People around the world are finally waking up to misinformation and disinformation.

It’s absolutely sickening how much there is out there, but one of my biggest problems with our media organizations like CNN or Facebook for example-is their censorship on alternative information by not allowing us  to even share or access other information that goes against the mainstream narrative because “the science is settled”.

If someone tells you that, they’re an idiot. The science is not settled. That statement alone in anti-science because science changes as we learn more. Doctors used to recommend certain cigarettes. We used to spray kids with DDT. And both of these were condoned by “the science”.

Really though, just think about it. If there was misinformation or disinformation about something, all that would need to be done is to provide reasoning and proof that what they’re saying is false, and why what you’re saying is true along with evidence. This is how logic works, but sadly much of the world has abandoned logic.

Now, that may not be enough to convince someone of your position on the matter, but that’s out of your hands. You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink. The same thing goes with an idiot; you can give them the real facts and evidence, but you can’t make him believe it.

Here is some more evidence for your consideration on the important matter at hand…

A report in Taiwan recently showed that there have been more people who have died from the vaccine than from the virus itself. This has been reported by NTD News as well as the Chinatimes.



So as of the time of this writing, there have been more deaths after people were vaccinated than those who have actually died from the virus itself in Taiwan. I just wonder what our real numbers in the United States looks like. Where do they keep this data and why don’t they talk about it?

As I’ve said before, do your due diligence and make your own decision on the vaccine. Get it if you want it and believe it will keep you safer, because it might. On the other hand, if you don’t feel like it’s for you, you have the right to make that decision as well…at least you used to.


Daniel is a conservative syndicated opinion writer and amateur theologian. He writes about topics of politics, culture, freedom, and faith.

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  • The stats coming out of Taiwan are very telling. There was one report I saw that said there were upwards of 14,000 deaths in this country as a result of being vaccinated. I also think the number of deaths due to the virus in this country has been inflated especially by the hospitals that benefited by being given so much money per COVID death they reported. We know Fauci the virus “expert” has a habit of changing his story and has been proven to be a liar on occasion. Bottom line is it is hard to believe anything coming out of FDA, CDC or the WH!!

  • This is bad. Unfortunately, most of my family has gotten the jab. And they keep harassing me to get one also. No way I am getting one. I have my Ivermectin on hand just in case. And thank you US medical establishment for making it so hard to get some.

  • Our numbers are probably real close to those of Taiwan. The vaccine has probably made more people sick or has contributed to their deaths, than the main stream media, and the Fauci Fraud wants us to know. Like the author of the article said, if you think the vaccine is right for you, take it. If you think it is wrong for you, don’t take it.
    But lets stop throwing insults and rocks at each other for our decisions on the vaccine.

  • First of all, these shots are not vaccines. They do not prevent anyone from contracting a virus or disease. Secondly, none of these shots have FDA approval which is very telling. The booster shots are recommended by the FDA but they did not give approval. The media, the government are covering up the death toll from these shots. They are covering up the adverse effects from these shots. Example today, Colin Powell dead from Covid complications. The man was fully vaccinated and that is what killed him but they have to cover it up or their whole agenda goes down the drain.

    • Spot on! The only approval was EUO, Emergency Use Only. What the non-vaccines have done is create an emergency of adverse side effects including death. The FDA, etc., should give approval for use of Ivermectin and HCQ to ameliorate the Covid-shot emergency.

      • I totally agree and the comments on here are absolutely correct.
        No vaccine for us. Our son and his wife got them and he actually had covid last fall. Asked why he got the shot, because his wife had to for work and he agreed to get it because she did . – You have to be careful, wash your hands, stay out of crowded places and take your C, D, zinc and quercitin. If we could get Ivermectin, we would. My PC and doctors are pushing the shot. I tell them right out my reasons. They didn’t argue. They also ask if we care to share if we’ve had our shot when we go in to the clinic for our doctors’ appointments. We say no…we don’t care to share because it’s nobody’s dang business.

    • He actually had blood cancer which weakened his immune system. I am guessing he died from cancer but they keep driving the c Ovid kills narrative even on jab ‘d ppl….They don’t tell the whole story.

    • Understand that Colin Powell was also under going Cancer treatments ….. and anyone that has had Cancer Treatments knows that they kick you butt….. and that they played a part in his lack of an immune response

  • There is a suspicion that all of the deaths reported as Covid related are not from Covid at all.I can’t for the life of me accept the fact that Colin Powell died from Covid. However, lies have wings and truth rides a slow horse. The truth will leak out eventually.

  • I had the following comment that I made on “Facebook”, deleted because it did not meet their standards.
    “If the vaccine is so effective, why are all these people so fired up about the people that don’t want it? They are safe, they are vaccinated, what have they to fear from those who aren’t? Where is our freedom of choice?”
    Why don’t we ever see this in print?

  • Dictator Nancy Pelosi , Pretending President Beijing Joey’s and the rest of Beijing Joey’s Administration Don’t care about the COVID-19 DEATH COUNT. Joey thinks there’s just a bunch of Numbers that was just thrown out in the Air why should he Care.

  • there have been more CV19 deaths in 2021 already than there were in 2020…..and that includes all those millions of Americans who are “fully” VAXED…..EPIDEMIOLOGY JOE said in the campaign that he had a plan to “crush covid”…..those of us in the know knew he had no plan, that he just wanted to blame everything CV19 on Trump…..well into the 4th quarter of the 2021 calendar year and we have yet to see his “crush covid” plan…..because he doesn’t have one, never had one!

  • Most of what we have been told has been a lie. I don’t trust Dr. Fauci or Bill Gates, so why would i believe anything they have to say, The only thing they care about is the money, because they have stock, which should be a conflict of interest for Dr. Fauci.
    More info just came out today that they knew HCQ worked to keep people from getting Sars back in 2005, and Dr. Fauci would stand behind President Trump and shake his head NO if Trump was talking about it, the hospitals didn’t have anything else at the time. In the Houston area a hospital was just letting people die because they were told NOT to use HCQ, so they gave them nothing. A nurse has come out and told this, it might not have been from the same hospital, but it happened to a friend of my niece.

  • Where is the breathless, frantic Media reporting about the THOUSANDS of people who were listed as Covid victims but who died of other causes? Like motorcycle accidents. They were found to have the virus – NOT the disease – in their system at the autopsy and thus listed as a Covid co-morbidity.

    Where is the breathless, frantic heated reporting about the THOUSANDS who died after getting those shots? About the THOUSANDS who are being hospitalized for Fauxvid AFTER getting the shots?

    More people are dying from those murderous shots than are dying from the disease! So – WHAT IS IN THOSE “VACCINES”? People are demanding answers and get a face full of stonewall in reply.

    Hospitals get $13,000 from the government for each case of Covid they report treating. How many seasonal flu and pneumonia cases were labeled Covid? Cha-Ching!

    The numbers in relation to Covid are totally phony. Just like the plannedemic.

    Whatever happened to the Flu? Or pneumonia? Those numbers have all but disappeared. Did the Covid viruses eat the flu viruses for breakfast and the pneumonia viruses for supper?

    AND – it is STILL an open, obvious and egregious violation of federal law and the Nuremberg Accords to FORCE anyone to participate in medical experiments! Our national leaders KNOW that but, you know, they’re above all law! We mere peasants must kneel and obey in silence.

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  • I feel that the COVID19 is because the world population must be kept low We do not have any big wars at this time.

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  • Actually, the Covid-19 virus may be the treatment for old age, inasmuch as almost no one has died because of old age, since the advent of the virus. Everyone dies of Covid-19.

  • That was interesting about Taiwan but I’m more interested in what has happened in this country. According to VAERS tracking system there have been over 15,000 deaths due to the vaccines in this country. Also, from another source major medical conditions created by the vaccines are in excess of 150,000 cases. To me this is very disturbing, and, we don’t even know what the long term effects are of the vaccines!!

    • VAERS investigated 15000 deaths after people were vaccinated. Over 50 times as many unvaccinated have died of Covid.

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  • Taiwan has had 846 Covid deaths. They had a competent leader that locked down.

    Trump is a failure and lost the election.

      • Damn right it was stolen. And I believe we will find out the truth real soon when that person is granted immunity from prosecution and blows the whistle on them. What a great day that will be.

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