Here we are again with yet another reason to pull your children out of public schools.

I know for some that’s not an easy task, but you’ll be saving your country in a small way by doing so. If you can’t do it now, see what you can do to work towards that goal because public school is where they are indoctrinated with liberal ideas, pseudo-science, critical race theory, and experience hatred from their teachers.

Just about a week ago we saw the video that went viral where the liberal teacher was having a fit and telling her students that their parents were stupid.

You may think that these are just isolated instances, but I challenge you to go to YouTube and type in “teacher caught” and just look at the videos that come up one after another of teachers abusing their positions and abusing the children, even physically fighting them.

Even back when I was in school I experienced a couple very questionable situations from teachers. I’ve been cursed out by a teacher, and one of them even hit me. This was decades ago. Do you think it’s gotten any better?

Now, a teacher in Vancouver, WA is under the district’s investigation for her post on Facebook. Parents in the district complained to the HR department, and now the teacher is under scrutiny.

“I am ready to say let them die. You made a choice to not get your shot for any reason other than a doctors note, you should not be allowed healthcare. You are like the brats in class that ruin it for everyone.”

KTTH reported,

After a friend responded that she couldn’t agree “to wish ill even on the willingly ignorant,” the teacher doubled down.

“I have no problem with that. If we’re lucky we can cut out 30% of the population that votes the wrong way.”

Then another friend weighed in on the topic, saying if they were to die, there would be “less people using up all the resources.”

“Let the hunger games begin,” the teacher responded.

She compared unvaccinated people to “brats” in school who ruin things for everybody. Another teacher added fuel to the fire saying, “People don’t want their little white, heterosexual, bible bubble popped! This is a public school and if you don’t like it, do your own thing.”


The parents were outraged, and the Evergreen Public School district administrators responded by launching the investigation of the Wy’East Middle School teacher.


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