The Biden regime’s decision to push through the new rule is nothing short of an assault on American gun owners and a direct violation of the Constitution. Millions of Americans who have legally purchased firearm accessories now face the threat of federal felony charges, all thanks to this new policy. This rule would reclassify pistol braces as firearms subject to registration under the National Firearms Act and Gun Control Act, effectively banning their use unless registered with the ATF.

This is absolutely outrageous given that just a decade ago, the ATF itself had declared that such braces were completely legal! It has been estimated that there are between three to seven million braces currently in circulation throughout America, and there may even be as many as 10-40 million depending on who you ask. Despite this, and despite hundreds of thousands of comments opposing this regulation left during its public comment period, the Regime has chosen to move forward with its ban regardless.

Gun rights groups from Gun Owners of America to The Second Amendment Foundation are now vowing to fight this ban in court – but what if they fail? Even if they succeed in overturning it, what is stopping future Democrat regimes from simply creating another version or ignoring the courts altogether? It’s clear that gun owners across America need to stand up against this power grab of registering their pistol braces. Only then can we protect our rights and stop these anti-Constitution attacks from occurring again.

The Biden regime’s actions here have not only undermined our basic liberties, but also contradicted prior decisions made by their own agency. This speaks to a larger pattern throughout history where those in power have tried time and time again to strip away Americans’ rights without any regard for justice or morality. We cannot let them get away with it any longer – we must speak up and fight back against tyranny whenever we see it happen!


Daniel is a conservative syndicated opinion writer and amateur theologian. He writes about topics of politics, culture, freedom, and faith.

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  • The entire Biden administration needs to be put down, as they have no hope of ever being cured of their sickness, before it spreads any more

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  • It’s time for law enforcement to wake up and use their brains. If a law is un-Constitutional then they should not enforce it. Police have been given a bad name already by the left wing nuts. They should be smart enough to not make themselves enemy of the people. Because gun owners will not give up their weapons without a fight.

    • Robert your right and the cops know it, makes you wonder about some cops though, some are stupid enough to risk their life. I wanting for Patriots to stand up at least with civil disobedience, but until so-called Patriots are willing to risk all the socialist globalist will continue to take our rights away. It’s not just Gun owners, farmers are being attacked too. WEF has every western government attacking their people, y’all would see this if you open your eyes! To bad majority of people are sheep and they’re going to all enslave people to a communist one world government, I’m glad I’ll be dead one way or another.

    • they don’t necessarily have to take it but they may very well do that. They just have to criminalize you for using it. If you try to protect your life and property you are now the criminal if you use a gun in this case. easy to do.

      • Then we will all be “criminals” for standing up to our God given Constitutional rights. We outnumber them.

    • communist do not believe in the constitution. period. or the bill of rights . those are all going bye bye soon too.

    • Every democrat in congress took the same oath only to ignore it as soon as they were sworn in, especially those that can here from other countries and blaspheme our country!!

  • People you know you can not do what needs to be done it’s going to take mass groups to do anything i have got people around me geting other ready if they come 10 years in jail is bad when you have your rights remove i am not running i 68 disable and i am going to STAND AND FIGHT

  • Why are dems so stupid? They try to take away “gun ownership” from LAW abiding citizens apparently so that they can protect the criminals and allow them to continue their crimes. They should be taking action against the criminals that cause the problems free to carry on.

    THAT, is like plugging a dam, AFTER it breaks because you think that the water will stop because of the plug.

    Stupid does as stupid is…..

    • stupid NO. they are doing this because if you look at the rest of the world you will see this has been already done. Canada is still working on it however. Without guns you cannot fight a tyrannical gov. that is their plan. that is what we are facing. communism, socialism embraces or is communist, marxist if you prefer. nazism, fascism and Islamic regime agenda and dictatorship. Got it nowl

    • They do not care for you or for me or for most of the populace in this nation. They don’t even care for the victims of all the school shootings (however, they love to use all the publicity from these murders to support their anti-gun agenda). In the case of the politicians, it is their own hides which they are trying to save. You see, as long as the populace of this nation is loaded with guns, they will step very gingerly, but once the populace is disarmed, they will stomp us to dust and stomp us at will. One has to consider: what type of people, in any nation, would vote for a man with dementia or senility to rule them? It is— they who are deceived. They are even selling this country right from under our feet. I hope I’m wrong, but the evidence is everywhere. Far too many of these elected officials are no long our representatives. In order to discern, one would have to read the entire Bible. I fear that we have gone beyond the ‘point of no return’.

  • Correct me if I’m wrong, but I don’t remember any (real) crimes committed by criminals using a pistol brace. This will open the door for gov’t thugs though: If anyone commits the smallest infraction, he or she will open the door for the BATF to search their records and finding a brace purchase, now charge them with a violation plus confiscations. Mark my words, I’m sure this is the next step.

    • The Boulder Grocery Store Shooter used an AR Pistol equipped with a Brace. The real pisser is, the guy should have been Flagged long before.

  • Real simple. Fuck Joe Biden and his corrupt supporters.
    Come take our weapons Joe, so We the People can respond to your tyranny and wipe your fucking asses out

  • Well if the president wants to take our rights away? Maybe we should take his away! There are way more of us and the military is our sons and daughters not his! and it is there rights as well he wants to destroy! He swore an oath to uphold the constitution. We could drag him from that office for that alone! We could always just dump him on the Mexico boarder and let them support him! Maybe it is time to remind the so called leaders !
    who is the boss? Just so they don’t keep forgetting. or playing stupid!

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  • The American Government is outright Corrupt. Lying Corrupt Quid Pro KING Joe is no different than Modero from Venezuela, Putin, or Kim. America thinks it doesn’t have a dictator or an authoritarian type of govt? Corrupt Quid Pro wants an American Govt. patented after Communist China, and an America modeled after the failed states of Socialist Europe. The only thing standing in the way of transforming America to Marxist Muslim Pricks Obama’s America are the guns. every law abiding citizen should arm up. When the imbecile in the W/H says you can’t beat the Feds, we have f-15’s. When a POTUS is willing to use f-15’s against America’s citizens, he is no different than any other dictator. Here is some advice for the imbecile in the W/H. Corrupt Quid pro and his corrupt minions, go down to the library of congress, retrieve the original U.S. Constitution, and on national TV, tear it up, and see what happens. The 2nd American Revolution will have started. All of these hate America crowd, the corrupt politicians, and unqualified bureaucrats, on both sides of the aisle that are out to destroy America, need to be rounded up and placed in the nearest landfill.

  • after 60 years we STILL don’t have a conservative CONSTITUTIONAL supreme court. I’d like to know just what these ‘supreme’ court morons can’t understand about the phrase “Shall Not Be Infringed”, within our 1st and 2nd Amendments!!!! They could shoot this down in about 60 seconds, if they were intelligent enough (and NOT so afraid of what the communist left thinks about them)!!

  • Outlawing a device that helps physically control and manage a firearm to help make it SAFER to use, does not seem like a smart move.

  • Nick, nick, nick until you have a gash. This is what the commies are doing to Amereica. They cannot invade America so they will make America bleed to death and they will do it by having the stupid American people do it for them. Gun control is a nick, nick. One little step at a time until they can confiscate the firearms. The most stupid thing Americans can do is gun registration. That just gives them the where to go to disarm America. Another nick is the internet and the press media. They now control what you can say and they can prevent you from saying anything because you have no platform. Wake up America. You are killing yourself.

  • Such a so called “law” is not a valid law, since it violates our Constitutional rights, so it needs to be ignored.

  • I WILL NOT COMPLY with tyranny!!!!! The 2nd Amendment has NOTHING to do with hunting, it is about self defense from criminals and political tyrants!!!!! When the founders wrote SHALL NOT INFRINGE they meant it!!!!! As victims of tyranny they wanted a nation whose citizens could oppose tyranny and I will oppose tyranny!!!!! I am old and disabled but would rather die fighting for liberty than die in a FEMA concentration camp of starvation or disease as the victims of Nazi tyranny did!!!!!!!!!!

  • Joe Biden even as a Vice President was not allowed to legally remove classified documents from a government facility. Donald Trump as President was. What Biden did was far more agregious than what Trump did.

    Also Trump put his documents in a highly secure residence called Mara Lago. Biden put his documents in a closet of property rented by the Chinese Government. There is no comparison here.



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