There are certain parts of the country that people really are not too fond of, that is unless you’re a liberal.

Typically, when we think of these areas we think of California, parts of Oregon such as Portland, and New York City also comes to mind but for the sake of this article I will forget about how bad New York City is for a moment.

What it really boils down to is that most of California isn’t a bad place as far as the people goes. It’s really just certain areas such as San Francisco, Los Angeles, and other bigger cities where you find most of the crime and die-hard liberals. The same goes with Oregon. Republicans in Oregon are actually so fed up with certain parts of the state and the way that they’re being run that to counties are actually voting on a measure as to whether or not they can leave the state of Oregon and join Idaho.

“People in Eastern Oregon are just different and have different views on crime, the Second Amendment, abortion, taxes and minimum wage [from the western portion of the state],” Matt McCaw, spokesman for Greater Idaho, told The Post. “The polarization with the western part of the state is real. When I meet with people and host meetings, there are a lot of complaints about the lack of representation. Eastern Oregon is just very conservative and has its own culture.”

“Eastern Oregon, where we all live, could get state-level government from Idaho that matches their values,” McCaw said.

This is something that’s somewhat similar to what California is doing and trying to create a new state there as well. How do you may be familiar with, Republicans are trying to divide California into two different states, California and New California.

I think that it’s a great idea so I’m not exactly sure what that would look like as far as being able to legally happen, but let’s hope that it does for the sake of the good people in this country.


Daniel is a conservative syndicated opinion writer and amateur theologian. He writes about topics of politics, culture, freedom, and faith.

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  • The year was about 1968,,,,,, I was doing summer work at Campus Crusade of Christ in San Bernadino, a long ways from home in Savannah, Georgia……and I was 18…….

    A million memories, as close to the summer of love as I was to ever get………

    But one of my most persistent memories?

    I had hitchhiked down to San Berdoo to shop, and was walking into a mall. Being a southern kid, I held the door open for a lady approaching right behind me. She quickly bypassed me and very deliberately moved to another door to let herself in. This has always stuck with me.

  • I’d go to great lengths to get away from Oregon too……..except when I’m touristing, it’s beautiful there if you can discount the flakes.



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