At some point in late 2019, a deadly coronavirus escaped from a Chinese virology lab. Many do not believe the leak was an accident. Since the first case of COVID-19 was discovered, millions have died. The world was sent into a catastrophic health crisis, the worst in over 100 years.

Bureaucrats seized the opportunity. Lockdowns were ordered, and life came to a screeching halt. In a few months, supposedly to get life back to normal, big pharmaceutical companies were entrusted with finding a vaccine to battle the virus.

Even though “Big Pharma” has long been suspected of corruption, what could possibly go wrong? The money-grubbing executives from the world’s biggest pharmaceutical companies would do what’s right in such a situation, or so we assumed. But that’s not what happened.

Big Pharma conspired with our most trusted medical and scientific minds to bamboozle the unsuspecting public. Praying on people’s grief for those lost and fear of dying themselves, Big Pharma peddled a hastily approved vaccine as the “cure-all miracle to stop COVID-19.”

It’s been anything but that. In fact, new studies show that people may be more prone to continued infections if they are vaccinated. These money-hungry crooks also denounced any suspicious side effects from their vaccine as inconsequential. They are not.

Otherwise healthy people are mysteriously keeling over dead after getting the COVID-19 vaccination. The Food and Drug Administration is burying the evidence. But the vaccine was also proclaimed as a hardened preventative measure to keep people from catching or spreading the virus.

Getting vaccinated to protect your family and loved ones was a big selling pitch by Big Pharma. Even Joe Biden jumped on board by saying, “Get vaccinated, so you won’t get sick or spread it to your friends.” The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) attempted to walk back the comments.

It was too little, too late. “Clueless Joe” had already assured millions of Americans that the vaccine would keep them healthy and prevent them from spreading the deadly virus. He was wrong on both points. People continued to get sick, and COVID-19 cases continued to rise.

So, why did Big Pharma say they had a medicine that would prevent sickness and the spread of sickness? Didn’t they have data that said otherwise? In a new bombshell report, it turns out that they had no idea if their poorly researched medicine would do what they claimed it would do.

As usual, Big Pharma lied. Pfizer’s president of international development markets told the European Parliament that the pharmaceutical companies never tested for virus prevention. They allowed their medicine to be proclaimed as stopping the spread, but they didn’t have a clue.

But lying is what Big Pharma does. Why can’t people see these crooks for what they are? They manipulate public opinion to make themselves look like companies that care. They don’t care about anything but their profit/loss statements.

Big Pharma peddled a pill for depression. Years of dedicated research has discovered that Big Pharma’s pill to fight depression actually makes people more depressed. Anti-depressants were designed to hook people, not help them.

These crooks have no morals. Big Pharma sold the world on deadly opiate-based painkillers that they “said” weren’t habit-forming. The truth is, millions now suffer from a debilitating addiction. Hundreds of thousands have died.

One painkiller has killed more people than heroin and cocaine. What other kinds of tall tales have these crooked pill pushers told people? Most people would be astonished to discover the truth. But proclaiming that a shot will keep you from spreading a disease is negligence.

It constitutes every moral principle in medicine. But these Big Pharma execs aren’t in the business to save lives. They’re in the pill peddling business. They develop phony scams to peddle bogus pills and vaccinations to a believing public. Big Pharma isn’t out to heal people.

Big Pharma is out to sell drugs, and sell drugs at any cost. The massive pharmaceutical companies may be the most corporate business operations in history. They’ve bilked people out of trillions of dollars. But worst of all, they’ve killed millions.

Most would think that our elected leaders would hold these crooks accountable. Why doesn’t Washington, D.C. investigate and punish the obvious corruption? Maybe it’s the multi-trillion dollar D.C. lobby that stuffs their pockets.


Daniel is a conservative syndicated opinion writer and amateur theologian. He writes about topics of politics, culture, freedom, and faith.

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