Ever wonder why liberal Democrats constantly downplay or ignore the obvious wave of illegal migration crossing our U.S. southern border? Are you perplexed by the liberal blowhards who continue to insist that the border is closed despite the visibly undeniable truth?

You may be someone who’s reluctant to grasp reality. If so, here’s a small dose of the truth. The migration crisis, illegal aliens spewing into the United States, is on purpose. It is part of a deceitful scheme to change the voter demographic of America forever.

These crooked policies are being orchestrated by the radical wing of the Democrat Party to deliberately steal elections for generations to come by cheating the system. A decision by New York’s outgoing communist mayor exposes the truth behind this corrupt power grab.

Democrats are confident that the vast majority of the millions of illegal migrants gushing across the U.S. border will vote for them. Legislation is being pushed across dozens of liberal states to allow these non-citizens the right to participate in a cherished part of American democracy.

What we find truly astonishing is how “Comrade Wilhelm de Blasio” can say some of the stuff he does with a straight face. First of all, de Blasio insists that New York City is thriving, and New Yorkers are much safer during the pandemic.

Really Bill? Tell that to all the families of murder victims across your “Gotham-like cesspool”. Tell that to all the business owners who have been forced to close up shop because of your Draconian tyrant lockdown policies.

Tell that to the store owners whose businesses looters and rioters have ransacked. Every time Bill de Blasio opens his mouth, he reaffirms one reality. He may well be remembered as the worst, most corrupt mayor in the history of the United States.

His latest buffoon blunder was his answer to questions about a recent voter bill he signed. The outgoing Big Apple mayor started by agreeing he was not 100 percent, behind allowing noncitizens the right to vote. Talk about “talking out of the side of your mouth”.

While he insists he’s not completely behind the idea of non-Americans voting in American elections, he sure put his John Hancock on the bill. In true de Blasio form, he immediately tried to deflect questions and change the subject.

First, de Blasio insisted that his focus was on more important things, like the go-to liberal excuse of the pandemic. This is perfectly in line with the liberal playbook. When the questions get tough, deflect to COVID. He also tried to target blame back on the NYC City Council.

“I have mixed feelings. I’ve been very open about this law, and I think there are big legal questions. But I also respect the City Council. They made a decision,” he said. This was the perfect example of the liberal strategy to find a scapegoat, and then avoid the truth.

If de Blasio feels so strongly about non-Americans voting in U.S. elections, he could have vetoed the bill. It would have died. However, “Comrade Bill” is in cahoots with the rest of his devious liberal cronies.

This is a purposeful strategy to steal elections. Even as the outgoing mayor of one of America’s most crooked liberal cities, de Blasio had to put up a front. He had to appear to be part of the new liberal push for all-inclusiveness.

This isn’t all-inclusive. It’s an irrefutably corrupt way to pad the election registration rolls in favor of liberal candidates. This won’t be restricted to New York City. Changes allowing noncitizens the right to vote in New York will bleed throughout the state.

Oddly enough, while he’s exiting as the Mayor of New York City, de Blasio reportedly has his eye on the New York Governor’s mansion. Fortunately, poll data show very few New Yorkers support him. Going from Cuomo to de Blasio would further destroy New York.

A vast majority actually disapproves of de Blasio as a potential NY Governor. The pompous liberal seems unfazed by the polls. In an interview, de Blasio spouted off that he enjoyed being an underdog. “It’s not where you start, it’s where you finish, he said.

New Yorkers statewide, especially conservatives and independents, can only pray these public sentiments towards de Blasio hold. It would be a tragedy to see Bill de Blasio get a chance to further destroy an entire state the way he did one of America’s most beloved cities.


Daniel is a conservative syndicated opinion writer and amateur theologian. He writes about topics of politics, culture, freedom, and faith.

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