The closer we get to November 3rd, more and more damning evidence keeps coming out about how the Obama administration spied on the Trump campaign and then used federal law enforcement to cover it up and attack key members of the Trump campaign during and after the 2016 election.

And it’s not getting any better for those involved as time goes on.  In fact, it’s getting worse for them by the day.

Investigative reporter John Solomon’s “Just the News” reported with the headline, “Declassified CIA memo one of several red flags Russia collusion was a Clinton dirty trick” about the latest release of documents containing a classified memo from September 2016 showing that the CIA told then FBI director James Comey that the Clinton campaign was scheming to push a phony scandal of Russian collusion with the Trump campaign for the campaign to get her emails, which were damning and embarrassing.  In other words, Hillary Clinton came up with a way to get her illegal private email server scandal off the front pages of newspapers by pushing a fake narrative about Russian collusion with the Trump campaign.  She wanted the story instead of being she ran an illegal private email server while serving as secretary of state, to be about Trump getting the emails from the Russian government.  This is a tactic Democrats use all the time.  Forget about the seriousness of what the Democrat did, the story is how horrible is was how the Republicans got a hold of the information.

People forget that while Trump was filling up to 20,000 venue arenas Hillary Clinton couldn’t fill a beer hall without Katy Perry first performing. There was no need for Trump to even get those emails. Hillary was the least popular presidential candidate ever given the nomination.

In the end, the country was put through hell for three years and handed a Constitutional crisis all so that Hillary Clinton could cover up a real set of crimes.

After John Ratcliffe, the Director of National Intelligence, released a bunch of classified documents, the American people had learned that President Barack Obama had been briefed by then grumpy CIA director John Brennan of the Clinton obfuscation plan.  There’s just no way these people can deny it any longer.

Nevertheless, the memo reported by the Washington Times is a direct warning in writing from the CIA to the FBI of what the Clinton campaign was up to. The Washington Times headlined its report: “How CIA tried to wave FBI off Trump-Russia conspiracy as it pointed the finger at Hillary Clinton.”

The fact that it came just weeks after the FBI had opened up the phony “Crossfire Hurricane” investigation into “collusion” between the Trump campaign and the Russian government should have raised a ton of red flags in the bureau that maybe it was being played for political purposes.  I think Comey knew it was bogus and ran with it anyway.  He wanted to keep his job, so he wanted to impress the next president, Hillary Clinton, with how useful he could be pulling off the dirty work for her.

It also raises the likelihood that an honest investigation will reveal proof that the FBI under Comey, with the help of rogue agents like the fired and disgraced former FBI agent Peter Strzok, was incredibly willing to go along with the coup.  But by all accounts it now seems that Comey and the rest of the coup attempt bad actors from the Obama administration knew it was bogus and went ahead with it anyway.

Since Joe Biden, who is running for president right now, was then the vice president of the United States, and we have evidence that he brought up the idea of charging Lt. General Michael Flynn with a ridiculous Logan Act violation, American voters have every right under the sun to know how much Biden was involved in the attempt to take down candidate and later president elect Donald Trump.  Biden already lied by saying that he knew nothing about the White House meeting to go after Flynn, only for the evidence to be declassified afterward that he made the Logan Act suggestion.

On Tuesday, when Ratcliffe announced the declassification, Trump campaign spokesman Tim Murtagh said that the American people deserve to know the truth of what happened.

“It is imperative that the American people now learn what then-Vice President Joe Biden knew about this conspiracy and when he knew it,” Murtagh said in a statement.

“What did Biden know about Clinton’s plan to use the Russia Hoax to try to smear her political opponent? Did Biden condone the plan? Did he express any misgivings about it or remain silent? Biden must give a full accounting of his knowledge and his conversations about Clinton’s scheme, which was known to the highest reaches of his administration.”

These are all legitimate questions to ask, after all, which means they won’t be asked at all by a boot-licking sycophants  in the Fake News media focused completely on removing the Trump administration from power in favor of a candidate who can’t seem to keep tell his sister from his wife.


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