Nations all around the world have been fighting a deadly pandemic for nearly 2 years. From the first leaked case, CΟVID has killed over 5 million globally. It has been the most devastating public health crisis in over a century.

Through the efforts of President Trump’s “Warp Speed”, scientists were able to produce a vаccination against CΟVID in a fraction of the estimated time. While there are still many questions surrounding the efficacy of the CΟVID vаccination, it has saved lives.

However, pharmaceutical companies may have discovered a breakthrough pill that could be an even greater game-changer in the CΟVID battle. Merck, which developed the first pill approved for release in the United Kingdom, has produced one breakthrough antiviral medicine.

In addition to the recent Merck announcement, Pfizer has released yet another possible weapon in the battle against CΟVID. Pfizer’s PAXLOVID specifically targets CΟVID’s reproductive capabilities. The pill blocks the critical enzyme required by CΟVID to multiply.

Interim results from PAXLOVID studies show the pill can reduce the risk of hospitalization and death from CΟVID by up to 89 percent. While the United Kingdom beat the United States by authorizing the Merck pill first, Molnupirivir is not proving as effective as PAXLOVID.

The United States is reportedly purchasing over $1 billion worth of the Merck pill. However, in anticipation of an even greater commitment to Pfizer’s antiviral pill, Pfizer’s stock price rose dramatically upon the release of PAXLOVID.

There could still be some roadblocks ahead of PAXLOVID’s final approval. Pfizer’s reports came via a corporate press release. This contradicts a peer-reviewed journal report for Molnupirivir. This may be one reason behind the United Kingdom’s recent approval.

Now, Pfizer must submit research to the U.S. Federal Drug Administration. Pfizer will request the FDA allow PAXLOVID for emergency use authorization. As the pandemic still disrupts life around the nation, Americans may soon be able to attack CΟVID with an easy-to-take pill, before the deadly virus attacks them.


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