From the very beginning of the war in Ukraine, I really wasn’t sure what cause of Russia’s invasion really was. To be honest, I still don’t completely know.

I think I have a good idea as to why they decided to invade, but I am willing to admit that I could easily be wrong.

But there has also been a lot of misinformation which has led to a lot of confusion.

While I don’t think that it is very likely I do think that it is at least plausible that some of the things that Russia has said about Ukraine could be accurate. On the other hand, I don’t want to give Russia too much credit because I’ve seen nothing good come out of what they’ve been doing so far. Even for argument’s sake if they were right about all of this the way that they are going about everything is completely immoral.

So, I am cautious whenever I hear news like this coming out of Russia which states that Ukraine was participating in biological testing near the Russian border.

What I mean by biological testing has more to do with bioweapons. This notion was actually labeled as disinformation last month by the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists.

Tim Kirby is a host on RT, the Russian state-owned media network. But that’s just one of the jobs the Ohio native says he’s had in Russia. According to his LinkedIn profile, he’s also a tight-end on the semi-professional Moscow Spartans football team, a prolific YouTuber, and a former drive-time radio host (or, as he puts it, the “#2 microphone” on a morning radio show called Sergey Stillavin and His Friends). On his YouTube channel, he recently divulged what would be a shocking revelation, if it were true: The United States is developing biological weapons in a network of labs right next door to Russia in Ukraine.

“Someone I’ve known for a few years has come forward,” Kirby told the almost 60,000 viewers who’ve watched the video so far, “to put together a picture of a network of bioweapons laboratories in Ukraine, that is very large and very Washington-supported that could be quite dangerous for us all.”

Russia actually has a long history of producing the sort of this information regarding bioweapons. If I were actually going to say that anybody is participating in biological weapons making, it would be a country like Russia along with China.


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