Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is by far one of the farthest-left Democrats there is in Congress. I honestly don’t even know if it’s appropriate to call her a Democrat because of how extreme she is.

She is also aligned with several far-left groups that are pushing extreme measures to some degree or another.

One of the most extreme efforts coming from an aligned far-left group, named The Sunrise Movement, is making the push to abolish the Senate. Yes, that was read correctly, to abolish the Senate. One of our major houses of government.

The far-left organization is hoping to pass the Biden agenda but has been bumping heads with conservatives in the U.S. Senate.

The Sunrise Movement can demand all they want, but luckily the United States has a little thing called the Constitution. The group is filled with angst because there are key conservatives voting against everything they bring to the table and attempted to ram through.

The Democrats have pushed around some Senate members, but there are two Senators that can’t be pushed around. Manchin and Sinema stand up against this leftist push and all the leftist pushes. The Democrat party has zero leverage over Manchin and Sinema.

Many Republicans would like to see these two Senators switch parties and join the Republican party, however, this has not happened. Personally, I don’t want them. They would just be two more RINOs if nothing else.

If the Senators would switch parties, it would most likely be an end to the hard pushing of the Biden agenda. Even though AOC is aligned with The Sunrise Movement, she has not openly called for the abolishment of the Senate, she has called for the end of ICE, the DHS, and ending the filibuster.

Let me just tell you how this is going to go. It’s not. It’s not going to go anywhere because they can’t just vote on a measure to get rid of the Senate. The Senate is part of the constitution and in order to amend the Constitution, you’ve got to have the people vote on it.


Daniel is a conservative syndicated opinion writer and amateur theologian. He writes about topics of politics, culture, freedom, and faith.

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    Bret Baer Tried To Belittle A Congressman Hero. One Of So Few. Attention News Max Do Not Play Fair And Impartial Like Fix News Pretends To Do. In Reality They Are Rooting Deep Down For The Demo Commos.

    Bret Baer Tried To Belittle The Sacrifice Of One American Who Went To Afghanistan To Bring People Home. Not Because He Wanted The Publicity But Because He Was Asked By Abandoned Americans.

    The Snake Department Has Killed Many Refugees By Indifference., Bret Tried To Depict This Congressman As A Glory Hound And Pointed Out He Was Never In The Service. Bret Belongs With The CNN Lapdogs.

    Bret Was The Fix News Kickoff Man At The First Presidential Debate. When He Asked The Outsider Trump, Do You Promise Not To Start A Third Party. Trump Said No. The Rino Rats Cried. Not Like They Cried When President Trump Became 45.

    The Fix News Hit Team That Night Of The First Presidential Debate Was Bret Baer, Megyn Kellyn And Chris Wallace. The Goal Was To Destroy Trump. Neither Party Wanted Trump. He Was Too American. Let’s Bring Him Back Now. Don’t Let The Enemy Push You On To 2024. Treason Has Been Committed By More Enemies Than You Can Stick A Sheik At.

    Trump Is A Real Estate Man. Do You Think He Would Have Given Up Three Airports? He Would Have Packed Everybody Leaving In The Abandoned Humvees. Formed A Caravan On A Major Road With Air Cover And headed To The Panjir Valley And Tajikstan.

    Joe Biden Is The Party Fall Guy For Their Bad Deeds. The Snake Department Orchestrated This Little Big Horn. They Sacrificed Men Women Children And Dogs To Fail The USA. They Ran Out On Our Allies And Hid The Truth Of Their Cowardice In The Face Of The Enemy. A Courts Martial Offense Right Into The Pentagoon.

    The losers are counting on the communist tactic media to cover their incompetance.

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    The nation is being divided into fragments. Once unity is destroyed we will become slaves again.
    In 1776 the first shot heard round the world was caused by opposition to national slavery.
    Four taxes were all we had and they caused the Boston tea party. A tax on glass, paint, stamps and tea was the last straw. Today we have a good ol boys club running tax scams looking for champagne contributions. The solution is one term per termite. The Chinese have 20 million troops running ten miles a day during bayonet practice. No sissies allowed. The draft must come back and soon. Unity must be our number one goal. The things we have in common must unite us. GOD, FAMILY, COUNTRY. THOSE WHO DIVIDE US WILL ENSLAVE US. THOSE WHO TAKE YOUR GUNS AWAY INTEND TO KILL YOU. WHEN WE FALL NO ONE WILL TAKE US IN. ONLY THE MOST POWERFULL HAVE ALLIES.


    • If you are talking about Markwayne Mullin, he never got to Afghanistan. Per Wikipedia and his own admission, “On August 30, 2021, during the final days of the U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan, Mullin asked officials of the U.S. embassy in Tajikistan for assistance in going to Afghanistan to retrieve five American citizens. Because the plan involved violations of Tajikistan currency restrictions, the embassy staffers refused. The U.S. State Department had warned Mullin not to try his own rescue of Americans in Afghanistan, and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and House Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy had both urged members of Congress to avoid travel to Afghanistan during the final days of the U.S. military presence.” Mullin is also the one who told the cop that murdered unarmed Ashley Babbit on Jan 6th that the cop “didn’t have a choice” but to shoot, and that this action “saved people’s lives”, with members of Congress and their staff “in danger” from the “mob”. We later saw that cop had no remorse whatsoever.

  • Quote: “The Senate is part of the constitution and in order to amend the Constitution, you’ve got to have the people vote on it.” You mean like more people than ever voted before all voted for Biden?

    • It’s more like Congress or the States would have to invoke Article V of the Constitution and 38 State LEGISLATURES to ratify it to change the structure of the government.

  • AOC is now speaking out O’biden’s Backdoor. She wants to have Up’en Chuck Schumer’s Job and now she wants to Abolish the Senate. Does this Mule headed Jock Strap e end knows what she wants. She’s as DUMB as the Rest of the demo Demons.

  • Someone needs to tell the Bronx Bimbo that she has about as much chance of becoming President as she does of abolishing the Senate . That is Slim and None ! In fact , I think that is her chances of getting a third term in Congress .

    • Why would anyone think that fluffhead cannot get another term in Congress… there are no signs that the voters of her district have increased their single digit IQs in the past year and a half.

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  • When will everyone realize that these people are Communistic and want to eliminate the American system of government and replace it with China’s Communism.

  • I would like to know, just how AOC was able to get into congress in the first place ! I mean in order to pass through college she obviously copied her constitution test answers from a mike jug ! Does she even know how to read ! She must have went to a party school, and passed her entire time high!

  • Headlines, headlines, big fuking deal. The story is at the bottom of the entire line of stories. Any one else ever get tired of the bull sht denationalization of news stories that are not news stories?

  • AOC is dumber than a “PIG” and so unAmerican they should parachute her into Afghanistan !!! Why is anyone ever listening to her and giving her such an important voice when stupidity comes out of her mouth !!!! Who voted her in office is the question ????

  • The Sunrise Movement must be another Marxist Communist group out to make the Federal Government and its division of powers into a centralized totalitarian dictatorship to micromanage every part of our lives in detail.

  • So far the Constitution has not been an obstacle to the Progressives! They say it’s PROBABLY NOT going to pass Constitutional Muster so they go ahead and when the Supremes tell the administration it’s Un-Constitutional they appeal and sic the communist Garland (AG) to file all kinds of suits just to clutter the runway.
    America is on the brink of becoming a third-world banana Republic and over half the populous is busy playing golf, drinking their Starbucks Lattes, and were Blind, Deaf, and Dumb to politics anyway!
    All manner of suggestions have been presented from Impeachment to Article XXV and none of them will solve the problem. I suggest taking a course in Mandarin or Arm up and be prepared to refight the battle for independence!

  • The main problem that I see with the AOC idea is that it just does not go nearly far enough. I want the abolition of the entire lying, thieving federal government.

    • Great idea! Right now, however there are many more just like the ones in federal government now. They have to be prosecuted for breaking laws, and right now democrats are not even mentioned in the news as doing so . Media has to go first

  • Let this very ignorant woman learn that she IS NOT going to change our minds. Only minds of crazy leftists!🤪

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  • AOC is nothing more than a communist pig! And the people that voted for her. Needs to have a cat scane done! Just the demarats!

  • AOC never represented her district in New York. Rather she was created by her backers to do exactly what she’s doing. Big money behind her to give her power and pull her strings. She is evil and should be feared lest she cause much more harm

  • Biden, Pelosi, and Milley ignore the Constitution, so I guess AOC thinks she can too. Biden has become a dictator and thinks his orders are something American citizens should abide by. Well f—-him