I think that it’s fair to say that the majority of the world is against Russia and their war against Ukraine.

Sure, there are still some out there who support the war, but most do not. This included countries around the world which is why most of them have issued some sort of sanctions against Russia because of the war.

Obviously, Russia does not like this and as a result of all these sanctions their economy has been ravaged. But the area where Russia actually holds an upper hand against the rest of the world is in their exports of oil. This is exactly where Russia is trying to hurt other nations.

Euro gets approximately 40% of their gas from Russia which equates to somewhere between 200 to 800 million euros per day in spending. So if Russia decided to completely cut off Europe, first of all it wouldn’t be smart for Russia because they wouldn’t have that income coming in but also because Europe would not be able to get the amount of gas that they need in order to run day-to-day operations throughout the entire continent.

Knowing all of this, Russia has decided to demand that Europe pay for their gas in Rubles. And actually this doesn’t just apply to Europe. This actually applies to all 48 “unfriendly” nations throughout the world which includes the United States, Japan, Switzerland, Norway as well as several others.

As a result of this the ruble is now picking up strength and gaining ground in value after crashing hard once the war started and sanctions were announced. When Russia demands people use rubles that creates a greater demand for and therefore it increases the value of it and that’s exactly what is Vladimir Putin’s strategy is by doing this.

Prior to the Biden regime we could have escaped this “sanction” from Russia because we had been producing much more oil independently in our own country but Joe Biden and decided cut that off immediately whenever he was sworn into office.

Now, we’re relying on Russia, we’re relying on Saudi Arabia, and now we’re begging Maduro in Venezuela for oil. We are in poor shape thanks to Biden.



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