Many feel like Joe Biden’s tenure in the White House is nothing more than an illegitimate third-term presidency for Barack Obama. Upon leaving the White House, the Obama’s have taken up residency in Washington, D.C.’s illustrious Kalorama neighborhood.

The Kalorama neighborhood has always been a favorite among former presidents. However, only one former president, over a century ago, has chosen to live in the neighborhood upon exiting 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. The home is known as the Woodrow Wilson House.

It is now a popular historic site. So, why might the Obama’s be keen on staying so close to events which engulf Washington, D.C.? Many experts are confident that it’s to exercise immediate control over his shaky former vice president’s tenure as Commander-In-Chief.

Equally probable is the power-hungry former president’s penchant for control. Barack Obama’s dictatorial ego may be having another profound effect on certain things currently unfolding in our nation’s Capital.

A Washington, D.C. federal judge, appointed during the former president’s tenure, is on the bench for politically charged court proceedings. Chief Judge Beryl A. Howell is responsible for impartially overseeing the criminal cases surrounding the January 6 Capitol Hill protests.

Many cases involve people who were guilty of nothing more than getting swept up in the ensuing chaos. This isn’t in and of itself a problem. However, some comments by this liberal judge about the prosecution’s strategy surrounding certain cases are raising eyebrows.

Judge Howell has called the Justice Department’s approach “schizophrenic” and “puzzling”. She believes that certain charging decisions and requested punishment towards nonviolent rioters is “baffling” and “peculiar”.

While blasting the January 6 protests as an attack on our democracy, prosecutors are allowing nonviolent protestors to plead to misdemeanor charges. Protestors, often innocent victims who were swept up in the chaos, are being recommended for probation.

Common sense would immediately say, “why not”? A nonviolent person, someone who was consumed by momentary poor judgment, should not have felony charges leveled against them. Most of these people simply followed the crowd.

While “following the crowd” could justify a misdemeanor conviction for being stupid, labeling them as felony insurrectionists, and locking them up in jail, is clearly an overreach. Why is a chief federal judge in charge of these cases voicing her unsolicited opinions anyhow?

Howell also attacked the restitution demands made in each sentencing request. Stepping far outside the boundaries of impartiality, Howell thinks the $500 payments included in the plea agreement to be paltry.

Why does this liberal judge feel it’s her duty to set these financial parameters? Since judges must adhere to a rigid dedication of at least appearing impartial, Howell’s comments are truly alarming. There is no mistaking these comments as politically biased.

The D.C. liberal Obama appointee has gone so far as to describe the events on January 6 as “the crime of the century”. Realistically, this would cause one to clearly believe that she has biased leanings about any and all persons brought before her bench on this issue.

It seems rather unlikely that any of these defendants can feel confident of receiving fair and due process under the law. With his proximity to “all-things Washington, D.C.”, we’re suspicious of how influential a role former President Barack Obama is playing in these cases.

One thing is certain. The comments by Judge Howell are not impartial. They are clearly a partisan reflection, plus an indication of her feelings towards anyone at the Capitol Hill protests on January 6, 2020. She must recuse herself from the bench immediately.


Daniel is a conservative syndicated opinion writer and amateur theologian. He writes about topics of politics, culture, freedom, and faith.

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