There are a handful of states that have very high vaccination rates in our country and at the top of the list is the state of Vermont.

With that being the case, I have a question…

Knowing this fact, how does one explain the massive surge in new cases in the state of Vermont? And when I say a surge, I’m talking about new highs, even higher than last summer or winter.

In Vermont, nearly 72% of residents are fully vaccinated against CΟVID-19 — more than any other state, according to U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention data. At the same time, it has the 12th-highest rate of new CΟVID-19 cases over the last week, state data released Tuesday shows.

Vermont has seen a “significant” increase in CΟVID-19 cases in the past week, Mike Pieciak, commissioner of the state’s Department of Financial Regulation, said during a press briefing Tuesday.

The seven-day average for CΟVID-19 cases rose 42% as of Tuesday, according to state data. Vermont does more testing than nearly any other state, though testing only increased 9% during the same period. The statewide positivity rate also increased 30%, with the seven-day average positivity rate just under 4%. The number of new cases increased by nearly 700 in the past week, state officials said Tuesday.


This isn’t unheard of either. Just last month the country of Singapore went through this very same thing.

Their vaccination rate is hovering around 85% fully vaccinated right now.

With nearly the entire population having been vaccinated already, their total number of new cases skyrocketed to the moon. I mean BIG TIME. Look at these charts from last month:

Could some scientist explain to me how a country that had nearly eradicated the virus from their country and has among the highest vаccination rates in the world, have such exponential growth of new CΟVID cases recently?

This should be impossible if the thing does what it’s supposed to.



Daniel is a conservative syndicated opinion writer and amateur theologian. He writes about topics of politics, culture, freedom, and faith.

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    • How can this be , old joe said if you have the China virus vaccine you will be safe . And you won’t need to wear a mask . So how comes that same China virus vaccine is now no good . Why does old Joe still wants everyone to have them China virus vaccine that doesn’t work ??? Specially since he’s letting affected illegals walk in the country with out being checked for the China virus . How is he going to stop the spread when he won’t stop the flow of the China virus coming in the country ??? Is he really that stupid ??? Guess he thinks we’re as stupid as he is

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      • He is not stupid…that is what his puppeteers and their collaborators in the Main sewer Stream fake Media/social media would like you to believe…He is doing exactly what he was “put” into place to do… he was “elected(?)” under cover of the Covid Psych Ops, he is using the same ‘cover’ to carry out his agenda, fully supported by the corrupt MSM/Social Media…

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  • I’d like to see the comparison between vaxxed and nonvaccinated new Covid Cases in this state. A large part of nonvaccinated individuals have had Covid already and possess natural immunity. Natural immunity prevents multiple types of Covid and lasts longer than the immunity from vaccines. Covid 19 vaccines seem to be following the pattern of Flu vaccines, eg, their effectiveness is only for a few months. They don’t follow the effectiveness pattern of smallpox or varicella (herpes zoster) vaccine where one shot is totally preventative. I foresee seasonal Covid vaccines for the near future and there are safer vaccines coming down the pike, thankfully. The other problem is early treatment in the form of hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin has been suppressed. Early treatment is just as critical as vaccines in getting this virus under control. FYI, I’m a doc.

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    • Hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin…you may have noticed has been ‘ridiculed’ by the vacuous imbeciles in the MSM…even the WHO did a hatchet job on Hydroxy. which the Lancet, on reviewing the data, rejected…but left the “lie” on the table. Stupidity and the Main sewer Stream fake Media will ‘do us in’ eventually…

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  • How can this be , old joe said if you have the China virus vaccine you will be safe . And you won’t need to wear a mask . So how comes that same China virus vaccine is now no good . Why does old Joe still wants everyone to have them China virus vaccine that doesn’t work ??? Specially since he’s letting affected illegals walk in the country with out being checked for the China virus . How is he going to stop the spread when he won’t stop the flow of the China virus coming in the country ??? Is he really that stupid ??? Guess he thinks we’re as stupid as he is




  • You do know that is why the COVID (Wuhan Red Death) shots are given. To make sure enough people get the virus to be politically useful to the Socialists.

  • It’s the “vaccine” and the vaxed people who are the covid danger. Isolate THEM. Don’t let them in anyplace if they’ve had the vax but not covid.

  • This so called VACCINE is not stopping or slowing down the transmission of this so called COVID 19, it’s more like a MAGNET for it. And if it’s not attracting it the DEATH JAB is killing people. I think the American people should WAKE UP and realize this so called news is nothing but PROPAGANDA and LIES. It’s awful funny when this shit came out (Presidential election time, and how all these election rules and mail in not legal voting rules changed.) Just in time for this Fraudulent election. People need to open their eyes and BRAINS and Realize that they have been made complete idiotic morons of. Just look at what happened to our country since January 20th. WAKE UP PEOPLE.

    • Unfortunately too many brains succumbed to the propaganda/gaslighting carried out by the corrupt MSM over the past forty odd years when they, the MSM, abandoned the principles of the Fourth Estate in favour of Fifth Column standing….so much so that 50%+ are literally ‘brain dead’…voting machines, mail in voting, ballot harvesting and cemetery/illegal voters tended to “tip the scale”…

  • In my opinion.. I think the test that are being given, are laced with Covid showing everyone being tested has Covid, therefor, keeping the country under control of the government and ‘Fooy Fauci’. China will do ANYTHING to keep the US locked down. Between them and Biden…they’re doing a great job of destroying this Nation, but the sad thing is, ‘We the people are letting it happen!!! I’ve done sooo much research on the vaccine, it’s killing the people around the World. Ever wonder ‘WHY’ ? Gates is the one promoting it.! Depopulation of the World !! There are videos of him saying this very thing. What the vaccine does is destroy you immune system ! you can die from catching a ‘Cold’.. DO SOME RESEARCH PEOPLE AND SAVE A LIFE.. IT MAY BE YOUR OWN !!! “NO JABBS” !!!!!!!!

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  • Isn’t Vermont one of those traditional Democrapic strongholds???? If so……what do we know very well about those Democraps??? They LIE !!!!! Probably a 10-15% vaccinated state in reality!!!!!!

  • I now know 9 people personally who had blood clots, myocarditis , brain hemorrhaging, seizures and severe pain after the GENOCIDE jab. 4 of whom died. I know absolutely NO ONE who died from the light weight Wuflu that our UNcompromised immune systems can easily handle. The vaxed are dropping like flies from the GENOCIDE jab. It was DESIGNED to KILL!

  • That is absolutely hilarious!! Highest vax rate and highest infection rate!! It is higher now than at any time before the vax was even available. These people are ruining their immune systems. At least the sheep will be the ones that are affected and Patriots will be fine

    • To add fuel to the fire….two heavily vaccinated counties in Ireland…over 97% and 96% respectively…recently had exceptionally high covid figures…The vaccine proponents are NOW claiming that the unvaxxed. should be vaxxed. to protect the ALREADY vaxxed….apparently the vaxx. is ‘useless as tits on a bull’…Why is it so important to ‘infect’ people with Messenger RNA and ‘spike proteins’????

  • The jab is designed to produce variants and keep the scamdemic going. That is why |Japan has abandoned it for treatment with Ivermectin, etc.

  • I thought getting the vaccine was to make people sick until they die was the purpose of the vaccine. Looks like this may be happening. Many Dr.s warned of this happening. They were saying in 2-3 years we would see this happening. Didn’t Gates say they needed to get rid of 80% of the worldn’s population ?

  • Many Dr.s tried to warn people that the vaccine would make you sick until you die. Looks like maybe this is coming to pass. Now they are giving it to children and the parents and govt. should be prosecuted if anything happens to them.

  • The stupidity in this article would be amusing if it weren’t so deadly. Even in highly vaccinated states, the virus is spreading like wildfire–among the unvaccinated. While there are breakthrough cases of folks that have been vaccinated, cases, hospitalizations, and deaths are all occurring 1000% more frequently in the unvaccinated.

  • I don’t know when these pathetic, corrupt, lying, slime bucket dems will EVER learn that mask mandates, vaccine mandates, social distancing, lockdowns and so forth and so forth DO NOT F’ING WORK…FJB AND FJB CDC, FAUXI CAN SHOVE IT UP THEIR ARSES…

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