On Wednesday, August 25th the US State Department issued a warning to US nationals. They were told to stay away from the airport in Kabul and those already outside the gates there were told to leave.

On Thursday, August 26th a suicide bomber blew himself up near the Abbey Gate. The soldiers who were killed in the suicide bombing are:

Following the attack, one Marine wrote a text message to The Raid Team. According to the Gateway Pundit, a Marine that was on the scene, there was a countdown to the bombing beginning two hours before the attack.

The Taliban allowed the bomber to get inside their perimeter, but the Marines did not allow him inside the gates of the airport.

It has been alleged that the military had the bomber in their sights, but they were not given the okay to fire before he got to the airport.

Witnesses at the scene of the bombings said that the Taliban soldiers were laughing over the death of American soldiers. The TGP spoke with The Raid Team and saved information from their site in case social media decided to scrub them.

There was a countdown.  From a Marine at the scene:

“Yeah… it happened an hour after the last radio transmission about it.  They said 10 minutes an IED is set to go off.  2 minutes an IED is set to go off.  At 1627 an IED is going to go off. Then at 1730 something finally went off.”

“The S Vest (suicide vest) countdown is no lie.  I heard occasional radio chatter of them saying how far away the bomber was.  Absolute incompetence.  We had a Carl G and literally had to steal rounds because we were not given them…”

The Marine said they were not given proper equipment or ammunition to face the threat:

So, let’s get this straight. We had the bomber in our sights, were not given the go-ahead to kill him. The troops that were in danger were not given the proper equipment or even ammunition and then the bomb went off. It was almost as if they wanted Marines to die. I know that wasn’t the case, I’m just pointing out how badly the entire operation was run.



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