The North Korean government is actively looking to start problems. They have been the bully on the playground, making threats to steal everyone’s lunch money but never following through with any of those threats.

Everyone just brushes it off because they are familiar with the bully’s history of never genuinely carrying out his threats. However, the bully has started to shout new threats again. The North Korean government just enacted a new law that brazenly promotes nuclear conflict.

They have decided that it is permissible for the nation to use nuclear weapons if it believes that doing so would protect it from an attack by another nation in the event that it believes such an attack is imminent. But things improve.

In the event that Kim Jong Un is killed in an attack from another country, they will “automatically and immediately” launch a nuclear weapon.

“As long as nuclear weapons exist on Earth, and imperialism and the anti-North Korean maneuvers of the U.S. and its followers remain, our road to strengthening our nuclear force will never end,” Kim said, according to CNN.

Kim also reaffirmed his commitment to maintaining his country’s nuclear capabilities, saying North Korea will “never give up nuclear weapons and there is absolutely no denuclearization, and no negotiation and no bargaining chip to trade in the process.”

Previously, Kim and his father Kim Jong-Il indicated they would only ever use nuclear weapons in response to a nuclear attack on North Korea. The new law gives Kim reasons to launch an attack for anything from retaliation for a non-nuclear strike on the country or a preemptive attack to stop an event “judged to be on the horizon.”

Now, we can’t downplay North Korea entirely. While they are mostly just a lot of talk, they do have one of the largest armies in the world. But that’s probably because they likely force everyone who is able to fight to do so. I can’t see so many people willing to fight for a tyrant dictator under their own volition.

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  • Funny when Trump was in we had peace! Now Biden Democrats are back and they are trying to start another war! What say if they do we send all of them to the front line with their kids! Cause if they don’t go we ain’t either! Can’t wait to see Pelosi and Nadler doing any exercise



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