While Jeffrey Epstein escaped the judgment of the earthly judges for his heinous crimes, he will not escape judgment from the ultimate judge.

Ghislaine Maxwell, however, does not have this same situation. She will experience the judgment of her earthly judges very soon as her trial has begun.

Ghislaine Maxwell, Epstein’s former lover and sex trafficking partner, is actually in court currently as her trial has finally started. Right now they’re just doing jury selection, but that won’t take too long and toward the beginning of next year, the case will hopefully have been decided.

I don’t think that there is any real doubt that Ghislaine Maxwell is guilty as charged, and probably guilty of a lot more than just this, but what we’ve really got to hope for is enough concrete evidence to nail her on this crime and send her away for the rest of her life.

There’s no telling how many other people participated in this scheme because you know that it was more than just the two of them.

I think the one thing that we’re all really hoping for is that Bill Clinton gets implicated in this because we already know that he’s involved. We know Prince Andrew is involved as well, but I think we would all really get more joy in seeing Clinton go down for this given everything that the Clintons have done over the years.

But Epstein, prior to him being suicided, reportedly said that he had no interest in killing himself according to the jailhouse psychologist. He called himself a coward and said that the didn’t like pain. “I wouldn’t do that to myself,” he said.

The Times reviewed more than 2,000 pages of “detailed notes and reports compiled by those who interacted” with Epstein while he was in prison on sex trafficking charges. Epstein, a master manipulator and liar, “repeatedly assured” those in the prison that he had a lot to live for with increasing clues that he might commit suicide, the Times reported. From the outlet:

He passed many days closed in a conference room with his lawyers, avoiding the confines of his dank and dirty cell. In conversations with psychologists and other inmates, he spoke of his interest in physics and mathematics and offered tidbits of investment advice. He reminisced about socializing with celebrities, even as he complained about the running toilet in his cell, the orange prison garb, his difficulty sleeping, his dehydration and a numbness in his right arm.

“The night he killed himself, Mr. Epstein lied to jail officials and said he wanted to phone his mother — who was long dead. He instead called his girlfriend. Jail personnel left him alone in his cell that night, despite an explicit directive that he be assigned a cellmate,” the Times reported.

Will we ever know what really happened to Epstein? I don’t think so. The cameras weren’t working, the guards were asleep, everything was perfectly designed to allow for Epstein to either kill himself, or for something to happen to him.

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