The current U.S. Supreme Court has not shied away from hearing controversial cases and providing courageous opinions. Despite the false rhetoric of the radical left that the Court is biased, they’ve made decisions based on foundational elements of the U.S. Constitution.

The Supreme Court justices exercised judicial prudence when they overturned the long-debated Roe v. Wade precedent on abortion. Contrary to what the left would like Americans to believe, the ruling did not make abortion illegal.

Leftwing parrots try to convince everyone it did, but they’re lying. All the decision did was return the choice to each individual state, where it should have rested all along. There have been other monumental decisions handed down by the current set of nine justices.

They have not always agreed. However, in digesting most of the final results, the constitution stood as their benchmark. Nevertheless, a recent decision seems to run contrary to these recent trends. This case involves the hotly disputed mandate for wearing masks during COVID-19.

Hundreds of learned medical professionals and scientists have roundly disputed the efficacy of wearing a face covering as a preventive measure against the virus. There’s a general consensus that they do not work, and they never did.

However, even in one of the cleanest air environments in the world – an airplane cabin – the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has ordered all passengers to wear a mask. Since the TSA is an arm of the federal government, this seems like a bizarre coincidence.

Previously, a Washington, D.C. District Court of Appeals ruled that the TSA has the authority to force airline travelers to wear masks. The ruling was challenged. A California lawyer filed suit against the mask requirement on both airplanes and trains. In the case, Corbett v. TSA, Corbett lost.

The U.S. D.C. Court of Appeals ruled that the TSA had broad authority to maintain security and safety during national emergencies. After a federal judge in a separate case said the requirement exceeded the agency’s power, the TSA scrapped its mask mandate in April.

But if we dig deeper into this situation, it must be noted that this mask mandate came from Joe Biden. It’s another in a long line of senseless pandemic mandates from this administration. One federal judge has already struck down the mask mandate.

Most experts are baffled by the decision. The Supreme Court didn’t really offer an opinion on the constitutional viability of such a mandate. They simply deflected back to the D.C. court’s decision. We suppose, as senseless as it is, that if we want to fly, we must conform.

In reality, that’s what this is all about – conformity. With virtually no reason to wear a mask in an air-purified cabin, a mask requirement on airplanes makes zero sense. But then again, neither does much of what happened during COVID-19. Add this recent SCOTUS ruling to the list.


Daniel is a conservative syndicated opinion writer and amateur theologian. He writes about topics of politics, culture, freedom, and faith.

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  • Abortion rights are not states’ rights. Abortion rights belong to the woman whose mental and physical health are at stake. To say each of the 50 different and un-united states should have a say in this personal health matter results in even more divisiveness than has thus far been shown in the past six months since this unconstitutionally constructed court made its ruling based, not on precedent or body of physical or civilized law, but on a supposed “religious” construct that women must subservient to men, or more particularly that any woman must be subvervient to any man who makes a demand of obeyance.

    • A life is a life. I would gladly abort every aborter in this country the same way. Ripping every appendage off their body. The day will come when all involved will face the same value on life. Health care is available, murder isn’t. But if you are desirous of it, more than happy to oblige.

    • Mr. White – Please show me where in the U.S. Constitution it says anything about the “right” to terminate a pregnancy. All SCOTUS said was that such a right is not mentioned there. Freedom of speech, religion, the press, protection from unreasonable searches and seizures, etc., ARE specifically itemized there. As you should know, the 10th Amendment of the Constitution says, “the powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.” So there is no “religious construct” here, or any reference to subservience of women to men. It’s just about what the Constitution says and does not say.

      • EXACTLY!!!!!! It also doesn’t mention denying them the “PRIVILEGE” of breathing!!!!
        This entire PLANdemic was theatre put on by the “rulers”!!!!!

    • No, they don’t; NONE of us has a right to devide it’s okay to MURDER anyone else! We know what causes that, so the time for her choice was before she engaged!

    • If you want an abortion (because as this admin says, men can become pregnant) you can get one in any state where it is allowed. This is the United STATES of America and the Federal government exists to do things the states cannot do on their own. Most states will I believe still allow you to gleefully tear an infant to shreds even as it is being born. Isn’t that good enough for you?

    • Most of the time. Few actually observe the Constitution. Worse are citizen’s of this country who will suffer gravely in the near future when all rights are taken over by the government employees and the Constitution destroyed. They will deserve it for ass sitting and even tho if still alive I’ll suffer too, but I know it’s coming and I will enjoy seeing them going down. A thoroughly worthless country that doesn’t deserve to exist. I regret my military service of over 20 years which was for naught. We go to foreign countries and die, but don’t defend our borders. They are invaders and should be shot entering illegally!

    • Every time I see a ruling that does make sense it’s usually a Trump appointed judge. All the crazy ones tend to be Obama appointees.

    LGB,FJB. President Trump’s still my President. Yahweh save our poor souls, Amen.

  • The supreme courts just want the citizens to realize that when the government tells you too jump, the citizens ask how high…right? That is the way communist nations roll!

  • I quit wearing my mask in the airports before they relaxed the rules. I only wore it to get through security and to board the plane and on the plane. Got a lot of strange looks and I bet many wanted to take their’s off too but were afraid. If they bring back the mandates for travel, I hope more people join the resistance. I was in Vegas to watch a hockey game on a sat and then a football game on sunday. Both tomes rode the bus from hotel to the arena and stadium. Was the only person not wearing mask on buses where we wefe crammed in like sardines. Hockey arena required vax card and masks inside. The stadium required vax card but no masks inside unless you wanted too. After Raiders game everone on the bus put their masks on in line and wore them on bus. We were just inside a stadium where we were on close confines and hardly anyone wore masks. Sheeple went right back to masks wen outside and on buses. So many compliant people.

    • I you’re gonna take the vax, then you might as well wear the mask. It was and still is for money. Just like useless wars we get involved in. People are so easily made terrified of something they can’t even see. The Government has convinced people of so much stuff and people are happy to oblige.

    • I’m not vaxxed, and I don’t wear a mask. If I am forced to wear a mask, every ten minutes or so, I take it off and dowse it with alcohol. After all, alcohol kills germs, and I certainly don’t want to re-breathe my own body waste products. Take this challenge: After wearing a mask for a few hours, press a slide to the inside of the mask and look at it under a microscope. If you don’t need to vomit, you have a very strong constitution. And that is the reason I call the thing a “face diaper” – a storage for body wastes until it can be disposed properly.

  • Buyden is a CROOK – in league with Fucki – and ripping off the country of millions/billions of dollars to aid and abet his business partners – China!!!!!!

  • “Masks?” Unless everyone is wearing one of those N-95 rigs, the only viable thing with anything else is it might help prevent someone from spitting/sneezing/coughing on you; however, if any of that expectorant contains the COVID virus it will still get you! As Ripley would say, “BELIEVE IT OR NOT!”

    • Moreover, you are re-breathing your own body wastes. It’s why I call those things “face diapers”. And they should be treated as such.

    • the court has become pro-murder, racist, theft, ignorant, you MUST buy something (barry boy don’t care insurance), 87 genders in my short lifetime. Why would anyone expect a just ruling from this gang of nine? Amerika is evil!

      • If you think it’s bad, just wait til / if the Democrats expand the court out so that it has a controlling majority of Leftists and Socialists. That is their plan and while we often don’t like current rulings we would NEVER like them from a Dem dream court. Most of the people complaining about the court at present seem to be of the idea that the court should reflect ‘what the people want.’ Well if the people want it, change the Constitution, don’t ignore it, which is the plan of the Left anyhow.

  • I do not think I have ever read a post that is so mixed up I actually feel sorry for the person who posted it! Abortion is not a right in any document in American history. No document even suggests abortion is a woman’s right! To make a baby two people are involved, and when a life is made to kill that baby is nothing but simple MURDER. Where is there any law that says MURDER is allowed? The baby is a living soul and should be respected and protected ; NOT PULLED out and killed like a dog.¬¬¬ Yes a woman has the right to her own body but a BABY is not part of her body it is a separate body which she has NO right to kill because she decided it was not wanted!

    • A baby is a separate life, WITH a soul and to murder an innocent is to defy the Word of God. Since women “want control” of their own bodies, why don’t these “baby killers” learn to say NO and keep their knees together?? Another bunch of arrogant hypocrites, who will, one day, meet their Maker and regret their previous life-ending decisions.

      • blame not the evil one for his wicked deeds, rather the coward that will do NOTHING to stop them in their tracks. We did not hang a horse thief because he stole a horse. We hanged him so that the “next guy” would not steal a horse. Today the godless kill no one (as GOD has said to do). Amerika is evil, corrupt and will die soon

    • The right to life is part of the preamble to the Declaration of Independence. The preamble is the justification for the Declaration. It is not part of the Declaration. Those parts do not limit the declaration.
      They may be part of the intent of the document; However, those are not specifically stated within the document.
      That said, the original draft of the declaration, is very elucidating.
      All of the left condemns the declaration, with no understanding of what was included in the original declaration.
      Slavery was specifically a grievance from the king and imposed upon the colonies.
      That was removed in order for the southern colonies to join together to form the rebellion

      • The Left is quick to imagine exception to absolutely stated rights, i.e. to bear arms, and then to imagine rights which are NOT there (to have your baby shredded even as it is being born.)
        I am ready to split the country and left the Left have their way and stay the F out of my part.

    • murder and an insurrection was allowed in Dallas Texas on Nov. 22 1963. That is when Amerika became an oligarchy, those with the gold (corporations) make the rules. How much more abuse will you continue to pay for? My ancestors separated from the Den of Corruption because of ONE abusive tax “cotton”

    • You are exactly correct. People believe the baby’s life belongs to the mother. We are all children of our Creator. So, with that being said, the child belongs to our Creator.
      The States, nor the Supreme Court has the right to determine that a woman has the right to murder a child. Parents go to prison for murdering their children or commit child abuse, but they are permitted to kill a child in the womb. It makes absolutely no sense to me.
      People hate to see animals killed, but they’re fine murdering babies.

  • so the SCOTUS doesn’t really care about your freedoms as much as they should and just flip it back to the individual states or a different government office so as to not get involved

    • The SCOTUS just ruled that r, v doe was not properly part of the federal purview ,
      It should never have been a federal issue, but upon the states to decide
      In other words, the federal government overstepped its authority and denied the state rights. Nothing in the decision banned abortion. It was left to the states

  • gee, how long did it take this judge to rule on something so obvious? 2 years? how’s that swift JUST US cistern working for you (slaves to the STATE)?

  • I’ll issue this challenge: After wearing your mask for several hours, get a glass slide and a microscope, take your mask off and press the slide on the moist side of the mask and look at it under the microscope. Let me know if you DIDN’T vomit.

  • I was told by a scientist that wearing a paper mask was like trying to protect yourself from mosquitoes with a chain link fence. Viri is so small; masks are useless unless they are a N95 or KN95 mask to 3M spec.
    Demoncrats are always screaming that a woman should have control of her body, unless it is mandated by them to put an unwanted chemical in them or restrict your breathing with a useless paper mask.
    Proven that there are side effects causing death. Trump fast tracked vaccines for elderly or immune compromised individuals, and by your choice. Biden said it wouldn’t work till he was elected then he went on one of his many “Power Trips”.

  • The TSA is just another “weaponized” version of an illegal government agency that should not exist. Masks can only filter down to 5 microns, where the Covid virus is just under 3 microns in size making all present masks totally useless. This is just another way to control the population of the United States from traveling any way they want to.



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