Every time Joe Biden or his military advisors open their mouths, it appears they want to trigger a war with Russia. As Biden’s approval with Americans plummets, it might be in his best interest to create a “Wag the Dog” scenario.

However, when politicians fabricate a dangerous military conflict, U.S. men and women die. A war with Russia could also trigger a global conflict. Joe Biden’s ineptitude seems to be pushing the U.S. closer and closer to an all-out fight with a dangerous nuclear power.

Biden is either too stupid to realize the potential consequences, or he doesn’t care. It could actually be a little of both. However, former President Donald Trump appreciates what’s at stake. He has always been a champion for the United States military.

President Trump understands the risks of going to war with Russia. He’s not afraid of Putin, but he doesn’t try to intentionally provoke a nuclear power either. To help save America and the world from a potential global catastrophe, President Trump has offered to mediate a peace deal.

A war with Russia could easily turn into World War III. It would trigger a devastating global catastrophe. A nuclear conflict could obliterate the human race. This is not a time for a feeble old man to make decisions.

President Trump deserves a chance. His record of generating calm and peaceful negotiations with dangerous rogue regimes speaks for itself. He’s the only president not to get the U.S. involved in a new war. He stopped dangerous missile tests in North Korea.

Vladimir Putin didn’t invade Ukraine because he knew there would be consequences. America was safe during President Trump’s tenure. He must be given the chance to prevent an escalation in Ukraine.

He posted on his social media platform, “Truth Social,” that he was willing to head up a delegation to secure peace in Ukraine. Furthermore, President Trump cautioned about the U.S. response to the sabotaging of the Nord Stream pipeline as well.

This could be deemed an act of war. President Trump said, “U.S. leadership should remain cool, calm, and dry on the sabotage of the Nord Stream pipelines. This is a big event that should not entail a big solution, at least not yet.”

Some hint that the Biden administration may have had a hand in the explosions. That would be one of the stupidest things any world leader has ever done. But then again, Joe Biden meets every definition of stupid. He’s essentially admitted to doing it.

Joe Biden’s total ignorance has the world on the brink of a deadly global conflict. President Trump stressed that “The entire world is at stake. I will head up the group.” As the world stands at the doorstep of possible annihilation, it’s time to take the keys away from Joe Biden.

He and his liberal policies have driven the country into the ground. His border policies have caused a humanitarian crisis. The Biden fiscal policies have plummeted the country into a recession.

But now he’s in control of whether the world plunges into World War III. If this were a baseball game, it’s time to make a call to the bullpen. It’s time for President Trump to “Save America” and potentially “Save the World.”


Daniel is a conservative syndicated opinion writer and amateur theologian. He writes about topics of politics, culture, freedom, and faith.

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  • Is he insane? The democrats and their bully boys, have worked their fingers to the bone for the last 6 years intentionally putting America in this position! They will never ever allow Trump, OR anyone else to stop the total destruction of America AND any decent Americans who survive their vicious hate and blood lust!

  • Biden, that worthless piece of shit and “Not A President” will be taken to a secure nuclear bunker along with all his Communist Democrats as they watch the American citizens burn and disintegrate.
    They’ll celebrate as they’ve accomplished the final destruction of America.!
    He and the Communist Democrats should have been forced out of office a long time ago.

  • Trump is the only hope of us NOT having a nuclear disaster, but Biden won’t allow him to do it. Biden has undone everything Trump accomplished, and he sure don’t want to give Trump over to be a world hero. Pride and greed are in the heart of Biden, and this is the fall of everyone that worships those idols. We do need to pray that our country does not have to face the bear of Revelation yet. It would be great if Trump could step in and do something though.

  • I’d be content if he would just advocate an embargo on shipments of LNG to Europe. America First!!! The cost increase of heating fuel is a direct tax on American homeowners. Magnanimous of Biden and Big Oil to say the least.



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