The 2020 presidential election was a total fiasco. It was the biggest evidence of political manipulation and voter fraud in our nation’s history. Simply put, despite the corrupt mainstream media’s insistence that the election was fair, it was not.

More and more evidence is emerging demonstrating how involved big tech was in manipulating the news narrative. Individual accounts were suspended, and a wealth of critical information was purposefully hidden. Social media was in the tank for Joe Biden. They helped him cheat.

In a podcast interview with Joe Rogan, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg dropped a bombshell on the American public. He said the FBI tried to persuade his platform to label information about the incriminating Hunter Biden laptop story as Russian disinformation.

It was not. However, manipulating the news narrative and the minds of voters ahead of the election was just one strategy the left used. The other was to blatantly cheat. 2000 Mules, a startling documentary by Dinesh D’Souza, exposes drop box fraud.

Possibly, millions of illegal ballots were stuffed into drop boxes across the country. Democrat operatives paid the “Mules.” These criminals lugged thousands of illegal ballots and crammed them into assorted drop box locations.

Coincidentally, the most notable areas where drop box stuffing occurred were the key battleground states where Joe Biden needed to win. The election was a sham. Potentially, thousands of ballots were mysteriously hauled out from under tables in Atlanta.

Liberals are always quick to turn questions about voter authenticity back on the accuser. If anyone simply requests authentication of a vote count, they’re an anti-democracy conspiracy theorist, or worse. Democrats don’t want the truth to be found.

The truth is going to prove that Joe Biden did not win the election. He cheated. Further evidence was revealed only a few days ago. The Daily Mail reports that yet another tray of mail-in ballots has mysteriously been discovered at a U.S. Post Office.

Potentially, dozens of Baltimore residents never received their mail-in ballot. Now, Maryland is a heavily Democrat Party state. Nevertheless, how many times did this same inept failure to deliver mail-in ballots happen in other states?

How many mail-in ballots were never mailed in key swing states to potential Republican voters? You can bet that an investigation will turn up at least some. “How many” is the only question? What’s even more curious is the idea that the U.S.P.S. decided to go ahead and mail out the ballots.

This seems a little late, doesn’t it? U.S.P.S. spokesperson Tom Ouellette told WMAR-2 News, Maryland, “We deeply regret the late delivery of these mail pieces.” This is just one incident that was discovered. How much more mail-in ballot ineptitude warped the 2020 election results?

This is another reason why President Trump-supporting conservatives rightfully believe that mail-in balloting is wide-open to mistakes and especially fraud. It is. The 2020 presidential election was a total fiasco.

If we add up all the evidence of fraud, it becomes blatantly clear that Joe Biden did not win. Democrats used an assortment of tactics to cheat. They manipulated the narrative and stole votes. They used hired operatives to stuff drop boxes with bogus ballots.

Now it appears that they may have purposefully withheld the opportunity to vote from some Americans. And this is the party that screams for “easily accessible” voting. We guess easily accessible voting depends on who you’re casting that vote for.


Daniel is a conservative syndicated opinion writer and amateur theologian. He writes about topics of politics, culture, freedom, and faith.

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  • Well sure the democrats cheat, just look at what Hillary Clinton did before the 2016 election with the false manufactured tripe she had put out with the fake Russian Steele dossier on soon to be president Trump. It was her way of trying to cheat to win. She lost anyway, thank God! Why isn’t she in prison for this coup of treason upon the America people and government?
    So now Joe is cheating. He’s flying illegal border busters all over the country by cover of night, and in unmarked planes, and getting them into the country to try to garner votes from them on the next elections. That is cheating, & it’s illegal. Why isn’t Joe Biden in prison for this coup of treason upon the American people?
    So you can’t tell me that the democrats didn’t cheat in 2020! It’s a way of life for them.

  • Three Trillion dollars of debt added and destruction of the economy too late. All the fun is not done. 87000 IRS agents who will be armed to the teeth will act like a National Police force in areas that are anti government. I predict many will die. They need to disarm the poplace or kill as many as possible. Biden’s army will do the job. Of course Biden is not really in charge. He only reads the cards they give him. Obama and Hilary and a few bureaucrats are actually running and ruining the country.

  • Here lets see one million Drop Boxes and 15 Ballots to each Box 15 Million illegals Vote and then one 5 million ballots not mailed would be 20 Million more for Joe and What I want to know who paid them to do it and Who,s Money was it our TAX Money that is TREASON too MAGA-Rid Democrats from America Period

    • Especially in Chicago. In the 60s when I lived near there, a couple times reporters even listed the hundreds of dead Democrats that managed to vote dozens of times in multiple districts.

  • Joe Biden won fair and square with millions more votes than crooked Donald Trump. Conspiracy theories are ripping our country apart They must stop and all you deniers must accept the truth that Biden beat Trump. Your leader Trump must stop spreading these theories and instigating unrest in our country. He is a threat to our democracy and our Constitution. He cares not about you or me or the great USA. His ultimate goal is to grab power and lead as Hitler, Putin and so many despots do. He advocated he wants to free America when in reality he wants us to be chained to him and his rule of law. Deciding what he wants our country to look like with little choice from we the people. His allies in Congress are scary. They spout ridiculous theories and threaten to take revenge against anyone who tries to talk sense about anything connected to Joe Biden and other Democrates. Many make no sense at all. Trump must have promised them big roles in his government if he wins the 2024 election. However, he probably will be indicted for many of the crimes he has committed in his lifetime. The jig is up for trump and all of his insane followers. He promises you all much but gives you nothing. He has created a dependence upon him by telling you what you want to hear but has no intention of helping you. He associates with racist groups,Natzi sympathizers, Qanon followers, Proud Boy groups all of which are loyal to him and ready to start a war when he calls them to action. This he did and January 6th. happened. All those who entered the Capitol and caused bodily harm and destruction of the people’s house should be convicted. Is this really the type of leader you all want? I say no, I want freedom of choice. Freedom to make my voice and vote heard in a way that would make America stronger, make our Democracy stronger. make the Constitution stronger. This cannot happen with Trump in the helm as POTUS.

    • First off, we are a Republic …….sit down you snow flake…Stop spreading your lies about Trump… I never read so much B.S. in my life til I read this.. then on second thought, go ahead.. people like you are turning many Independents and Democrats to voting Republican… I’m one of them…. keep spreading all that false information, I see a red tidal wave coming this November

    • I’m so sorry Jean, but anybody that believes that sleepy, creepy joe who didn’t even campaign for the office got 14 million MORE votes than barry o. in his last election is SO TOTALLY DELUSIONAL. Do you also believe in leprechauns? Just asking…

    • Jean Morse, you are one stupid, misled individual. Everything you said is what joe biden and the democrats are doing. It is hard to understand how you can say these things with all the bad things happening in the country today when everything was so much better for everyone under Trump’s leadership. Did we pay over $4 for gas under Trump? Trump loved this country, biden just wants to stuff his and all his family’s pockets by selling us out to other countries. YOU NEED TO WAKE UP, YOU FOOL!!

    • You mention January 6th. It was not Trump supporters who entered the capital building. Don’t you listen to all the facts? You just believe that drunk, disgusting, lying, filthy piece of scum, piglose. The reason So many people were at the Capital that day was to show support for Trump because we all know, and the whole world knows that the democrats pulled a coup by stealing the election, not only from Trump but most of the American people. And you are dam right, this country is angry, because of corruption of the immoral democrat party. And those 13 military heroes who were killed in Afghanistan, who died because of that stupid, evil, POS in our White House. I work with our military all over the world, so let me tell you, joe biden is a murderer in their mind.

    • You are so brainwashed it isn’t even funny anymore Snowflake. As my mother use to say, ” they would argue with a milepost”. Get over it or leave America for Cuba, Venezuela, Russia, hell go to Afica somewhere and see if some tribe will let you in. They will probably eat you for dinner sweety!!!!!

    • Why is it when we hear this kind of idiotic ranting thoughts of drinking Kool- aid and the Rev Jim Jones comes to mind.

  • And NOTHING will happen. The dem-o-rats stole the election it’s clear. The evidence is all out there about how it was done. But because the dem’s CONTROL the media, courts,local election officials, governors,depart. of justice (just us)and 1/2 the people (sheeple) I’m not so sure we can ever have a honest election again. The midterm’s is our final straw. If enough voters turn out and to overwhelm the fraudulent voters we might be able to claw back election integrity otherwise we’re Venezuela.

  • I am terminally disgusted that no one recounts the technical corruptions that occurred on the Dominion machines simultaneously the night of the elections. It is science based fact validated by more than one IT professional organizations. When all these ‘plumbing failures etc’ occurred that night, the databases were updated realtime in place (data plugged into the db) in several of these determinant states. The numbers of sudden expansion vote transactions for Biden during concurrent system ‘downtimes’ that night, in total, exceeded the cycling time it would require to normally process the number in question. The jump in numbers was IMPOSSIBLE. And the systems were proven to have online internet connections and activity. Not to mention, Biden received more votes than Obama ever did or any other president in history! I am no Trumper, but this atrocity negates every legal US citizens election rights. The beast will eat its own. Next no leftist will have choices either so watch out.

  • I, Keep asking the Question. Ya’ll seen enough yet? Ya’ll know what needs to be done, Git r Dun! The Whole Global Cabal, demoncRATs and RINOS, ALL SATAN’S DEMON SPAWN MINIONS DESERVE DIRT NAPS. NCSWIC, WWG1WGA,P.A.N.I.C. LGB,FJB. President Trump’s still my President. I’m not a BOT nor a Spammer. I’m a American Veteran, Trucker and GreatGrandpa . Yahweh save our poor souls, Amen.

  • If anyone believes that the election was legit and anything near a fair election, they are either a liberal or a fucing idiot.

  • Truth be known after bo’s 8 years of treason that failed, bo with dems became the #1 instigator for vote fraud & vacuum between ears biden as the patsy for insurrection ! The dem’s treason is fact & the justice is “0” ! All bo’s dems are guilty of high treason !

  • This is another way the Biden/Obama vote rigging was done.USPS,FBI,Soros,Zuckerberg,Twitter,Google,CCP and umpteen paid “mules” two legged mules that is.And we are supposed to respect this criminals?Hell no,Biden Crime LLC must be taken down same way they take down people

    • In 2020, the head of the USPS and the head of the FBI were appointed by Trump. Still, you think those GOP agency heads arranged for more votes for Biden (while the GOP won many positions at the state and local levels)
      Lots of talk from MAGAs, but no evidence, no proof. For every accusation (including those “non”-accusations: Potentially . . . Possibly . . .) there is a straightforward explanation. If you had any critical thinking skills or knowledge of how computers work and how votes are processed you would see the truth instead of believing your lyin’ eyes.
      I would love to explain how the USA is both a democracy and a republic , but I have a terrible headache from reading all the MAGA crap, and your head would probably explode.

  • There is denial and Fraud growing in our elections and Voter ID is necessary to aid in voter protection…We need more teeth in our voter laws especially in mail in ballots and infringing on voting by fraud or party mismanagement should be a Fed jailable offense….

  • Hell man ,,,,, MAKE IT NATIONALLY KNOWN,,,,, PUT IT OUT THERE ON CBS. and ABC,,,,,, MSNBC. if its not fake and it a proven fact,,,LET THE AMERICAN PEOPLE see it,,,,,,

  • Of course, the 2020 election was a sham. This is not only the democratic party that lied but the “fake media”. President Trump has been right all along. The vote was stolen from the American public. If the Supreme Court has done its job we would not be in this mess. The Democratic party, the media, the Supreme Court may they all rot in hell for what they have done to this country & the public. How dare they!

  • Remember folks, the U.S.P.S., although technically a private agency, is controlled by the Federal government, meaning the “ineptitude” was ordered by “The Powers That Be” to purposely skew the election results! The U.S.P.S. may be a little slow sometimes, but two years late is a stretch even for them! Plus, what ever happened to the whistle-blower truck driver who hauled all those ballots from NY? Was he silenced? Was he “disappeared”? Is he in the same gulag the J6 “insurgents” are being held?

  • The only reason for so much mail in voting, was the Trump administration’s failure to handle Covid in America

    • Yes biden himself said it was rigged, so why are we the people still letting this criminal his administration congress destroy America that includes politicians judges the millionaires billionaires that are paying for the destruction of America, hiding need to seize their assets here and around the world

  • For those of us who followed the trail of evidence and didn’t just mindlessly accept the mainstream media narrative, the election was a huge fraud. Biden didn’t win. He knows it. We know it. The mainstream media knows it and what’s worse, they manipulated public opinion to believe that no fraud occurred and anyone who disagrees with that narrative is a crazy, right-wing-lunatic conspiracy theorist. SHAME ON THEM!

  • The postal service is as corrupt as the Communist Democrats, I wonder how much tax payer money was promised to the postal service.? It’s time to stop funding the postal service and let them go bankrupt. I’ll never buy another stamp or send another overnight delivery through them. Like I said before, money talks and corruption walks just as the Communist Democrats have done for years.

  • Dems are blatant commies. Anyone who votes democrat is totally stupid of grossly uninformed. They are too willing to believe whatever Dems say and they are disgustingly crooked liars. I hope the next virus they concoct only kills Dems .

  • The left would have a VERY DIFFICULT time winning an election if it a legal election, but they LIE, CHEAT and STEAL their way through and that is SAD for AMERICA. WE need HONEST elections.

  • Of course there was fraud , When have we ever seen it take days or even a week to call the election. It is required to be called the day of election -period.

  • More evidence doesn’t matter. Just look at the tons of evidence that has been collected and the Dems are still convinced that Joe Biden got 81m legal votes and won. Joe only had to win the swing-states, and so he did. They stuffed the boxes, changed Election Laws without legislation, and messed with the Voting machines, but nothing has happened in 2 years. Donald Trump won the 2020 election and Biden is, and will always be, a loser.

  • IMHO, any one with their head out of the sand could see the devilish activities that went on throughout the campaign of 2020. If government bigshots and the media megabots want to say 2020 was a fair and righteous election, they can deal with the final Judge when this era of grace is done. And for all you so called Christian democrats/ republicans who hate Donald Trump because he has been married 3 times, or he worked his backside off to obtain wealth, or he did what no other president since Harry Truman could do – made a promise to Israel and KEPT THE PROMISE- acknowledging Jerusalem as the Capitol of Israel -do you not understand Donald Trump repented of his sins and was welcomed into the family of God before he became president? His sins are forgiven and he has been cleansed by the blood of Yeshua HaMashiach . There is no one ( not even one 100% human soul that has walked the earth) who can enter the realm of Heaven without placing their sins under the cross of Jesus( Yeshua) and confessing HE is their Lord and Savior. Don’t blame President Trump for his past- Look at all he did for the good of our country before he was cheated out of his second term as president by truly unscrupulous haters.

  • Why are they leaving out that Colorado has proof the machines did in fact cheat! And Dominion did in fact attempt to change what happened and got caught! And Democrats tried to cover it up by arresting the person that exposed them! How does this happen in America? Why are idiots swallowing the Democratic lies??? They have zero proof they didn’t cheat and they are all deathly scared to have a real investigation! And where they claim 2000 mules was debunked they have zero proof of that either! Is there no lie these brainwashed people won’t swallow? It looks more and more they are deliberately trying to start a civil war! Then they will all wonder why it is them the people come after!

  • Why are they leaving out that Colorado has proof the machines did in fact cheat! And Dominion did in fact attempt to change what happened and got caught! And Democrats tried to cover it up by arresting the person that exposed them! How does this happen in America? Why are idiots swallowing the Democratic lies??? They have zero proof they didn’t cheat and they are all deathly scared to have a real investigation! And where they claim 2000 mules was debunked they have zero proof of that either! Is there no lie these brainwashed people won’t swallow? It looks more and more they are deliberately trying to start a civil war! Then they will all wonder why it is them the people come after!

  • Does not even include the van loads of ballots pulling in after hrs and unloading at least 80 boxes in two vans. The election was stolen.

  • Now throw this criminal his administration congress out immediately put Trump back in the White House till a new Fair Election can be done with Picture ID, paper ballots No Mail ins except military, No nursing home votes, those in nursing homes are not eligible to vote most don’t even know where they are, thanks to the workers drugging them so they don’t have to deal with them , that’s a fact have seen it myself

  • Why is it that only Democrats are opposed to greater election security? Does anyone really think that having millions of ballots floating around in the mails will allow any election security? Get ready for another corrupt election.

  • They will try to steal the 2024 election namely because if they lose the green energy idea goes back to zero, the border very closed and we go to fossil fuel. If they get caught cheating, I venture to say it will be civil war, and all the main players are known. Therewont be anyplace to hide.

  • This is WHY the Mail In Ballot system needs to END!

    Only absentee ballots should be allowed and the Ballot needs to be so marked, “ABSENTEE BALLOT”!

    I hope the DEMS don’t try the same stunt again!

    TRUMP 2024!

  • The democrat party fought with every ounce of their being to not allow the election to be challenged. If they were so sure that it was an honest election, not only would they have been for the challenge, but they would have demanded it. If they were to be correct, and the election was honest, it would have been the immediate end if Donald J Trump. Of course, owning big tech and the media, the left could just continue to throw attacks at Trump, and big tech and the media would push them forward. And if the 2 current attacks on Trump don’t work, there will be many more ready to throw at him. This attack on him has been non stop since 2015, and they have half the population believing that he is worse than a monster, even though he did more for the country in 3 years than the 2 previous and current pres did in 18 years.

  • First, if a person does not get the mail-in ballot they requested, they can still go to their poll and vote. I doubt 100% of those that did not get a ballot went in person, but I’m sure that a good amount did. That can be checked in the voters database.
    Seconds, you don’t know who those people would have voted for. Since the Baltimore area is largely Democratic, it is probable that there were more votes for Biden that were lost than there were for Trump. Which brings up #3, if someone wanted to be sure Rs did not vote, why would they pick Baltimore to hold back ballots?
    You also mention ballot box stuffing. I know that could not happen where I vote in Pennsylvania because every place there is a ballot box, there is also a security camera and/or a security guard. People with more than one ballot are stopped and told that they can only submit their own ballot. You cannot even put your spouse’s or parent’s or child’s ballot in the box. So, if that happened someplace, I’d like to see the security camera footage. After 2 years, I would think that would have surfaced by now. And even if that did happen, which it didn’t, EVERY ballot is checked to make sure that it came from a valid voter and that they didn’t already vote by mail or in person. I have been part of that process, so I know how that works.
    The conspiracy theory about the ballots under the table in Atlanta has been debunked multiple times, even during hearings where people are sworn to tell the truth. It was explained that they put the ballots in secure boxes thinking they were shutting down the counting for the night. Then they were told not to go home and to continue counting, so they got the boxes out from under the table and started where they left off. If you didn’t know, Trump is in a lot of trouble in Georgia because HE and his cronies interfered (or tried to) in the election.
    The Rs did a lot more to sway the election than the Ds did. After 2 years, many, many lawsuits, too much money spent, and people being killed or injured, there has been NO proof of Trump actually being anywhere close to winning the 2020 election. Almost 100 million people voted. Trump lost by over 7 million votes. Do you think there were 7 million votes for Trump in that tray in the Balitmore post office?

  • If a Jury fines you guilty of Voter Fraud you should be hung for Treason as an Enemy to the State in which you live!
    Bet that will stop it cold, after the first body goes thru the floor trap! Live on CNN! That’s My Dream!! And I would pay $1000.00 to be the one to pull the pin or lever, too getter done.

  • The Right is sad, the GOP is sad, and the NCR is sad.
    In 70 days we will go vote again, and today the Left is hard at work to make sure they win. What are we or anyone doing to stop them from taking over the last free country left on earth? Just asking!

  • absentee voting has always been subject to fraud — who’s to say that the 87 year old patient who might have Alzheimer disease voted? Or did his caretaker vote for him — the way she wanted? Absentee voting should require a provably independent witness. Afaik, no state requires this.

  • BTW, how many of you remember that the courts ruled that no one can sue to discover the truth of BO’s citizenship? [no one has “standing” to sue as they can’t prove direct potential harm]. Was he born in Kenya as his paternal grandmother said [to an underage mother — meaning that, under the law at the time, his citizenship was the same as his father’s — the British Overseas Territory of Kenya] and did he knowingly claim to be a citizen of Indonesia when he used an Indonesian passport to travel to Pakistan? {Note: the two faced claims here — BO was ‘only’ 20 when he went to Pakistan and not an adult under US citizenship law while his same age mother could impart her citizenship to BO when he was born in Kenya — if 21 is/was the standard, BO was Kenyan by birth! If 21 wasn’t the standard, he was Indonesian when adult.]



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