What occurred at the U.S. Capitol on January 6, 2020, was unacceptable. It truly did give American democracy a black eye. Chaos followed a passionate speech by President Donald Trump. However, violence was never part of the plan.

In fact, President Trump’s own words called the protesters to nothing of the sort. The president urged protesters to do otherwise, “I know that everyone here will soon be marching over to the Capitol building to peacefully and patriotically make your voices heard.”

There were thousands of patriotic Americans marching to the Capitol to do just that. However, something went horribly wrong. In what seemed like an instant, a peaceful march turned into a chaotic assault on the Capitol.

Immediately, the corrupt mainstream media singled out the president as the ringleader. Clearly, he was not. But who was? How could normally peaceful Americans, as upset about the fraudulent 2020 election as they were, turn violent?

The events of January 6 were serious, and need to be investigated. However, there is an eerie similarity between what turned into a chaotic riot and other politically motivated corruption. The Russian collusion allegations against President Trump were a hoax.

They were an orchestrated attack on a presidential candidate and ultimately a sitting U.S. President. Radical Democrats, led by Hillary Clinton, were behind the hoax. There was a pair of bogus attempts to impeach President Trump as well. Neither one had an ounce of merit.

They were both contrived tricks to cast President Trump as a menace. A menace against the “deep state Washington, D.C. swamp” is what he was. President Trump wasn’t a villain. Nevertheless, like these crooked Washington bureaucrats kept insisting that he was.

President Trump still is a menace to the entrenched, deep state crooks that pollute our nation’s Capitol. But how could these career political criminals instigate a riot on the day Congress was supposed to confirm election results?

As evidence showing how the protests turned violent is exposed, it’s turning out to be pretty simple. All the radical left had to do was infiltrate the otherwise peaceful protesters with strategically placed instigators. By opening barricades, they provided direct access.

They knew people wouldn’t know any better. Just like the fictitious claims by the Hillary Clinton campaign about Russia collusion, the left were the ones guilty of collusion. This is the same playbook the radical left used to manipulate what happened on January 6.

They’ve even created their own sham commission to supposedly investigate. However, these entrenched D.C. crooks are repeating the same strategy. There was clear evidence that something was going to happen on January 6. There was going to be a “stop the steal” protest.

Millions of Americans were angered by the obvious way Joe Biden stole the 2020 Presidential Election. Thousands showed up in Washington, D.C. to hear the President speak and to peacefully protest. But that’s where the whole situation changed dramatically.

Implanted within these otherwise peaceful patriots were a bunch of hard line radicals. One such radical group is the Patriot Front. Recently, the neo-Nazi group had their data leaked. Members of the group were exposed.

They are a hostile offshoot of Vanguard America. This group, and others like them, has no connection to President Trump. However, evidence shows these are the people who instigated the violence on January 6. Video exposes the faces of a number of federal agents.

This is not the only example of instigation by federal operatives, even the FBI. The feds ignited the January 6 protests into a violent assault. January 6, 2020, truly was a terrible day in our nation. However, it is nothing like what the radical left would have the country believe.

It was another orchestrated plot targeted at President Trump. It’s why they push the “insurrection” narrative. Furthermore, It was not. However, if they can attach President Trump to that narrative, they could try to block him from ever running for office again.


This is a strategic plan. It is a hoax. Once Republicans take back control of the U.S. House of Representatives, things will change. There are some who believe strongly that members of this so-called commission may face criminal charges.

They have violated the rule of law. Worse yet, they have violated the moral and ethical guidelines that elected public officials should follow. It’s the deep state. The January 6 investigation is just another example of how corrupt Washington, D. C. truly is.

To access the files, via Unicorn Riot.

This release is now made available to the public at vault.unicornriot.ninja. Volunteers upgraded Unicorn Riot’s DiscordLeaks platform to host 55,249 RocketChat messages and file attachments, allowing the public to search the cache and inspect how fascists try to operate discreetly at their most inner levels.


Daniel is a conservative syndicated opinion writer and amateur theologian. He writes about topics of politics, culture, freedom, and faith.

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  • The so called Jan 6th insurrection was a democrat SET UP TRAP for patriots and they are living a hell created for them by the democrats and the RINO party isn’t doing anything to help them. Why??? Most likely the RINOs are deadly afraid of the democrat’s completely controlled lying corporate press and will never stand against their agenda and disclose the TRUTH.



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