Remember when we thought Attorney General Bill Barr was a major upgrade from Jeff Sessions? We weren’t just wrong but historically wrong.

By this point, we already knew that Barr had zero backbone and was little more than a garden-variety establishment shill. But it doesn’t end there.

Now we find out that Barr told former CIA intelligence officer and current president of the London Center for Policy Research Tony Shaffer to stop investigating a credible claim by a post office truck driver that he transferred a truckload of fraudulent ballots from New York to Pennsylvania.

The driver, Jesse Morgan, made the claim while an active audit of the election results was happening. In response, the FBI showed up at his house, harassed him and roughed him up, claiming he fabricated his story.

Describing the incident, the Amistad Project said about Morgan testimony,

“On October 21, he arrived at Bethpage where he saw 24 gaylords (large cardboard containers used by USPS) and was told they contained mail-in ballots. He saw 24 gaylords containing bulk mail bins filled with identically-sized ballot envelopes stacked crosswise, which likely contained 144,000-288,000 ballots or more,” Amistad said.

“He could see it contained handwritten return addresses and one was even marked Certified Mail, prompting the expediter to remark that the person must have really wanted the ballot to get to its destination. Both of these observations revealed the ballots had already been completed and were being returned to be counted.”

Amistad continued on to explain that “Mr. Morgan got to Harrisburg at 9:15 a.m., ballots in tow, but was forced to sit in the USPS yard until 3:00 p.m. When he went inside to speak with someone because his hours were about to expire, a self- identified ‘transportation supervisor’ made himself known and instructed Jesse to drive the whole load to Lancaster without unloading the portion intended for Harrisburg.

The ‘transportation supervisor’ would not provide him with a written slip, saying he would need to unload in Harrisburg in order to receive a slip. Morgan drove to Lancaster under orders from the Harrisburg postal supervisor, unhooked the trailer in the normal place, parked his tractor in the normal place, and went home.”

Shaffer offered to use his 30-plus years of expertise in CIA intelligence to look into Morgan’s story and find out the truth. Who wouldn’t want a guy with his background to investigate something that clearly needed to be investigated?

The answer: Bill Barr. Why? We don’t know, but we can only assume that like every other milquetoast establishment empty suit, he felt threatened by Trump and wanted him gone.

Too bad. He could’ve been great. But he’s just another establishment hack.


Daniel is a conservative syndicated opinion writer and amateur theologian. He writes about topics of politics, culture, freedom, and faith.

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