Speaker Nancy Pelosi tried to bash the Republicans last week on the House floor. However, she was unaware that the actions she was criticizing were the same ones Democrats have been taking for the past few years.

“What do Republicans have in store next?” Pelosi said.

“You can’t travel to buy a book? You can’t travel to see a concert or a play if it doesn’t meet their shall we say — *long sigh* — I’m not even gonna use the word standards. Their what?”

I’m pretty sure that’s exactly what the Democrats were doing throughout the entire years of 2020 and 2021, you know. In fact, many of them continue to engage in this kind of behavior now.

All of this was in response to a recent house bill that would have allowed women to travel across state lines to other cities in order to receive abortions.

They come up with these concepts that they want to blame on Republicans, but they’re the ones who actually put those things into effect, which just seems so absurd to me.

But to be honest, there are a few distinct things that come to mind right now.

I am aware of liberal celebrities of all stripes, including actors and singers, who will not perform if their demands are not satisfied, even if it has nothing to do with them personally.

At one of her concerts, Halsey recently told her fans that if they don’t support abortion, they should leave, and she wouldn’t even want them as fans.

Democrats are also the ones who want books banned. To be more precise, it’s the woke culture. Republicans have never called for banning of books.

The only thing that we don’t want regarding books is things that are inappropriate to be kept out of public schools. That’s not too much to ask for.


Daniel is a conservative syndicated opinion writer and amateur theologian. He writes about topics of politics, culture, freedom, and faith.

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  • What I didn’t hear was any Republican stand up and confront her right then in front of the other idiot Democrats! It is no secret that if you are accused of doing anything by a Democrat it is because they are doing it and blaming you! We are no longer hearing them cry about the big lie as more and more proof has come out about the BIG CHEAT! Proving they did in fact cheat! What we are not seeing is any judge that is not corrupt willing to let it go to trial! Democrats want no part of that! But the big dog is the one we have to find and the rest will cave! But every one of these losers need to be exposed in front of the entire nation! Remember when Louis Lerner was exposed and how she ran for cover and still does today!

    • Your comment is right on target James, most Americans know the Republicans have no backbone when it comes to calling out the corrupt, lieing, cheating, treasonous Communist Democrats on any issue. Piglosi and her corrupt Husband commit insider trading and the rest of the Communist Democrats call the Republicans Racist, destructive and trying to destroy our democracy when it’s they in plain sight deliberately trying to destroy America. F*** Joe Biden and every Communist Democrat and Rinos

      • One couldn’t agree more. Every time the Republicans get into power. they talk out of both sides of their mouth, sit on their rear and do nothing. Republican politicians can be just as bad as the liberal commie Democrats. Republican politicians would rather sit in the corner and become crybabies, then fight back. Pelosi is just as much as a crook as Lying Corrupt Quid Pro KING Joe. Corrupt Quid Pro and his incompetent bureaucrats, they all need to be impeached. RINO’s McCarthy and Beijing Mitch have no intentions of impeaching Corrupt Quid Pro. One has to wonder whose side Mitch is on. Mitch is warming up to Pelosi giving 62 billion in subsidies of our tax money to the chip makers. A carbon copy of Socialist Europe. The governments of Europe have been subsidizing their industries for years, government handouts compliments of the taxpayer. AMD and Intel should sink or swim. Intel is building chip facilities, only they are building them outside of the U.S. and the American Taxpayer is supposed to give Intel government handouts?

        • Why in the heck did You Americans allow corruptions of voter fraud by democrat, rinos and medias and post office! You Americans are at fault also like the corrupt democrats, gutless Gop just for allowing them all to get away with it and still do to this day and into the future. If they got away with in the past who/what is going to stop them in the future huh! Not you so-called Americans that’s for sure!

    • Seem everyone is willing to look the other way for the person most responsible for the mess the country is in today, George Soros.
      He’s been kicked out of several countries for attempting to undermine the current system.
      He said while Trump was running he was going to dispatch his personal mercenaries throughout the country and he’s done just that with the Antifa, that’s who we have to thank for them, and the cheating and lying taking place today throughput our government both at a state level as well as a federal level.
      The greed, the hate, the miscommunication everything.

        • The republican people did try to do what you are talking about on January sixth, 2020 and they played right into Pelosi’s trap. Why do you think she refused trumps offer of thousands of nat’l guard soldiers? They’ve turned the protest into a circus to go after the republicans and Trump. The dems are dirty fighters with a lot of bad people running them…Right up to the top Biden and Son, Pelosi Shiff to name a few. And what country are you from

  • Someone needs to fit her with a Steel Mask. That she can Only Breath through and can’t be heard from. She’s a GIANT PRUNE FACE Witch that needs to be PRESSURED to RESIGN or Face IMPEACHMENT.

    • Agree, 100%. That bill needs to be passed.!!! The term limits bill.!!!The left-wing if in power, they abuse it.!!!

  • If you want to know what the radical Left is planning or doing, pay attention to what they accuse their opponents of planning or doing.

  • Where are the ball-less republicans?
    Did ANY stand up and challenge this hag?
    Until the republicans grow a pair, they will continue this slander. Funny how the only two republicans with a ‘pair’ are women!

    • You are so right. TheRepublicans have no backbone.The democrats will distroy this country unless thry do something right now. Sorry the Democrates have allready distroyed this country.

    • The whole congress is on the take…a lot of them anyway. So they can’t really call the old witch out because people who live in glass houses should not throw stones…

    • The question should be “Where are the Republicans WITH balls?” We know where the ball-less ones are…

  • I have friends who live in Pelosi’s district and her time has run out. They hate her and her corruption,

    • If they hate her so much, why do they keep her in office???
      SF didn’t go south overnight! Been crappy (literally) for DECADES!

  • Why are we making things that can be settled in state courts such a big deal? Let each state do what they want and keep the Federal Gov. out of it. The only thing that seems to be of concern is abortion and trying to hang Donald Trump. In the mean while we are being made out to be the laughing stock of the world!

  • Texas decides for the republic whether women can have an abortion? I believe they ONLY speak for Texas, NOT for the republic. Pelosi needs to grab a few brain cells so she can speak PROPERLY

  • The only reason that Nasty Nancy would come up with these ideas is because “That is precisely the way we would be living under the Deep State rule. Under their tyranny, we wouldn’t be able to “travel to go buy a book!” Out of Nancy own mouth, “accuse those of what you are already doing.” BTW… those aborted babies will never be able to go to any concerts or buy any books.

    • I tend to agree with no abortions. Except they should still be legal for rape and incest because NO woman should have to relive that horror every day for 9 months.

  • Pelosi and company are wreaking havoc on the country and still try and make like the republicans are doing it. They must think the general public is stupid. I do hope the good people of California do not re-elect her.

    • The Good People have no say, their votes and rights have been taken over by Dominion Voting machines and the richest of the 1% ers, which are about 50/50 Liberals and Conservatives. She is the daughter of a mobster, how does Newsom stay in when he cares more about funding illegals than veterans and helping women? He’s all about gays and illegals and control and taking your rights but we have failed twice to Remove /Recall him. I was born in CA and its is now a toilet and it was#4 in education and led the nation now it leads it to hell and poverty

      • I was born and raised in SoCal. But now I wouldn’t give you a dime for the whole damn state. They have destroyed a once beautiful state…
        SUCK IT NP!!!

      • Newscum’s dear Auntie Nan is grooming him to be prez! 2+2 still = 4, in CA politics! I shudder to think of Newscum in charge! Think we’ve got problems now, hang on! You ain’t seen nothing yet!

      • Why did you Americans allow them to get away with it? Every state should Unite to stop the current , corruptions of both local and especially national government of corrupt democrats, rinos and medias and post office voter fraud and any form of corruptions it can be done, ubite to make citizens arrest from obama, clinton , pelosi, shilf, nadlar and most of his staff in not all. It is up to only YOU Americans to stop it! Abraham Lincoln said ” We The people are the rightful masters of both Congress and the Courts, not to overthrow the Constitution but to overthrow the people who would pervert the Constitution” What is wrong with you stupid common Americans today?

        • Listen fella. This country is loaded patriots and veterans (of which I am both) so don’t count us out just yet. Most of us would like to solve our problems peacefully even though the left doesn’t appear to feel that way. I agree that due to complacency we are in this mess. However “if” we make it to the midterms and “if” we can keep them from stealing the election I hope to see us headed back in the right direction. If neither happens then I imagine things will go south pretty quick and then both good and evil will suffer unless our Lord and Savior returns before hand. Remember this though, there has never been a country other than the U.S.A to give so many lives for everyone’s freedom which probably includes yours. So until you explain to us stupid Americans how much more wonderful it is where you reside then here, maybe you should keep your opinion to your wonderful self.

  • At whose expense would this travel be taken. This is America and if some despicable person wants to murder their own issue they will always find a way, BUT it should only be done at their own expense. They made the choice to have unprotected, careless sex and only they should pay the price for their dumb, selfishness.

  • The Liberal mindset is one of “Take not give”. If they want what you have they take it by oppression or supression. They have through abortion killed of millions of Black Children and reduced their presence in American to only 15% of the population yet they have been here as long as the Whites and most Mexicans. They paid their men to abandon their families and they used to be one f the strongest family oriented cultures we have. Now they are being replaced by Illegals, and any illegal will do.

    Liberals are God haters, Angst Makers and are now over takers of whatever you have they will get it one way or another by violence or death, because its not conservatives shooting, looting and killing people, its always some entitled puke of whom the left has energized to tell them they are entitled to do what you can not.

    Think long and hard about this truth and lean into the truth nd the truth will set you free.

  • They come up with these concepts that they want to blame on Republicans, but they’re the ones who actually put those things into effect, which just seems so absurd to me.

    The concept is to do something wrong, then blame it on the other party! #NastyNancy is trying VERY HARD to be more despicable that #LyingHiLIARy. A real fact coming from that cabal would die of loneliness.

  • She is like Biden and I am surprised that she could do a complete sentence without chasing rabbits. She must have had her meds before she came to the floor to speak because she is usually incoherent. Maybe she was actually sober.

  • Pelosi is so old and shrivled up, has the shakes when she talks, is not functioning as
    a member of our Congress, much less as Speaker. She is a total embarassment to
    American and other world leaders…………her poor husband needs to drink living with her all these years.

  • Republicans need to stand up to these scumbags!! We have to be smart and turn it around and confront them. They’re beating us to death. Also, I would question who’s pulling Biden’s strings. He’s taking orders from Obama (who wanted a third term) and Susan Rice!! There’s got to be something illegal about this.

  • Did I miss the bigly backlash? Typical NOTHING from the republicans! Every executive order that President Trump wrote, the democrats took it right to the 9th Circuit Court where it was overturned! Have the republicans done anything like that in the last 18 months – NO !! We need every republican to vote to cover the democrat cheating and get enough to get a veto proof number in both Houses. If we don’t, dementia Joe (or hyena Kamala) will be told to veto everything and nothing will get done. You know for sure there won’t be any democrats voting with the republicans unlike the RINOs did for them!! WAKE UP !!

  • The old Baltimore Bag will not like it when she is kicked out of the Speakership and has zero power or relevance.


  • Pelosi needs to take her boney fingers and RIP OUT those drunken EYES !
    She should be impeached for feeding her husband insider information … and when out of politics be tried and imprisoned ! She is PURE EVIL !

  • Why was there not a single republican who called bullshit on her? I’m so disgusted with the gop lawmakers and their fecklessness. God save our republic.



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