Last week the highly anticipated documentary following the accusations of fraud in the 2020 Presidential election was released. First it was just in select theaters, then it was released to the public on

Let me lay the groundwork for what my thoughts have been from November 2020 up until now before I tell you about my thoughts on the film.

From the very first day, I’ve believed that there was fraud. Joe Biden’s counts going up instantly overnight after several locations in the key states all stopped counting was a massive sign that fraud happened. Like magic, once they started counting again, Joe Biden had taken the lead when President Trump held a massive lead. Nothing like that has ever taken place in an election before. It’s statistically impossible.

But with a lot of the issues we had in the election, there hasn’t been any smoking gun to prove enough fraud took place.

I believe that this all changes now that this film has been released.

In this film, you see the surveillance videos that show – not just suggest, or could be fraud, but actually show fraud taking place at the ballot drop boxes.

If you ask me, I think that this is where the brunt of the fraud took place. Because this is going to be the least traceable method of steering the election one way or another.

So, a lot of what you see in the movie is people who were being paid to get ballots from somewhere and then going and dropping them off at drop boxes. Sometimes in the middle of the night, and some even had the audacity to do it in the middle of the day in front of people. Some people you can see was suspicious about what was taking place, but didn’t do anything to stop them.

You see people wearing gloves so as to not leave fingerprints, taking photos of themselves dropping ballots in the bins, and even dropping ballots on the ground proving that they have more than one ballot.

These individuals didn’t just do this once, they visited several drop boxes in different counties. How do they know this? Because they were able to attain GPS tracking on a number of people. They watched them literally go from one drop box location to another to another and to another.

To give you an example of how bad it is, in a 25 hour period at one drop box, there were a total of 1961 ballots dropped off. When they checked the surveillance cameras, they saw only a total of 271 people who visited the drop box. That is an average of 7 ballots per person in that period. I don’t know if every single person there was trafficking ballots, but if not, then that number of ballots per fraudster is even higher.

You really should just go watch the movie, and share it with your liberal friends. There is no denying it with honesty after seeing this film.


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  • The vote fraud has now been proven; the question is, what to do about it? And what authority is responsible for doing it?

    • Just getting companies to carry this documentary has been difficult. They are doing everything they can to prevent people from seeing it because the proof is all there and they can’t deny it. Biden and Harris should be removed from office as a start. Too harsh? Think again. Now getting state legislatures to do something about it is the problem. They already said “fraud” was a lie. Write your Representative, I did, and ask them what they intend to do about voter fraud in a Presidential election.

      • Removing Biden/Harris gives way to Pelosi.
        Think this through…

        Can we really afford someone in power who selfishly does not share her two refrigerators full of ice cream with the masses?

    • We won’t be able to budge the FEC, the FBI, or the DOJ to do one thing about this fraud of a hoax of a sham of a 2020 vote because they are in enemy hands. Gone are the days when federal law enforcement went after obvious criminal enterprises because they have become the criminal enterprise. How sad is that! If Robert Hanssen, the Russian mole, had been a leading Democrat having donated large amounts to Biden, would he have been even prosecuted by the DC FBI?

  • Here’s my thought without needing to see the movie:


    To focus on the 2020 election theft is to divert our attention from the only real solution for America present state affairs – a return to Yahweh as America’s Sovereign and thus His moral law as supreme. See Deuteronomy 4:4-8, 28:1-14, Psalm 19:7-11, etc.

    Even if the election theft hadn’t occurred, Trump is, at best, a temporary fix for only a few of America’s woes, while at the same time helping to perpetuate what was a biblically egregious government (aka Constitutional Republic) from its inception.

    Not to mention Trump’s own abominable biblical violations, such as his promotion of sodomites in both government and private life.

    In turn, Trump only helps to further America’s suicidal trek to the precipice of moral depravity and destruction, as do all civil “leaders” who have sworn allegiance to the biblically seditious Constitution, whether true to their allegiance or not.

    For evidence, see free online book “Bible Law vs. the United States Constitution: The Christian Perspective,” in which every Article and Amendment by the Bible, at Bible versus Constitution dot org. Click on the top entry on our Online Books page.

    At the same location, see also free online book “A Biblical Constitution: A Scriptural Replacement for Secular Government.”

    Find out how much you really know about the Constitution as compared to the Bible. Take our 10-question Constitution Survey in the sidebar and receive a free copy of the 85-page “Primer” of “BL vs. USC.”

    • I remember seeing you in old AOL chat rooms years ago. You were a freak then and haven’t changed. Beat it.

    • Take a break and make some time, in-between your Bible study sessions there, Mr. Ted Weiland and check out 2000Mules.
      It is only a 90 or so minute flick of education….not diversion, as many might falsely be led to believe.
      You can even view it for free on the Odysee app.

      By the way, you speak of diversions. Yet, there were those who were divisive and lied about Yahweh….Satan, his very self included!
      And, I am in no way comparing President Trump to our All Mighty Savior, but there are those who have continued to be divisive and lie about the President as well.
      Are you even aware that President Trump, a man into his 70s, worked tirelessly 21 out of 24 hours a day on behalf of not only the people of this country but he certainly did so for those around the world as well? And, he did it for $1.00 annual salary! Cannot exactly lay the same claims to the current Puppet in the Oval Office who is also into his seventies, can we?

      You seem like someone who seeks the truth. But how can this even be possible if you maintain such a closed mindedness towards that of what should not be just shunned away due largely to polarizing factors?

      Look, you desire others to read the information that you have provided. Okay, now it is time for your own reach around and see 2000Mules.

      Yes, Yahweh knows the truth. He always has.
      And part of that truth is the fact that the so called, “Big Guy”, simply just did not have 81 million people vote for him while he hid down in his basement for the entire campaign silly season!

      And as far as the discussion of what is sedition goes, it has just recently come to surface that it is a high possibility, Barack Obama and his minions are the ones running the Puppet’s strings in Washington, DC. Should this be the case, how in the Sam Hill, is this not sedition? A former pResident, with a high probability, has been the de facto president, in the shadows, for the last two and a half years!
      This is seditious, banana republic stuff, at the core! Yet, you turn a blind eye to this while President Trump continues to live rent free inside your head as well as the heads of many others like yourself.

  • It’s amazing how the left say this is fake. FBI and Dept. of Justice used the same technology to arrest anyone who was at the Jan. 6th rally. They are now being held in jail , most without being charged or been to court. Unbelievable.

    • In Georgia, there was surveillance film from State Farm Arena (Fulton County) immediately available after the Nov 3 2020 election. A GOP lawyer named Jacki Pick showed video to Georgia legislators, pointing out how specially-handled ballots were pulled out from under a table cloaked in black tablecloth, hidden early that morning by a woman named Shaye Moss– Ruby Freeman, her mother, reportedly had highly incriminating social media which indicated she expected to go to jail for the ballot scheme, but hoped “excelllent” Biden would pardon her. Shaye Moss, Freeman, and Ralph Jones were all identified working to scan ballots (Jacki Pick said Freeman was scanning one stack 3x) illicitly , after sending poll workers and the press away, claiming the count was suspended. A lie was spread about a water main break to justify the suspension lie. None of these suspects were arrested. If election integrity is not restored, there is no representative government.

  • And we are going to see the same justice for this as we saw from Hilary….nothing will be done!

  • Daniel… good information, but please check the grammar before posting:

    “Some people you can see was suspicious about what was taking place, but didn’t do anything to stop them.” Should be “were suspicious”… or even better, “who were suspicious”

    Also, a few paragraphs later, “attain” should be “obtain”… these little faux pas detract from the important message you’re relaying.

    Best, BW

  • I saw the movie and there is not a scintilla of doubt that we haf a bogus president and a cabinet of traitors.

  • IF the US can put a serial number on ALL US currency, WHY can’t a serial number be put on every ballot? A photo ID would also stop the steal! ANY mail in ballots would require 2 witnesses AND a notarized. Anybody caught with a fraudulent ballot, would get 10 years in prison, loose their voting rights forever.
    Make it so the punishment is a LOT more severe.
    Anybody caught a second time, death by firing squad. Quit jacking around with these people! same goes for people with an arrest record from Chicago to NY. BANG! Done game over.

  • The time for the Communists in America to be dealt a final blow is NOW!!!!!!!! They have managed to pull off the most egregious election fraud in history. The Democrat party with their brain dead minions destroyed the 2020 Presidential Election. It was intricately planned and carried out in states and districts that Father Frats stood no chance whatever of winning. This film completely destroys the myth that the election was legal. Even the mealy mouth Commucrat candidate made a statement on national TV that the election was “fixed” brilliantly and laughed. Leave it to that fool to open his stupid mouth but it is available for everyone to see. Just look it up as Joe tells the truth (for a change).

  • I watched the votes come in, It showed President Trump Was Elected!! With my Eyes still Glued To The T.V. Screen, In The Blink Of The Eye, The Votes Flipped!! Showing that Biden was the winner,(Not)!! And that President Trump Was The Loser ( Wrong) ! That is when the Votes Were Stolen From Our Duly Elected President Donald J Trump, By Biden!! I have no doubt, for I absolutely watched it take place!! And I’m Sure Many Other Americans Watched Also!!

  • They knew all this before 1/6 took place! The one that didn’t do anything and pissed me off more than the gop shut up like little school girls on 1/6, was scotus! They would hear anything to do with it! Either by payoffs or pictures they shut it down. This is why I invoke the constitution that gives we the people the power to March on DC and remove the government and have everyone in government to go in front of a tribunal for corruption, sedition, and treason, if guilty they forfeit all their money to our coffers and spend the rest of their life in gitmo, if treason a public executions with their choice E chair, rope, or firing squad! Till the people stand together to do this, which majority are sheeple that still wore a diaper on the face after the first month that showed it didn’t work!



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