In the lawsuit that President Trump has filed, he requested that a judge investigate the raid that the FBI conducted on his renowned property, Mar-a-Lago. The DOJ gave their response. Included in this is a document that details what exactly was taken from Mar-a-Lago during the raid.

On Wednesday, August 31, the day after it was handed over to the court, a photograph was widely distributed throughout the media. The Department of Justice allegedly tried to show how egotistical President Trump is by placing the Time Magazine cover on the right side of the picture. They staged everything to make it appear more narcissistic.

President Trump “KEPT framed Time cover of ‘enemies’ knocking at his window among the collection of classified files – including documents marked “Top Secret” and those based on “human intelligence” – sprawled across Mar-a-Lago,” according to The Daily Mail.

However, the photo that you’ve probably seen is a piece of artwork. It was a manufactured “crime scene” created by the FBI.

The number 2A, which denotes that this was a crime scene photo and a type of tape measure across the bottom of the image, and the tape measure’s presence at the bottom of the photo presented to the court inform us that they want this to be viewed as a crime scene.  The material that you see on the floor was deliberately thrown to the ground by the corrupt FBI. In other words, this photo was staged.

In addition to this, those containers that were placed nearby confirm this. If the FBI wanted to snap a picture of the documents, they would have been set out on a table. Additionally, the cabinets are immediately adjacent to the documents, indicating that is where they were most likely kept. They were not kept on the ground.

The DOJ has now released a full inventory list of what was seized from Mar-a-Lago. Here is the list:

gov.uscourts.flsd.618763.39… by ABC News Politics


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  • For them to have done this there should be nuclear missile blueprints and letters where he was selling these to every enemy we have…! WTF… considering the President can declassify anything at anytime. I see NOTHING at all here.! Now I want to know WHO DO WE CALL TO ARREST those who gave these orders to go in? This was a Political Assault..!

  • DOJ and FBI and all of Biden’s cabinet and staff are so corrupt. It makes me sick to see what the dems./communists have done to this wonderful country.

  • Those in the FBI from Obozo’s first day till now need to be tossed in prison to await HANGING for TREASON. Mueller, McCabe, Page and Strzok all are TRAITORS. This also applies to those who CHEATED Pedo Joe into office. That would be everyone in DC who did not CHALLENGE that FARCE Democraps call an Election.

  • A whole lot of nothing burger here and “what” is with “articles of clothing” marked “gift”? How would FBI (federal bureau of ignorance) even know those were gifts?? Lot’s of unimaginative action here.

  • Well wait till they raid the biden families homes! Or the Kamila house hold! Then you will hear them screaming WHAT ABOUT THE LAW! The same laws Democrats have been ignoring for decades!

  • You cant’t trust anything the government say’s. Commieobozo packed all the agencies with radical leftest. Our government is so full of commies it’s almost going to take another revolution and start over to ever be able to believe in government. They have been after President Trump since before he won (BOTH TIMES). President Trump should change parties and run as a democrat ,but serve as a conservative (he’d win the primary and Presidency) and that would really FK up the dem’s, what could they do? Could they vote for a Republican (Desantis) (Don Jr)? The dem’s have no one on the bench- hillary? biden(again)?clamila?aoc?pocahontas?cheney? buttajab? They got squat.

  • I guess “FLOOR” is too hard for the ‘author’ to spell.

    I have been on a lot of different types of “ground” in a lot of different States in all kinds of weather from arid desert to 20′ deep mountain snowpack and never once saw ‘ground’ so intricately designed…

  • Why would the FBI take clothing or magazines and newspaper articles? Doesn’t a warrant have to say specifically list what they are looking for? I doubt clothing, gift items magazines and newspaper articles are in that bull crap warrant.

  • This is why we need to insist that Trump be the Republican candidate . This fraud of an election has to be overturned and the perpetrators prosecuted. Allowing the Republican party to run anyone else would be a sure sign a deal had been cut with democrats to cover up the criminal coup. Trump and only Trump is the legitimate President.

  • So They Say? Just MORE Harassment.. Invasion of Privacy. fbi has been a gestapo Terrorist group for the Last 20+ Years.

  • I HATE the FBI and now I HATE Pence for his comments. I am for supporting LOCAL law enforcement unlike the ahole-in-chief. I think the corrupt FBI should be DEFUNDED and the entire (IN)Justice Department disbanded.



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