The pompous presumptuousness of the elite left is often startling. Most of these people can’t be that oblivious to how outrageous many of their comments are. Recently, the progressive left has put their foot on the gas pedal of their radical climate change scam.

As Joe Biden watches his approval ratings plummet, liberal Democrats face an imposing threat, the November midterms. They are projected to lose control of both houses of Congress. A loss of their current majority in the House of Representatives is guaranteed.

Most political experts believe that Republicans will retake control of the United States Senate, albeit by a slim margin. That means the wild-eyed climate agenda proposed by the radical progressive left is in danger of dying before it ever gets started.

As Americans watch the effects of this radical transformation, most are probably saying, “Thank God!” Certainly, more environmentally friendly sources of energy are a noble pursuit. No one really denies that. But a fanatical flip is not only unrealistic, it’s dangerously destructive.

But these elite ideologues don’t care. They won’t endure the least hardship during this radical transformation. It’s a transformation in which most of the changes are both unnecessary and uncalled for. Radical energy changes are designed to punish America’s oil and gas industry.

On the campaign trail, Joe Biden threatened to destroy the industry. He’s living up to that campaign promise. However, with the same misguided attack on America’s fossil fuel companies, Biden, and the left are destroying the lives of millions of Americans at the same time.

So, as Biden’s attack on fossil fuels continues, what do his bureaucratic blowhards have to say about the pain and hardship Americans will face? Liberal elites puff up their chests and tell the pheasants to “grin and bear it.” “Suck it up, buttercup!”

Even Joe Biden’s so-called economic expert thinks she knows what’s best when it comes to America’s energy needs. Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen says, “To fix the energy crisis, we need to move to renewables.”

Yellen isn’t worried about the horrific economic conditions American families are struggling to overcome. She’s worried about climate change. She isn’t alone. Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg has repeated the same sorry suggestion on multiple occasions.

“Mayor Pete” insists that more Americans should purchase electric vehicles so that they “never have to worry about gas prices again.” Have you checked the price of an EV lately? Maybe everyone in Mayor Pete’s elite class can afford to buy an electric car, but most Americans can’t.

Sit down when you do your research, because electric vehicles (EVs) give a new definition to “sticker shock.” Even with a $12,500 government discount (if you qualify), Car and Driver estimates the average cost of an EV still hovers well over $50,000.

Some people, those with a healthy bank balance, might say, “Okay, I’m going to bite the bullet and buy an EV.” But the sticker price isn’t the only long-term financial burden you have to face. According to CNET, there are a number of other price factors that people don’t know about.

Rapid depreciation of EV car values is just one of them. But Mayor Pete still insists that Americans should just run out to their local car dealer and pick a color. Pete Buttigieg sounds just like a shady used car salesman.

“Have we got a deal for you today!”

Like the rest of the climate change clowns, they have no grasp on what types of economic woes worry everyday Americans. They are out of touch. These green energy freaks are pompous, presumptive narcissists. They think the world revolves around them and their climate agenda.

These self-entitled elites are out of touch with America. Buttigieg says he’s “astonished that people really struggle to give up their gas vehicles.” No, Mayor Pete, maybe because of the economic crisis your boss has caused, they’re struggling just to survive. A gallon of milk is, first and foremost, not a new, $65,000 EV!


Daniel is a conservative syndicated opinion writer and amateur theologian. He writes about topics of politics, culture, freedom, and faith.

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  • Not only the price of the EV but the cost for a replacement battery alone is just ridiculously expensive.

    These people are so out of touch with reality that it’s truly off the charts!

  • Butthead doesn’t live on this planet. There is no logic or even empathy towards other human beings coming rom hi comments!

  • Forget about the ‘battery replacement costs’!!!…….the BIGGER ISSUE is that these EV batteries are BLOWING UP (and catching FIRE) in ALL so-called EVs!! Park THAT in your garage…..that is attached to your HOUSE! lolol

  • I think the Republicans, in the budget, should get rid of all the SUV’s these cabinet members ride around in the buy them all Smart Cars. Let them ride around in them for a year or 2 and then have them comment on what we need to buy.

  • America embracing the elections Nov-2022-24 were taking our country back to prosperity with freedom & liberties for all of our nations people.

  • Veto-proof congressional majority!
    Control of the Senate!
    Biden can go back to his basement!

  • Mayor Pete could not even run a City … so who put the fool in a federal government job … Brain Dead Biden that’s who ! Buttman is a faggot and should never have left the safety of Indiana ! Hope he rots in Hell !

  • The Arrogant know nothing Democrats will never learn.Picked up the “screw the peons” from Barry Soetoro aka Barack Hussein Obama

  • Wasn’t that the plan from jump? Make it so costly to the American citizens to drive, get to work, need massive public transportation overhauls,9 use their lawnmowers, have the trucking industry basically come to a halt with the supply issue in the background? When do you think any politician has ever had to foot their own fuel bill? And riddle me this? What does the Obama’s know that regular citizens doesn’t? Why are they having a 2,500-gallon commercial propane tank installed on their Martha’s Vineyard vacation spot? I have a 250 gallon tank on my property because my house is run on propane and it just cost me $365 for 100 gallons. Not even close to being filled!
    My electric bill jumped from $156 to $254 and my thermostat is on 80, hardly chilly here in TX with heat indexes in triple digits.

    This whole fossil fuel debacle can be likened to population control given the invasion at our borders…. He’s not a very smart man and has done absolutely nothing in his position! How is it that no one has figured out that the grid we have in place is extremely antiquated, needs fossil fuels to function and the whole green energy plan hasn’t been very thought through and instead is draining the American people?

    I’m so disgusted and very glad I’m not a young person. Growing up in the 60’s was ideal compared to what’s going on today. I feel really sad for young people…

    • I hear ya’ Annie, I’m also a native Texan and here in Alvarado it’s been 107 degrees every day, we all know that the Communist Democrats are trying to destroy America’s lives but we do have on the ballot for this November to vote for Texas to secede from the union and I for one am all for it, so my vote will be yes.

  • Purchase costs and availability of chargers on the road aren’t the only minuses with electric vehicles. When a battery finally gives out you could buy a good used car for the cost of a new battery. Many electrics are catching fire and burning up along with owner’s garage. And with Russia, China and Iran itching to find a way to sabotage our nationwide power grid we will be freezing to death, starving, and unable to pump gasoline or diesel, use roadside chargers or heat our homes during freezing weather. Wake up, Mayor Pete, and join in a top level effort to protect your nation’s security!

  • Mayor Buttplugg isn’t all that bright. I hope he’s better at suck**g c**k than he is at his current job

  • Butigieg needs to be challenged on this one simple question: “Sir, where does electricity come from?” Yes, there are attempts with extremely expensive, onerous to maintain, and damaging to the earth “renewables” like solar and wind. But electric cars need to be RECHARGED.

    And where does that charge come from? Hmmmmm — from Diesel generators for the most part. So how exactly is that fixing things. Instead of putting diesel in your truck, you first run it through a generator that then runs the charging station for the EV. Not terribly environmentally friendly. Oh, and those lithium batteries? Kids as young as 4 are conscripted in African countries to mine it in dangerous circumstances. But to Buttgagg those are not really people, see, because they are brown and Africa is on another planet. Seriously. Scratch a Liberal and you’ll find a much bigger racist than the KKK. Oh, wait, they were Democrats.

    • You are so right. The amount of the toxic chemicals that are needed just to produce one of these batteries is astronomical. These children are working for pennies as are their elders in inhumane conditions where illness and death seems to be acceptable. Along with that, CA is trying to figure out what to do with no longer functioning solar panels which also contain hazardous materials that no one wants to enter the water supply, but people are just dumping them along roadways because there is no place to recycle parts and extract the hazardous waste. CA also took down lots of windmills in windy areas when they finally realized how many birds were being slaughtered by them.
      Are we having fun yet???

  • Not only are the elite out of touch, Lying Corrupt Quid Pro KING Joe is in good company. Corrupt Quid Pro surrounds himself with bureaucrats that are just as incompetent as Corrupt Quid Pro.

  • Beady-eyed, ex-CIA, little Petey does not care how much Americans suffer. He would have all of us too poor to survive the winter.

  • Most people think the same I noticed in the is voting these commies in office…? body. Illegal vote counters bought and paid off by democrats turned communist..until enough good guys get jobs counting votes and catch these crooked vote counters out in the parking lot..nothing will change and yes it is going on…you see it every election the biggest populated area molds back their vote counting to see how many crooked illegal votes they need to interject to steal the election and that is any federal or state for has been going on since bush was installed

  • What about a new battery replacement @ 60K miles @ $ 15000 dollars or new tires at 20K miles? These Ev cars are not cheap!
    They also need oil and petroleum products for other materials used in these cars,just my thoughts !
    If the oil industry id shut down what about all the other products needed and made by the
    petroleum industry Drugs fertilizes needs for the manufactures to lubricate machines, question ,how much special oils are needed for wind mill generators and another thing,
    what are the solar panels made of and what happens when they quite working ??
    just a small food for thought .
    No petroleum products no world,no food,no water,no Air Condition !!! loo food for thought.

  • Mayor Buttplugg suffers from an oxygen deprivation, can’t breathe when you have a cock in your mouth

  • Buttigig is an arrogant snotty kid. What morons elected him as mayor? Biden appointed the snot as part of his general virtue signaling. Buying low information brain dead leftist votes with a black (kinda) female VP, a tranny at DHS, a mentally unfit senile lady at the Treasury, and a gay receiver for the Transportation Department. None of these morons are competent to run a lemonade stand. China, Russia, Korea, and Iran are likely to strike before midterms when we are at our weakest. The bedwetting libs are fondeling themselves in glee as they wait for the fall of the Republic.

  • Since his entire life is based SOLELY ON….


    I tend to not care.

  • Pete was also “astonished” that residents of South Bend did not love what he did to fix everything that was not broken.



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