Is there corruption at the IRS? Who’d have guessed such a thing would come from the country’s most despised government agency?

The agency that acts as the government’s strong arm in stealing money from hardworking Americans may have some serious problems that they are going to have to answer for, at least, that’s what we hope will happen.

One thing I’d like to mention is that I’m aware there are still folks out there who haven’t received their tax refund. Of course, you owe them interest if you don’t pay on time, but what if they don’t pay you back on time? You just have to put up with it since they’re bigger. One of the reasons I stopped paying in more than was necessary throughout the year is because of this. In other words, instead of receiving a refund at the conclusion of the tax season, I would almost break even. Perhaps I would owe $100-$200, or perhaps I would receive a modest refund.

Today, I am self-employed, and refunds are a thing of the past.

But all of that aside, House Republicans are demanding answers from the IRS after learning that the agency destroyed approximately 30 million paper-filed tax documents last year.

“Committee Republicans are concerned that the destruction of these documents might slow down already inefficient processing procedures and hurt American taxpayers left unaware that the IRS destroyed documents already entrusted into its care,” they wrote.

The letter added that “it appears that the IRS may now demand that taxpayers provide duplicate copies of information previously destroyed by the IRS.”

Some of the documents that were included in this destruction are the documents that they need to verify that Americans paid their taxes such as W-2, 1099, and 1098 forms.

This government is absurd, and this is just another reason why I think it needs a massive reset in some fashion. There are so many laws in place and so many processes that are worthless that we may not even know what all gets lost sometimes.

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  • It’s business as usual as far as the feckless Republicans are concerned.

    Sure, investigate when the Party has no political power just to make it all look like something was done besides more tax dollars being spent.

    Why are we concerned, at all over what pawn lied to which lying agent down at the Federal Bureau of Illusionists when the money could have been better spent hitting everyone involved with phoney pee-pee dossiers and bogus impeachments with RICO charges?

    A citizen presidential candidate used racketeering methods in cahoots with multiple government agencies, the MSM, the FISA Court as well as the Office of the President of the United States against another citizen presidential candidate just because she has proven herself to be the biggest cheating/sore loser on the planet and refused to just take her grandchildren to the park and/or zoo once We The People spoke!

    No, everything then and everything going on now is because of the biggest dejected/rejected sore losing woman presidential candidate on the planet got beaten, destroyed, humiliated, triggered and vengeful! And to this very moment, she is still hell bent over getting even no matter who or what she destroys in the process of having her wicked way.

  • If we can elect a President with strong belief and a Senate of Republicans with a backbone who believes in the constitution then hopefully they will get rid of the IRS and implement a flat tax. Trump talked about that but the Communist Rinos and the Communist Democrats new what Trump’s intentions were on so many levels and so they Cheated their asses off.
    No Damn way could Biden have at the most 25-30 Supporters show up at his few public rallies and remain in his basement most of his campaign and get 81 million votes. All liars and cheats and thieves. Come November let’s oust those Communist criminals.

    • It troubles me to say it, but the Flat Tax will never fly.

      Neal Boortz wasted over a year of his time and his own $$$, and never got the idea off of the ground.

    • Michael, republicans with a back bone, good luck with that one. The reason we are in this mess is the gutless GOP to begin with and myself can only count about 5 with a backbone. How many do you hear saying anything about Biden destroying America. If this president was a republican doing the same thing you can bet 100% of the democrats would be yelling their lungs out.

      • glenn398, If you read what I said “IF” we can get, “IF” is a big word.. At least I live in the State of Texas, where our Gov. and State AG Paxton both Republicans with a back bone to stand up to the Communist incompetent idiots in Washington.

        • Yes right now you have republicans in charge but the democrats have already ruined Austin plus others. With the democrats moving in from Cal. plus illegal’s you are on a tightrope just like we are in Arizona. Texas is where our big problem started when the gutless GOP allowed Johnson to win his senate seat with votes from the grave and all the GOP said is they didn’t want to raise a stink and let it stand.

          • I totally agree with you that Austin is a mini California wanna be due to the Communist Democrats from California who infiltrated our Politics and trying to change things to be just like the shit hole called Commifornia..
            I just don’t believe that the voters are going to allow Texas, to be anything like Commifornia.
            I guess we’ll just have to see what happens in time..
            By the way, I have family in Winslow, Arizona and I have some Navajo, friends there..



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