Okay, so the cheating liberal left has an answer for video proof of people stuffing dozens of election ballots into drop boxes. These noble individuals are simply helping the less fortunate make their vote count.

It’s a bogus explanation, but without the ballots, the fraud is otherwise difficult to prove. That makes the left’s resistance to inspections of actual ballots even more suspicious. It also makes the mysterious disappearance of dozens of voting records extremely fishy as well.

But what about a video of someone standing at the drop box and then going back to their car to pull out a pen and sign multiple ballots? Would that be proof enough of blatant fraud? It probably wouldn’t be for the cheating left.

They’ll come up with some bizarre explanation. But the truth is, this is only a single incident of hundreds of such fraudulent acts, which Democrats used to steal the 2020 election. Here’s an explanation of what transpired in this video.

A silver sedan pulled up to the Farwell Recreation Center at 2711 E. Outer Drive in Detroit, Michigan. The video camera catches a female passenger getting out of the vehicle. She walks up to an absentee ballot dropbox. This woman has a stack of ballots in her hand.

As this woman is walking towards the dropbox, another voter pulls up. This unidentified individual rolls down the window and hands her something. Logic would assume this was a ballot, or maybe multiple ballots.

But that’s not the most interesting part of this shocking video. After the woman puts what were apparently ballots into the dropbox, she looks at her own stack. She then turns and walks back to the sedan without putting her stack in the dropbox. What happened next reveals why.

This woman realized that some of her ballots weren’t signed. Isn’t that inconvenient, especially for someone trying to cheat? When voters return an absentee/mail ballot, they must sign an affidavit on the ballot envelope. An unsigned ballot is not legal.

Some states have a method for correcting an unsigned ballot, but others do not. The key here is that absentee ballots must be signed. But did this woman take her unsigned ballots back to have them properly corrected by the actual voter? No, she did not.

This woman fishes out a pen from her glove box and proceeds to sign the unsigned ballots herself. This not only renders the ballots illegitimate, but they’re illegal. It constitutes voter fraud. There are specific rules for how a designated person can help fill out an absentee ballot.

Grabbing a pen from a glove box and doing it yourself is not one of them. Using slow motion, the video clearly shows this woman signing the unsigned ballots. As she put a fake signature on each ballot, she stacked them on the dashboard.

As she got out of the sedan, walking back up to the ballot box, the video shows the woman trying to line all the ballots up so it appears as if she only has one. This woman knew what she was doing was illegal. Furthermore, she knew video cameras were there to try to catch her.

A revealing new movie by Dinesh D’Souza is being released on May 7. His production about the fraudulent 2020 presidential election, “2000 Mules,” will expose the numerous ways that crooked ballot harvesters were used to steal the 2020 presidential election.

This video is just one of hundreds. In another movie clip, a ballot mule is recorded as he makes over four dozen trips to 20 different drop boxes. The movie tracks over 2,000 mules that made similar multiple drops. These crooks would snap pictures to verify their total ballot count.

Those who orchestrated the fraudulent 2020 election scheme paid them per ballot. This was a coordinated effort in key states using ballot mules. By stuffing the drop boxes with illegal ballots, Joe Biden was able to cheat his way to the critical electoral votes of these states.

The massive number of illegitimate voter registrations and actual fake ballots should be enough to convince anyone that Joe Biden cheated. But if not, D’Souza’s startling movie provides visual proof. Every American must watch this startling movie and then decide for themselves.


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