Oh, Portland. Whatever would we do without your leftist shenanigans?

The Proud Boys who are always considered a “far-right” group by leftist reporters, gathered at a North Portland city park opposing concurrent demonstrations apparently put the city on high alert on Saturday as the events unraveled. But there were no large clashes between dueling protesters or with police as of 9 pm, and demonstrators participating in separate events dispersed hours earlier.

I wonder if the same leftist reporters would ever call ANTIFA or Black Lives Matter (BLM) far-left groups?  For goodness’ sake BLM’s leaders admit they are trained Marxists.  You don’t really get more far left than that.  Meanwhile, the truth is that the Proud Boys have done nothing but fight back against leftists who attack them while they attempt to exercise First Amendment rights.  When you’re a conservative you’re not supposed to defend yourself, or, God forbid, actually win when confronted with violence!

There are few conservatives, pro-American groups that have been defamed as badly as the Proud Boys. Instead of listening to the Left define and explain who and what the group is, you should listen to members of the group itself, because they very openly tell you who they are and what they believe. They catch as much hell as President Trump because like Trump the Proud Boys do not apologize for being pro America, pro-Constitution, anti-racist, anti-sexist and they don’t fit in with all the other isms thrown out at conservatives by the Left. The media used to lie about them by calling them racist and homophobic, even though there’s not an ounce of evidence to prove it. But when it was shown that they have people from all walks of life, straight, gay, and anywhere in between, black, white, Hispanic, you name it, they can be a Proud Boy, the media had to change their narrative, so now they call them a far-right fascist group.

Proud Boy demonstrator 2017
“Proud Boy Demonstrator, May Day 2017” by AdamCohn is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

Several hundred individuals affiliated with Proud Boys, a group designated as far-right by the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) as a hate group, – SPLC defines any group that disagrees with black liberals as a hate group – rallied at Delta Park for a number of hours in the late morning and early afternoon. As rally-goers were leaving, police cited three participants on weapons charges and announced they were investigating an assault on a person who was punched, pushed, and kicked in the face while live-streaming the event.  I can almost guarantee that it wasn’t a Proud Boy who started it, but neither the Democrats nor the media will ever admit it.

Governor Kate Brown, citing her state of emergency order, shifted law enforcement command over Saturday’s events to state police and the Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office.  So, it’s perfectly fine to take over city blocks if you’re a leftist, but if you come to town to hold a prayer vigil, my God, you need extra policing.

Both agencies and Portland police stated law enforcement’s main objective was to keep the far-right demonstrators apart from the far left ones and they succeeded to a huge degree, largely as a result of neither side tried seriously to approach the other. What happened, in reality, is leaders at all events encouraged their members to not engage with the other side.  And if engagement happened, I can pretty much guarantee it would be by leftists trying to start trouble, but it didn’t happen, probably because while the Left lies about them, the Proud Boys have a reputation for defending themselves and the soy boy leftists know this and they acted accordingly.  They didn’t engage with people who would kick their arses.

The anti-Proud Boys groups, the real fascists, concentrated at three other North Portland areas: a Vanport historical marker about a half-mile away, at Peninsula Park which is 3 miles away and at Irving Park in Northeast Portland later on. Police estimated turnout at Peninsula Park at about a thousand people.

The last time “far-right” rally-goers and left-wing Black Lives Matter and anti-police violence protesters held simultaneous events in Portland, the outcomes were deadly: A backer of the right-wing Patriot Prayer movement was shot dead in the streets of downtown Portland by a man who allied himself with BLM and anti-fascist causes, even though BLM and groups like ANTIFA are the fascists.

By 9 pm a growing crowd of leftist protesters gathered downtown for nightly riots against police violence.  Fascists believe violence is how you end violence, go figure.  The crowd periodically chanted “Black Lives Matter” and Breonna Taylor’s name.

Police gave an audio warning to protesters (not Proud Boys) who were blocking Southwest Third Avenue, citing some protesters (not Proud Boys) setting fires. Independent reporter Cory Elia, who was on scene, reported a flag burning. About 9:15 pm, officers rushed into the crowd and appeared to make at least one arrest.

There were no obvious signs that the Proud Boys turned out in opposition to the protest.  There never is.  They simply show up to peacefully encourage First Amendment rights, and violent leftists normally attack them.  They defend themselves, normally coming out victorious, and the leftist media blames the Proud Boys for the violence.

At a quarter past 2 in the afternoon, Portland police announced they were investigating an assault on a person of color who was live-streaming video at a Proud Boys event. They sought eyewitnesses from the crowd to help them solve the kicking and pushing attack on the person, which was caught on video.

State troopers made an arrest for a separate assault at a convenience store close to the park. They did not disclose any particulars about what occurred, or whether or not it was related to any protest actions.  They probably did, but the press didn’t want to let you know it was members of some far left group.

At 4:30 pm, mass demonstrations in North Portland on Saturday occurred “without serious violence” and drew a collective crowd of more than 2,000, according to law enforcement.

At half past 5 in the afternoon, Speeches at Irving Park  continued into the night with around 150 people there.  One speaker, Lynn James, stood with a black blanket draped over her shoulders and her fist raised. “We’ve been given this opportunity to make a difference,” James said. “And we need to make it count.”

Around 7 pm as most of the day’s planned protests had already  ended, and it wasn’t clear whether or not any of the groups were planning to reconvene later in the night.

Before all of that, at around 1:30 pm, with counter-protesters at Peninsula Park, once the rain cleared, demonstrators took to the stage. Hip-hop artist Mic Crenshaw spoke to a crowd of at least 1,000 people. He walked the audience through his history battling neo Nazis in Minneapolis as a youth, drawing cheers when he criticized what he described as right-leaning law enforcement.

I honestly never knew that Minneapolis was a haven for neo Nazis and white nationalists the way it’s been portrayed since the death of George Floyd at the hands of Minneapolis police.  Here’s some fun facts: Minneapolis has been run by Democrats for close to 50 years.  You have to go back to 1973 for when the last mayor of Minneapolis was a Republican, and then you have to go back to 1957 for a Republican mayor before that, and you have to go back to 1941.  So, a city that leftists claim is so racist that it’s a safe zone for neo Nazis and white nationalists has been run by Democrats for the better part of a century, yet these clowns, these soy boy activists want you to believe it’s America’s fault, or it’s because of racism, or even Donald Trump’s fault.  Please.

Crenshaw said the far-right’s attempts at provocation won’t work. “I want them to understand that when they come here with their violence, it’s not going to work out.”  The problem for Crenshaw is, violence comes to the Proud Boys and not the other way around.  You’re not committing violence when you’re praying to God for the country to heal.  Violence comes when leftists attack people who are praying to God for the country to heal.  Everyone on the Left are hypocrites.

The sound system stood behind a sign that stated, “Everyday antifascist.”

Demetria Hester, a leader of Moms United for Black Lives, launched a chant of “Black Lives Matter,” then introduced the audience back to the roots of the movement, which is probably the spread of Marxism if they’re affiliated with BLM. She asked for a moment of silence for Breonna Taylor.

“We will not stop, and the world knows it. Why do you think Trump is afraid? Because black lives matter,” Hester said trying to agitate the crowd to action.

Trump is afraid?  The president is not the one responsible for the racism these people like to point out.  The man has been in politics for 4 years.  He can’t by anyone’s stretch of the imagination be the cause for what these misguided fools complain about.  They claim they’re oppressed.  Well, you can’t call it oppression when you keep voting for it, and they keep voting for it.


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