Butter is pretty much a necessity in our lives when it comes to cooking.

Personally, I’m not a huge fan of butter on as a spread or flavoring for my popcorn. It just doesn’t do anything for me. But I eat it all the time as it’s used to cook a wide variety of foods.

When I was younger the food industry rolled out margarine as a popular alternative because it was supposed to be a healthier alternative to butter. Now, we know that butter is better, especially if you get really good stuff like Kerrygold Irish butter.

A recent study has shed light on margerine. It was found that in over 90% of different brand samples of margarine tested, a deadly carcinogen was found, some at very high levels.

According to the Epoch Times,

A genotoxic carcinogen, glycidol, was found in 15 samples, over 90 percent of the margarine and spreads samples tested. Among them, Earth Balance Original Buttery Spread, contains 1,200 micrograms per kilogram of 3-MCPD and 1,500 micrograms per kilogram glycidol, with the latter exceeding half of the upper limit of EU standard. Foreign studies have shown that excessive intake of 3-MCPD not only impairs kidney function and the central nervous system but may also affect the male reproductive system. Additionally, another genetic carcinogen, benzo[a]pyrene, was found in Snow Brand margarine, with an amount of 0.8 microgram per kilogram, which complies with Hong Kong’s current and EU standards.

The margarine brands tested include: Earth Balance Original Buttery Spread, Président Ambassador Culinary Fat Blend (Unsalted), Laburnum Vegetable Fat Spread, OraSi Vegetable fat for spread 70% Margarina, Lurpak Spreadable, Constantia Garlic Margarine, Marin Food Garlic Margarine, Olive Grove Classic Spread Butter, Crisco All-Vegetable Shortening, Snow Brand Premium Vegetable Butter, Benecol Buttery Spread Origina, Meiji Butter Soft, Flora Light Spread, Meadows Spread with Sunflower Oil.

I’m not familiar with all of those brands, but I have certainly heard of Earth Balance, Crisco, and Olive Grove.

If you’re someone who eats margarine, you may want to thing again. Your body actually needs healthy fat that you can get from butter, otherwise it’s going to just get the unhealthy fat. Don’t be afraid of butter, but you should be afraid of butter substitute laced with cancer.


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  • I don’t use margarine, but have been around long enough to remember that sweet, flavorful taste of real, fresh butter. After going to every supermarket in and near my city neighborhood, that flavor is gone. All butter, all brands have lost that flavor and instead, are almost tasteless. Many top brands have water bubbles in the pan and don’t brown as well as they used to. In fact, it’s the same problem with most foods these days. They go bad faster, and just don’t have their particular good taste they used to have. I told my doctor and asked if it was me. He tested me and said “No.” I realize my comment is a bit off target, but would like to know if others notice the same thing with the food they buy. Some of my friends and family members have noticed the same decline.

    • Yes at my age of 82 know most foods has changed in taste. Butter changed mostly because they lowered the salt. Take a piece of toast with melted butter and put a little salt on it, old taste back. Hogs were raised to have less fat to help the fat people and changed the taste. We see more fat people than ever. No one will admit it is lack of exercise not the food. Years ago we ate tons of fat and even had a jug of bacon fat yet it was rare to see a fat person. Most animals were changed for the same reason.

      • The fat problem is not about exercise, it is about eating too much processed foods. Nearly every processed food and drink has HFCS (high fructose corn syrup) in it which is an altered chemical that the body doesn’t recognize as food. Because of this, the body will store it. It also has to do with the bogus “food pyramid” that the government has been pushing for at least 50 years.

      • The chemicals in foods have caused a fat pandemic because it has screwed up our hormones and natural process of digesting food. I have been dealing with the inability to lose weight for years. I went on a Medi-Fast diet, ate their soy infused foods, kept to a sensible diet of 1200 calories a day, walked 20 minutes daily, took a kickboxing class three times a week, did very active folk dancing for 2-3 hours 5 times a week and could barely lose a pound or two each month. In addition I ended up with breast cancer because of the soy! Your comment reveals your true ignorance. It’s not a lack of exercise, it is the chemicals in the food that have messed up our bodies. But people like you have gotten it into your head that it’s all about exercise. There are also other factors that can cause an inability to lose weight. We were never told in the 60’s that when you take anti-biotics you NEED to follow with pro-biotics to replenish the good bacteria in your gut. The result for people like me who had chronic bronchitis is that a bacteria that grows in the gut can over populate and get into the tissues and bloodstream. Candida is very difficult to get rid of and the presence of it in the bloodstream disrupts the thyroid and hormones which in turn make it difficult to lose weight. Your hypothesis is out dated and absolutely dead WRONG!

  • Years ago, we read about the contents of Margarine vs Butter. Margarine has a lot of chemicals in it that are bad for us. Put a plate of it in the garage and the animals won’t touch it. Butter is better, which we have been using for years. It does have fat, but good for us if we use it sparingly.

  • If you want the taste from yesterday, make your own butter. Itis very easy and will cost you less then to buy a pound at the store. All you need is real sweet cream and a little time.

  • I read somewhere that margarine is one molecule away from plastic. To see how bad it is, put a pat in a small dish & place it outside. Come back the next day & it will still be there as even the bugs won’t eat the stuff!



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