Liberal Democrats refuse to admit defeat. When they finally are forced to concede, liberals do so begrudgingly. This was the case in a colossal upset in New Jersey. Americans speak with their vote. Voters roared loudly on Tuesday, November 2.

The political casualties for liberals were felt across the nation, from shore to shore. The wave not only swept up candidates seeking office, but washed away radical policies like “defund the police” as well. It was a total repudiation of Joe Biden and his liberal cronies.

In New Jersey, one state senator couldn’t have imagined he’d be one of those who would be consumed by the red wave. Steve Sweeney had not only been a member of the New Jersey Senate for over a decade, Sweeney was the current NJ Senate President. We stress, was.

Unlikely upsets of long-entrenched politicians aren’t terribly uncommon. They do happen. All you have to do is think about President Donald Trump in 2016. However, what transpired in New Jersey gives new meaning to the biblical story of “David and Goliath”.

A man who spent less than $2,500 on his campaign derailed Sweeney’s tenure. If you want an even more prophetic giant killer reference, Edward Durr, the man who ousted Sweeney, is a retired 25-year truck driver.

What happened in New Jersey truly was a political upset for the ages. However, Sweeney couldn’t be sportsmanlike about his loss. Liberals rarely ever are. He had to spew lies about finding some 12,000 mysterious ballots that hadn’t counted.

These votes never existed. Sweeney had lost, and he knew it. He just didn’t have the personal integrity to bow out gracefully and concede that he lost to Durr. Liberals rarely ever do. While it understandably was hard to lose, losing to a financially frugal truck driver had to make it worse.

Once Sweeney finally had the backbone to concede, he also admitted the obvious meaning behind Election Tuesday, November 2021. Steve Sweeney, as well as many others within his radical liberal party, was consumed by a “red wave”.

There was only one point missing from Sweeney’s revelation. This red wave is just getting started, and it’s steadily gaining momentum. On November 8, 2022, the wave will become a giant red tsunami.


Daniel is a conservative syndicated opinion writer and amateur theologian. He writes about topics of politics, culture, freedom, and faith.

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  • Cut Sweeney some slack. With all the cheating, the lack of voter ID, the mail in voter fraud, vote harvesting and all the other scams, it’s incomprehensible that a democrat could still lose.

  • The red wave will continue … as long as we can keep ahead of the leftie commies’ cheating to win. We will have to win each race by a landslide to keep ahead … they keep coming up with new ways to cheat and republicans have been notorious for caving.

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  • All the posturing was Sweeneys hope of finding a few suitcases of ballots. People are tired of the lies.

  • This contest between Sweeny and Burr in NJ was absolutely amazing for two reasons (and maybe more). A republican soundly defeated a democrat in a very blue state, and even more amazing spent what amounted to peanuts for his win!!

  • Thank God and I cannot explain their actions but, while some of the districts drastically shifted votes, the underdog pulled out a well earned win! Congrats to all my New Jersey friends and colleagues !

  • I must say Sweeny’s defeat and his reaction is funny as hell, may we see more of this kind of outcome next year and 2024 as more people are waking up and now using their heads by voting with their common sense and not mindless emotions.
    Good for you Mr. Durr.

  • This is great but what would be even better is if the democraps that rigged elections actually got arrested and put in state prisons in general population !! Also anyone that helped them..

  • It would have been even better if the Governor’s race hadn’t been tainted by all those spurious “found” votes after the polls had closed with 100% of the precincts reporting a win for Jack, the Republican!