL at anything and everything coming across the border, this is no more than a PR STUNT by him to stay elected!
    Either Walk the Walk, Talk the Talk or Shut up and sit down!!
    Politicians and BS are in bed with one another!

  • The M113 was also armed with at least a 50 cal “assault weapon” which should be utilized against any invading force (women and children should be reunited with THEIR homeland).

  • In my opinion If or When our Federal Government fails or refuses to enforce Federal laws pertaining to our nation’s security in this case our Nation’s Borders any enforcement agency, In this case, the Great State Of TEXAS that decides to enforce the laws as written should not need Federal permission to enforce those laws and secure our Border by any means necessary.

  • Once again : “When excessive freedom destroys order – It will be the passion for order to destroy freedom”
    Not being against immigration do what my and many others’ forefathers did : Apply through proper channels & be allowed to migrate as well as is done by honest and justifiable human beings, as ( I ) and my forefathers did emigrate to this ( O N C E ) happy country . A country which was governed by the true Americans allowing the many to migrate in the proper manner as my family – forefathers – and many others did going through the somewhat unforgettable Ellis Island . Having served in the Armed forces and in law enforcement for almost four decades : I say : U.S.A. do enforce the proper immigration laws before it is too late. otherwise be prepared for the lesson which was taught us ex-militants so as to defend our nation : “God Bless America” !!!!

  • Invade Mexico. Create a three mile wide buffer zone on the Mexican side and seed it with anti-personnel and anti-vehicle mines. Keep the mine field seeded by artillery and air dropped mines.

  • Thank you, Gov. Abbott, to have the backbone to protect America and Americans. The amount of American tax dollars that are given to people who break our laws because they want a better life, instead of changing their governments, they want freebies from us.
    As an American born taxpayer, whose family waited in line to come here legally, what law can I break because I want a better life? None!!

  • It’s good that Texas is taking some action. To be candid, I like what others have suggested which involves posting bounties and letting militia go collect as Layer 1. The 2nd Layer would be Texas NG actually deploying more than a handful of 113’s. I enoyed tooling around in them tracked cans when I was in the army. Let’s face it though. Those things are not effective as IFV, a role they were never designed to fulfill.

    The real problem is with the regime in the WH. Those jokers blocked a “paltry” $5B from being spent to build a US-Mexico border wall spanning 4-years of partisan delay. Yet, in 5-minutes this same regime can abandon $80B in weapons to the Taliban and in 1-minute approve $40B to the Ukraine for its border defense.

    Good people, we’ve been bamboozled!



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