The world has seen the U.S., once a powerful and proud nation, fall from grace like never before under Biden’s leadership…or lack thereof. We are now seen as weak and pitiful compared to others around us, even to other countries who have it worse than us in many ways.

Osama Bin Laden once said,  “When people see a strong horse and a weak horse, by nature, they will like the strong horse.” We’ve got to acknowledge that we, the United States, are that weak horse today.

Under Biden, we have proven that we are the weak horse and are pitied by the rest of the world. And just think, there are other countries that are worse off than us in many ways, but they see us now and think, “What a shame.”

Don’t think that these terrorist organizations don’t see this as an opportunity to attack the global superpower that is the U.S. either. They know we’re in a moment of weakness and they’re setting up to pounce.

In fact, Al Qaeda is now threatening an attack that they say would be more devastating than what 9/11 was. And they can easily get into the country to do what they want because we’re just letting people pour into our country at the Southern border that there is no way we would even be able to stop them.

Former Gitmo prisoner, Ibrahim Al-Qousi tells Americans today: “Your security is still at risk as long as you do not comprehend the lesson and as long as you do not act to remove the reasons for which the September 11events took place, as explained by bin Laden in his messages….O Americans, your security is still at risk as long as you fight Islam and Muslims under different names, including counterterrorism.”

Old Joe has aided the jihad by removing the impediment that U.S. borders previously posed: “O Americans, let it be known to you that the mujahideen today are not limited to borders and that they can move from any part of the world to execute what they wish to deter your oppression. Every Muslim on the face of earth is in fact an enterprising mujahid.”

Al-Qousi said that upcoming jihad massacres in the U.S. “will not be a carbon copy of the 9/11 attacks,” but they could be even “more painful.” “The days and nights will not pass until we take revenge like we did on 11th of September, Allah permitting.”

Good thing Biden’s security and intelligence apparatus is busy hunting down “white supremacists.”

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Daniel is a conservative syndicated opinion writer and amateur theologian. He writes about topics of politics, culture, freedom, and faith.

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  • Al-Qousi’s threat should have had a statement appended to it: “I’m Joe Biden and I approve of this message.”

    His open border policy adds credibility and imminence to a threat that, until his treasonous “executive orders,” surrender in Afghanistan and arming of the Taliban, might have been considered the ravings of a madman. Our own madman raves about parents who oppose the radicalization of their schoolchildren to hate America.

    Nobody in the world hates Trump as much as the democrat left hates America.

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  • Republicans as a force have not been effective in stopping the election fraud that gave us Joe cool. Until we have enough strong republicans in power, the US is history.

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  • So will the retaliation after . Be sure you what this cause when it hits it will sink your country to nothing but dust

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