The liberal left keeps trying to win an unwinnable argument: that America is systemically and irretrievably racist. Almost anyone with an appreciation for the country’s core values understands this not to be true. But that doesn’t stop them from screaming racism at every turn.

It seems that every time you contradict the liberal ideology, you’re instantly tagged as a racist. Everyone can as well take solace in the fact that even inanimate objects have been deemed racist. America’s roads are nasty, racist things. Bridges have been pronounced racist.

Racism is represented in the names of our buildings, especially our schools. None of these things are racist. Racism is a personal belief that comes from a person’s mindset. Fixed objects can’t be racist. We do apologize to the radical left, as much as they’d like to insist that they can.

Likewise, most innocent acts and behaviors are not inherently racist. It takes a targeted act focused on someone’s skin color to meet the definition of racism. Almost all liberal arguments do nothing of the sort. They are baseless claims from pitifully shallow ideologues.

Nevertheless, they continue to target new things in their assault. The latest victim of their insidious attack on common sense is leaving a gratuity. Yes, tipping is now on the radical left’s list of things that are racist. You shriek! How can this be? Allow us to explain the left’s argument.

First, tipping has its roots in slavery. We know this because Nikole Hannah-Jones tells us it is so. You may be wondering who Nikole Hannah-Jones is. Well, Hannah-Jones is a liberal reporter for the New York Times. She is also the noteworthy creator of the 1619 Project.

Those who aspire to the 1619 Project doctrine believe America should be “placing the consequences of slavery at the center of the national narrative.” Now, like most Americans, we paid attention in history class.

Our nation fought a bloody war on our own soil, Americans against Americans, to end slavery. The side that opposed slavery won. Slavery was abolished. Maybe Hannah-Jones didn’t get the memo. But we’re not saying that racial discussions aren’t important if racism truly exists.

We just don’t think a system that died more than 150 years ago should be the foundation for moral and ethical racial standards in our country. That’s just our daily “tip”. Insinuating tipping stems from slavery probably sounds ignorant. Most of the beliefs of these 1619 types are.

For instance, Hannah-Jones insists that tipping is unique to the United States. It’s not. There are guidelines written to establish an etiquette for tipping in other countries. Wonder if Germans, or Italians, or even the pompous English, think tipping is racist.

In the meantime, Hannah-Jones went on some senseless tirade over how people called her out for her inaccurate assertion that tipping was unique to the United States. She went on and on about how she somehow gets disrespected every time she goes to a restaurant.

We’re not exactly certain how that relates to the tipping topic. But we must consider the source. If you have doubts about the eye-popping radical beliefs of Hannah-Jones, just read her August 2019 article in the New York Times.

She wrote her article, “The 1619 Project,” to commemorate the 400th anniversary of the first slave ship’s arrival in Virginia. It’s a decent enough story and it’s her right in our free country. But it’s also wrong, missing a lot of information, and downright unpatriotic. And that’s our tip.


Daniel is a conservative syndicated opinion writer and amateur theologian. He writes about topics of politics, culture, freedom, and faith.

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