There’s a so-called “bipartisan committee” holding hearings to “supposedly” investigate criminal activity by a sitting president. The January 6 committee “says” they’re investigating the reasons why the “Stop the Steal” protest presented a dangerous threat to our democracy.

The Nancy Pelosi-orchestrated sham is trying to convince Americans that January 6 was President Trump’s fault. It was not.

Likewise, the mainstream media has continued to downplay or totally ignore all evidence, which proves that the 2020 presidential election was stolen.

Cheats within the Democrat Party know perfectly well that the election was stolen. They coordinated the effort. “Mules” stuffed ballot boxes with illegitimate votes. Precincts were staffed with liberal operatives, paid for by corrupt Democrats such as Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg.

Even before Election Day 2020, the crooked mainstream media and big tech helped to manipulate the election narrative. The 2020 presidential election was both manipulated and flat out stolen. That’s the crime a “commission” needs to be investigating.

But until Republicans retake control of Capitol Hill, you can bet there won’t be an ounce of legislative time spent on the “real steal”. But that hasn’t stopped dedicated patriots from organizing thorough investigations.

Many people who believe President Trump is justifiably still claiming the election was stolen are doing the footwork. Dinesh D’Souza has produced a shocking documentary, 2000 Mules. 2000 Mules uses video surveillance to show “mules” hauling around thousands of illegal ballots.

Officials in multiple key battleground states have uncovered troves of suspicious voter registration problems. This wasn’t “inconsequential fraud”. Just like President Trump has insisted since the final vote was called, fraud during the 2020 election was “widespread”.

It was so widespread and perfectly targeted at important, key states, that it flipped the final election outcome. Joe Biden did not win. Like all his failed liberal policies, he is a fraud. Recently, a new world premiere documentary was announced.

Selection Code is set to premiere on August 20, 2022. Selection Code takes months’ worth of data research that was targeting odd “glitches” in various vote count reports given on election night. Less than a week after the election, The Gateway Pundit noticed a strange pattern.

What this bizarre pattern showed was that all the strange system glitches in voting machines favored Joe Biden.

But President Trump loyalists didn’t throw up their hands and stop. They kept digging for more evidence. Selection Code exposes this evidence.

Supporters of President Trump, who agreed the election was being stolen, obtained data about the election results being fed to The New York Times. This data was what the mainstream media used to broadcast ongoing results and make outcome predictions. They were wrong.

About one week after the election, the data showed that millions of votes were either flipped from President Trump to Biden or totally lost. Democrats cheated. Not only did they stuff ballot boxes with hundreds of thousands of illegitimate ballots, they manipulated vote counts.

Some found it mysterious that hundreds of voting machines vanished within days of the election. The authorities were unable to audit them for errors.

That was certainly a convenient stroke of luck for Joe Biden and the Democrats. It wasn’t luck. It was done on purpose to hide evidence.

The Gateway Pundit produced a three-minute video called “Drop and Roll”. Drop and Roll explained how Democrats stole the election.

Millions of conservatives heard about these claims, which is why millions of Americans rightfully still believe the election was stolen.

But the corrupt mainstream media refuses to talk about any of these facts. Why would they? They’re culpable of helping cheat to “get their party” elected to the White House. With the latest production, Selection Code, the evidence proving Joe Biden’s illegitimacy is overwhelming.

How much more evidence do Americans need? The radical “never Trumpers” will always refuse to believe the truth. We must not concern ourselves with these idiots. However, a U.S. Presidential election was stolen. True, January 6, 2021, turned into an unfortunate calamity.

However, it wasn’t an insurrection. January 6 wasn’t a threat to our democracy, either. However, November 3, 2020, was. Joe Biden and the crooked Democrat Party stole the election. This is how corrupt dictatorships seize power. Americans have been cheated. We should be furious!

We cannot roll over and allow these crimes to go unpunished. The 2020 presidential election was the true “insurrection”. Someone must be held accountable for what happened. Voters must elect leaders who pledge to uncover the truth that 2020 was “The Big Steal”.


Daniel is a conservative syndicated opinion writer and amateur theologian. He writes about topics of politics, culture, freedom, and faith.

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  • Nothing to see here. So say the Talking Heads in Our Government and the Propaganda Press! I have seen first hand the Democrat Party in Chicago committing Voter Fraud as far back as 1964! It was Common Knowledge that the Democrat Machine controlled the City for Decades by manufacturing Votes. For instant, the main job of Community Organizers was to Get Out The Vote in any way possible and they did! This included Bribery and Coercion. The good news in those days was the Press actually exposed these crimes committed by the Daley Machine. Of course Now the Press is nothing but the Propaganda Arm of the Democrat Party and should be treated as such! Welcome to the New China.

    • I am a Chicago resident and back in the fifties as kids we laughed about it. It was common knowledge. In fact, my parents still vote democrat and they been dead for years.

    • Nothing to see when your eyes and mind are closed. Truth and facts are the information that scare the fraudulent liberals. Hearings with a legal record are needed to investigate and prosecute.

  • Many of us have been told since childhood that politics is a dirty business. As we have grown older, the proof of that statement has been made clear by abundant evidence. Nowhere has this been more clearly demonstrated than the 2020 election for President if the United States. The fraud, deception and theft committed by members of the Democrat Party in a desperate attempt to regain power are the last vestiges of a dying party. For those of us who wonder why do the people keep electing such losers when the damage they have done is so blatantly obvious, the revelation of truth has been provided. Even now, with so much evidence of wrongdoing, there are Dems that refuse to acknowledge the truth. So strong is their commitment to the lies that they have been told and have accepted, that to admit the truth seems impossible for them. Wow! Brainwashing is way more powerful than many of us knew.

  • many of us stayed up late on election night to watch how the vote turned out and we we seen first hand votes in many states get switched from Trump to Biden before our very eyes, they can go on all they want to about the election being the most secure election ever but for those of us who watched in real time the votes being switched we know this happened as we seen it and you can not just ignore what you have seen first hand , this along with all the information that has came out since then only tells us this election was indeed stolen and there is no way the democrats or republicans regardless of what they say will make us believe other wise

    • I was one of those I saw on FoxNews like at least 20,000 votes switch from Trumps already counted votes column to Bidens already counted column!!!! They thought nobody would be paying attention at that time!!!! Makes me so angry!!!!

  • Yes, it was the Big Steal and everyone knows it, even the lying democrats knew exactly the who, what, when, where and why! They knew it all, they planned everything out way before the election. Here in Georgia those voting machines were purchased at the last minute, to me that was very suspicious. Then we saw videos that were shot by individuals of people soliciting door to door for ballots, even Stacey Abrams was video taped collecting ballots door to door, and now she’s running for Governor AGAIN!! We saw videos of ballot harvesting, ballots being stuffed into ballot boxes, ballots being pulled out from underneath tables after the majority of the poll counters were sent home. We saw videos of warehouses full of pallets of ballots that were later seen being put on commercially secured trucks. When they were confronted about where all those pallets of ballots were going they said they were going to Shred them. But somehow later on these ballots were taken off the pallets and were stuffed into bags and boxes then loaded into vans and personal trucks and were being dropped off at the polling places after the polls were closed! Yes, we saw it all, but what happened to those video tapes?! Did Kemp or Raffensperger do anything about it when they were notified what was going on…NOPE, they turned their faces away from anyone who tried to question them. That screams Guilty to me. They knew what had been done. Even the countenance on their faces gave them away. Their countenance changed, you can tell they were lying!! But God saw it all and everyone involved. He knows who took China’s bribes to install those easily tamped with machines that could change votes from one candidate to the other. Sickening how our government has become so totally corrupt.

  • The evidence that has been found says to me that the Democrats were embarrassed in 2016 after all their claims going into that elecetion that Trump had zero chance of winning. The gloating was nauseating. Why did they say that? The fix was in . Only it wasn’t enough to overcome We The People. So in 2020 they pulled out all the stops. All the tricks if you will. Ballot drop off boxes funded by Zuckerberg. Dominion voting machines. Foreign manipulation. Main stream media interference. And they got what they were after…The Steal. And if our main stream media wasn’t so corrupt, we could have already had another team like Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein who could have found out what happened and how they did it. Part of my belief is the reason the Left has accelerated the changes (destruction) of the policies and security of our nation over what Clinton and Obama did is they know they lied and cheated. They have an agenda which will change our nation to mimic what we’ve seen happen in our life times already in Cuba, Venezuela, as well as what is happening in most of South America as we speak. They know their days are numbered, so time is of the essence. We have one way out. Undeniable proof to the citizens of the United States of America. But even that will be an uphill battle against the DNC Media and our corrupted election process. Good news has come out of several states already with election reforms. And we already know the same extreme Leftists are already planning the ‘Steal The Vote, 2024’ campaign with their convention last month in Colorado. All the major players from before were there! It’s going take everyone in this battle to save our nation for our kids and grandkids. Either you’re for the USA, or you are are against it. There is no other position.

    • One word “ZUCKERBUCKs” that go to Leftist causes. Dinesh DiSouza
      gave a friend $10K to donate to another friend running for office, ended-
      up in fined and in jail for donating to a Republican !! That’s Fair, RIGHT ??

  • In 2016, I was a trained poll-watcher. Our ward (mostly red) is rural, we had 6
    touch-screen voting machines. Right after the polls opened the Poll Judge came
    around to tell the watchers that half of the machines, when a strait “R” ticket was selected switched the presidential vote to “Clinton” and leaving the down-ballot “R” !! Everyone that came past me at the entrance, I told them to double-check their selections before confirming their vote. 3 of 6 machines had this glitch (that’s what the Judge called it) . Seemed kinda strange to me that glitches always favor Dems, but my county carried Trump by a big majority to swing Pa.. Seems like by 2020 , with Covid and mail-in ballots, Dems got it figured out, The REAL “BIG STEAL” gave us Dementia Joe

  • Those in control will never do anything! They may start a civil war just to protect themselves! As the brainwashed will do whatever they ask. The BLM and ANTIFA are perfect examples. The FBI has lost all credibility. As has the DOJ, CIA, IRS, NSA, EPA! As we are seeing today what we are getting is another robbing of America. And they don’t care how many they kill! Every time Democrats are in control they raise taxes and destroy the competition with high taxes and regulation they never follow! And the flooding of America with illegal to be their slaves! Cause if they get out of control or question the crooks ! They can’t be sent out of the country! Civil war is coming! And they will wonder why the people turn on them and drag them out. They would rather destroy America then lose their grasp!

    • You’re so right !!! The CRIMINAL “Deep State” democrats & RINOs have declared a “Civil War” on America !!!

      Only this isn’t a Civil War… it’s a CRIMINAL WAR for the soul of America !!!

      • This time they won’t ask or take pictures! They will find the cheaters hanging from the freeway over pass wondering how they got there with their extra ballots stuff up their behind! But of course the corrupt Democrats will call that a crime! Soon it will be open season and they will be wonder why the people are doing a MAXZINE WATERS ON THEM!

      • Haven’t seen 2000 Mules and probably won’t get to see this one either, just doesn’t make the list after all other expenses. Once we’re absorbed into the NWO, it wont matter!

  • There is no doubt in my mind that if things continue to go as they are, there will be a civil war. The Republicans that are in office will scratch their collective heads wondering how we got there. From what I see, the majority of them seem as useless as teets on a bore hog. Everybody keeps saying that there will be a Huge Red Wave in the November mid terms. I don’t see any Democrats panicking like you would think. I wonder why? They got away with it once, what would make them think they couldn’t do it again, one word NOTHING. The truth is coming out and no one can change it. They can ignore it all they want. My question is, what are true Americans prepaired to do when the Red Wave turns out to be a Red Trickle??

    • I hear all the time how we patriot’s will stop it. How is another matter. We must have nationwide volunteers by ourselves or with committees guard the drop boxes with our cell phones taking movies or photos of people dropping ballots by the handfulls into the boxes. Film their license plates, send photos of the perps to other ballot watchers to watch for them. The new civilian military is us. If you’re for real then stand up and stop the next steal. Complaining or threatening to do something after the fact is too late. Get organized attend political organizations get everybody you can to stand your ground. 2000 mules was no joke YOU can help stop the next steal.

    • You’re a fool! It is well past time for a civil war; a civil war should have happened when the muslime alien homo stole his first term. What it will come down to, when the SHTF, will be a fight for survival. When the economy tanks and there is no fuel, no food, no electricity, no internet or cell service, and our funds have been turned digital and are confiscated or locked by the banks, it will be game over. The military is flooded with h0m0s, women, and minorities and right now slowjoe is purging it of 60,000 troops who refused the vax. The military will be 100% left very soon, just as most of the law enforcement are, and the government will pit them against the civilians – only saving grace is that the quality of these people is extremely low. Better get it through your head that evading and surviving will be the only game in town.

  • 1. I mentioned to my wife when obama was elected that the American people had just cast a ballot saying they wanted to go socialist quickly rather than slowly with McCain/Romney.
    2. Here in Florida most of us went to bed thinking that Trump had won. Of course we woke up to the knowledge that Biden had won and wondered why?
    3. As we heard the challenges to the election, and the total rejection by the courts, we knew the fix was in.
    4. Now almost 2 years later we see the predictions from President Trump all coming true!
    5. If this election is stolen I fear a rebellion will result. This of course pleases the socialists/communists as it will basically destroy this country. They hope to swoop in and sieve control. I guess they don’t realize that this loss of control will leave them just as vulnerable as the rest of us!
    6. Fortunately there are over 300 million firearms in this country and most are in the hands of civilians/former military and we WILL use them to protect ourselves and our families.
    7. Our military has been stripped of most of our FIGHTING generals, replaced by politically reliable ones. A military more concerned with political correctness than military ability will not be effective against AMERICAN CITIZENS fighting for our FREEDOM and LIVES.
    8. Of course this leaves this country open to invasion by foreign armies. Hopefully we will be able to settle this situation before they invade!
    9. Regardless, this country will suffer greatly and many will die, but Satan will rejoice.
    10. PEOPLE read your Scriptures, pray to God the Father, ask forgiveness, try to do what the Scriptures says is correct. And seek to redeem this country.

    • You’re absolutely correct, Terry. The fact that this country is still around is due to all the effectual fervent prayers of righteous men in this nation. Sodom and Gomorrah were lame compared to what we’re now seeing. Wickedness from every angle and the righteousness and unrighteousness have switched positions. There’s a scripture in Psalms 119:126, which states, ” It is time for thee, LORD, to work: for they have made void thy law. ” Perhaps, this is the prayer we’re looking for.

  • I would love to see the select committee perp walked out of the capital! And Biden drug out of the white House! But they are not going without a fight and we certainly can not count on a corrupt DC court that allowed all hillary’s donors on a jury for hillay’s lawyer! They all need to stand trial! EVERY JUDGE THAT WAS INVOLVED IN STOPPING THE PEOPLE FROM CHECKING THE VOTE AND EVERY LAWYER AS WELL! EVEN THE SUPREME COURT!



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