A Norfolk, VA, police officer who had donated $25 to Kyle Rittenhouse’s defense was fired by his department for doing so.

Then the Christian-oriented donations website GiveSendGo was hacked, with the officer’s address doxed by several far-left media sites, including The Guardian, a British newspaper.

Rittenhouse is widely known for his self-defense acts during 2020’s Kenosha, WI, riot in which he was forced to shoot several rioters with his AR15-style rifle, killing two and wounding another after they tried to attack him.

After the Norfolk police officer, William Kelly, saw his small donation to Rittenhouse revealed, he was quickly fired by his department in a move covered by the Washington Post and the New York Times.

Seeing the unfairness of Kelly’s termination, GiveSendGo has stepped in and created a campaign to support Kelly while he fights his likely-illegal firing. The site is demanding that Kelly’s free speech rights be protected.

“A lot of it is just trying to wrap our brains around the state of where things are at. What’s happening in our world that someone can give a $25 donation and lose their job for supporting someone?” GiveSendGo cofounder Heather Wilson told The Daily Wire.

“Kamala Harris promoted giving to bail people who were arrested for rioting, so why wouldn’t that same freedom be afforded to someone else? We’re going to allow and promote it on this side, but prevent it on the other?”

“Even his comments, which are being used against him, his comment was we stand behind you, it was just a positive message. It wasn’t against someone else,” she said.

Her brother, cofounder Jacob Wells, said, “This criminal act of hacking and releasing information, we believe just as we did in allowing Kyle Rittenhouse’s campaign to be an active campaign, that Kelly has the right to have a campaign just like anyone else — to not restrict people from giving to individuals who people want to support.”

Kelly’s firing is also especially enraging in the face of vice-president Kamala Harris promoting giving bail money to rioters arrested in cities across the country last year.

To date, Kelly has raised over $93,000 from the GiveSendGo fundraiser and is safe from criminal thugs on the streets.


Daniel is a conservative syndicated opinion writer and amateur theologian. He writes about topics of politics, culture, freedom, and faith.

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  • This story won’t end well until the people who fired the officer are held to account. Both civilly and criminally. They should be fired and fined commensurately to their transgression.

    • With any luck the Department that fired him will be held accountable and he will get a tidy sum for damages. Maybe enough to retire for life.

      • If he does sue and get a reward the money should come from the individuals that caused him to be fired not the taxpayers, even if the perpetrators have to empty their savings and sell all their assets to cover the suit, then they should be jailed for at least 10 years without parole.

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        • You are the typical idiot I see on the internet. You bitch and conplain about a persons rights being violated and then turn around and want to violate the persons rights who you think violated the persons rights. Law and Justice is suppose to be Fair and Balanced for eveyone, but before any investigation, charges and a court of law you have decided the punishment and restrictions before hand. You are worse than the peo[ple who fired the Officer.

          • Roger, you’re a moron. Firing someone is not free speech. That is an action taken to harm a person. If taking an action to harm someone then assault would be legal. Get real and grow up.

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          • Gee Roger. What a crusader! Go to the Website Kamala Harris supported that provided bail to violent suspects.
            Let them know you admire their cause. Most important, give them your address. Then you can look forward to the violent people arriving. Especially since you can be sure they will respect you and sit quietly and politely in rapt attention while you lecture about rights. 🙂

        • Yes, I totally support this suggestion! If we started doing this, ie, going after those who are ACTUALLY responsible for this crap, maybe things would start changing.

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  • I think that Harris should be arrested for supporting a domestic terrorist group that has been running around this country burning dow buildings businesses and diliberally hurting police and other citizens.

    • Shirley Elaine Eastus
      Now the fact is Harris assisted BLM persons who according to all law enforcement both State and Federal were not the ones doing the damage during the BLM protests, “Barr said at a press briefing that “three different sets of actors” are involved in the demonstrations — namely peaceful protesters, looters and “extremist agitators that hijack protests” to pursue various agendas.” now it was White Supremists who are the major ones arrested for Murder, bringing guns and explosive across state line to start riots and setting fires to buildings, the number 1 group is Boogaloo Boys.
      You do not have to believe me look it up your self.

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  • We have a right to associate or not associate with anyone, unless you’re on parole and must not associate with known criminals, thus breaking parole. This officer has been denied that right through the intimidation or punishment of losing his livelihood. It’d be interesting to see what kind of criminal charges may be brought against him made up from whole cloth or what violation of his civil rights he may bring to them. Either way, this officer has a chance to strip the power away from the Marxists who control this police force. I hope every tyrant who had a hand in doing this, loses their position and is barred from any position of public trust in the future.

    • Timothy Yorgan
      Now not true with persons in law enforcement, you actually sign a statement saying you will not in any way be involved with anyone charged with a crime or under investigation for a crime unless in the capacity of your law enforcement duties.

      • Trebor Retsbew..
        Where in the world are you getting this information? There is no such thing to sign in any department of Law enforcement.. Stop making up such stupid lies..

      • Not all Departments have the same rules. Besides, he had not been convicted of anything so he is not a criminal. Being arrested for something does not make you a criminal until you are found guilty.

  • This is no different from any police department when you are forbidden to assist or conspire with anyone charged with a crime except as your official duties as a police officer.

    • What happened to innocent until proven guilty? Do you know how many people who are charged eventually have the charges dropped? Or receive probation or suspended sentences or community service? Being charged with a crime really doesn’t mean that much.

    • Are we, he forbidden to consipre with others to elect our councils and contribute to their cause. Amd don’t say they aren’t criminals

    • No signed agreement, pursuant to employment, can totally negate 1st amentment rights. The officer, in giving that donation and encouragement, didn’t violate an employment agreement as he didn’t make public his support for Rittenhouse. That information only became public after criminal hacking.He should sue not only for his job, back pay and benefits, but for punitive damages.

  • What are they going to do when the SCOTUS,gives his job back,plus all back pay ,and benefits? Good for him. Socks to be his department& city council who made that bone head decision!

    • Motorbandit,
      I agree.. plus who does the department & city council think they are to decided what donations any individual makes? This is insane to think that your “boss” can tell you that you can’t donate to a certain person/group/organization.. It’s none of their business..

  • Givesendgo is doing absolutely what we should all do….defend our rights to free speech and independent thought. Salute to Officer Kelly! You will be vindicated!

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    • jarrynyu, Google is part of the evil Globalist world rulers and you are bragging about taking their money? You evil Soros woke fool!

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  • I wish I was in his shoes right now. He’s going to be sitting fat in a year from now. Good for him. I hope he gets loaded with cash and the people responsible for this whack law suit have to dip into their personal accounts.

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  • Kelly should be suing for his job back. No one has a right to dictate to another who one is allowed to support or not to support. If Kelly wants to send $25.00 to Rittenhouse’s defense, that is his right. One should reward Kelly by boycotting the city of Norfolk, voting the mayor of Norfolk out of office and replacing the police chief.

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  • That is one officer who won’t have to work the rest of his life, after he wins a lawsuit against the idiots who fired him.