Patriotic conservatives welcomed the news of a new social media platform soon to be launched by President Trump. Like Trump, conservatives are fed up with having their freedom of speech censored by liberal-kowtowing big tech companies.

As the date for the launch of the new social media outlet looms, an outspoken conservative congressman made an important announcement. California U.S. Representative Devin Nunes, an ardent Trump supporter, will be resigning his seat in January.

Nunes will become the first CEO for the Trump Media Company. The proud Trump supporter will bring a wealth of expertise to the new media team. Nunes served as the top-ranking Republican on the House Intelligence Committee. He appreciates how secretly spreading false lies can work to destroy our nation.

This direct experience with malicious actors through government intelligence will be a profound asset. Nunes was responsible for breaking open the corrupt FISA process Democrats used to trigger their Hillary Clinton-driven bogus Russia collusion hoax that falsely attacked President Trump.

The soon-to-be-former California Congressman has also sent dozens of criminal referrals to the Department of Justice, which target unlawful leakers of classified material. The criminal referrals also included various incidents where liberal lawmakers and staff lied before Congress.

In a letter to his constituents, Nunes assured them he was not abandoning them. Contrarily, the outspoken Nunes insisted he was taking his fight for conservative values to a new arena. A member of the U.S. House of Representatives since 2003, Nunes vowed to fight the corrupt agenda of the radical liberals currently in control of Capitol Hill, including big tech censorship.

In his letter, Nunes said, “I was presented with a new opportunity to fight for the most important issues I believe in. I’m writing to let you know I’ve decided to pursue this opportunity.” Nunes expressed what an honor it was to serve his constituents and the privilege he felt from earning their trust. Conservatives in California should not be dismayed.

While they will lose a valued public servant in Congress, the conservative movement will be gaining a hardworking voice for true patriotism. As conservatives all across the nation fight being canceled by the radical left, Devin Nunes will prove a valuable warrior; opening new doors for conservatives and helping to “Save America”.

Photo Credit: Gage Skidmore


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